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Look but Don't Tell

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Warm up your cocks


My room-mates dad was staying with us in our apartment since he was recently going thru a divorce. We only had two bedrooms so he had to stay on the couch. He chipped in with rent so I didn't mind him staying.

'Ted' was a big man. He had worked construction most of his life and had developed a man's body with broad shoulders, thick hands, a groomed beard and just the right amount of grey hair on his head and peeking out of his shirt.

I'd always found myself attracted to 'Ted' and tried to grab glimpses of him anytime I could. I could make out the lines of his crotch anytime he came home from work in his overalls. He had a husky smell that would turn me on.

One night I left Alex at a party to go home early. When I opened the door I heard a quick grunt and then some shuffling in the TV room. I walked into the TV to see Ted buck ass naked covering himself up with a small pillow. As I looked around the room I saw lube on the coffee table not 3 feet away and porn playing on the tv. 'Um... sorry Eric... I thought I was going to have the place to myself for a while tonight' he said red faced. 'If you don't mind I'll clean this up and get dressed right away' Ted was said as he reached to grab his overalls. 'Don't bother... I was going to jack off myself, now I don't have to do it by myself.' I said as I undid my belt and started taking off my pants. 'You don't mind Ted do you?' I was half asking as I walked closer to the couch. 'No...' he stammered as he shuffled over as I sat down beside him.

I couldn't believe what I saw. He had a sexy beer gut covered in fur. His legs were as thick in overalls as they were out. His cock... oh cock. It wasn't the biggest thing I've ever seen but it was thick. It was about 6 inches long and 7 inches thick. Uncut with a great cover. I was in heaven. I could smell his sweet and it almost thru me over the edge. I sat down beside him now completely naked. I wasn't sure he was comfortable with me staring at him so I looked at the TV.

'Unpause it' I said as I grabbed the lube. Out of the corner of my eye I could see he caught a quick glance of my cock. It was 8 inches, but no where near as thick as Teds. He unpaused the porn and I began slowly stroking my cock. Careful to keep my eyes on the tv not Ted. He started to rub his cock and we both settled into a nice rhythm. I had closed my eyes for just a moment when all of a sudden I felt a hand on my leg. Startled at the touch I jumped and Ted took his hand off. 'Sorry... I... it's just... I... it's been a while since I jacked off with another guy and I wanted to see if it feels as good as it was back then.' Ted blushingly said 'Alex told me you too jack off together every once in a while and I was kind of hoping there would be room for me in that group.' He said, 'plus it's been a while since I got any and it would be nice to have someone else get me off.' I couldn't believe what I just heard.

Ted moved closer to me his leg touched mine. I smiled and gave him the ok to grab my cock. His big hands had no trouble wrapping around the shaft of my cock. His pumps were solid and had force behind them. I could feel the groves in is weathered hands rubbing so well on my cock. 'I'm cummmmmming' I shouted as 3 long ropes shot out of my dick and covered his hand. It was the single best orgasm of my life, and I was determine to return the favor.

Ted released my cock with his hand still covered in cum. He rubbed my cum on his cock and began to stroke his cock. I wasn't going to let him get to cum without my help so I reached out and took his cock in my hand. It was so big that I couldn't wrap it in my hand so I put both hands on and started to stroke. I watched as his head slowly tilled up and I could hear the slow moans coming from his lips. His moan kept reinforcing my pumping and I could feel his body start to shake. Giving it all that I had I rocked his cock and heard the loudest cum I've ever heard. His cock was so rock hard and his face was twisted in pleasure that I watched two ropes escape his head about three feet.

His body shook for a few moments and I felt his hot cum dripping all over my hand. 'That boy was one hell of a hand job' he said with a smile. Ted and I had many nights of jack off pleasure. He moved out a few months after we started wanking together... to this day I miss him.



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