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'Look What I Found'

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My 16 year old step brother found this box of condoms in his dad's bed stand and he got one of them.


My mom remarried when I was 13 to a man with a 14 year old son. His name was Kyle and he and I got along great. It was on this one summer day when we were home alone that Kyle came to me and showed me this little packet. He opened his hand saying 'Look what I found'. I looked at it and knew enough to know what it was and what it was far. I asked him 'Where did you find it'. He told me 'In dad's bed stand. I guess mom and dad use them' with a smile on his face.

Kyle then ask 'Want to see it'? I'd never seen one in person before so I said 'OK'. Kyle then opened the packet and took it out. I was surprised at how big it was. Kyle held it up and showed me the reservoir on it telling me 'This is where dad's cum goes when they do it'. I was just amazed by it.

Then Kyle said 'I'm going to put it on and see what it's like'. He started heading to the bathroom with it. I too was very curious about it and I too wanted to see how it worked. So, I asked Kyle 'Can I see too'? Kyle said 'I know you know where it goes'. I said 'Yes'. He then said 'If you really want to'. I followed him into the bath room. I could see Kyle was all excited when he lowered his shorts in front of me. I'm sure he'd never had a girl see him there before. He stood there with his penis pointing straight up looking at me. I was looking at it with my mouth open. It looked so big.

Kyle then took the condom and rolled it on. He then ask 'Want to see how it works'? I said 'OK'. Kyle then put his hand around it and started stroking it while I watched. It didn't take him but a short while when he said 'I'm almost there. Watch the end when I cum'. His body got stiff and he started rocking his hips and he closed his eyes real tight as he let out a groan sound. Then, it happened. I watched as the tip turned white with Kyle's cum. When Kyle finished cumming, he took it off and Kyle turned it inside out so we could see the cum. It went into the sink and I touched it. I told Kyle 'I've always wondered what cum looked like. Now I know'.

Kyle then said 'You know, there's a whole box of them in there. Maybe some day we can get another one out and use it like it is supposed to be used'. I just looked at him real funny. Just for the record, we eventually did this. All I'll say.



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