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'Look at My Penis!'

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Anyone else ever played this game


This is a game that I remember playing in Junior High especially in the locker rooms before physical ed. A guy would stick his finger through his fly wiggle it around and say to somebody 'look at my penis' or more often the word penis would be substituted with a slew of more colorful descriptions and slang terms. If the victim looked down at your 'penis' you had the right to hit him according to our Middle School locker room protocol.

I was easy to get in this game because I always looked down but there were some very good players who when told 'hey, look at my dick!' would immediately snap their heads up and turn away. Really aggressive players, the ones who were ostensibly showing their goods would go around to wherever the person would turn their head trying to get them to look.

I found out soon that I, myself couldn't be the 'exposer' in the game it was an unwritten rule that in order to do that you had to have a certain amount of popularity that I just didn't have. I tried unsuccessfully to put someone on the receiving end once, I came in the locker room put my finger through my fly and announced to this kid 'look at my dick!' and I ended up getting hit and called a fag. Only popular kids did it and got away with it.

Sometimes kids would actually show the goods, and if they did really expose themselves they would hit you twice and twice as hard. This one kid, James had a habit of actually exposing himself most times and he could hit hard but when he did it to me I always looked, think what you want but I felt it was worth getting hit to get a quick look. I'd be disappointed when I looked down and saw a finger waving at me knowing I was going to get hit for nothing. Most times with James I'd get hit hard but rather than a finger I'd see a hairy, uncut dick.

I personally think that James enjoyed showing me his dick. The longer the school year went on he showed me more and more under the guise of playing this game. In Summer School when there were less kids around he saw me in the restroom alone and he exposed himself again for quite a long time 10 seconds or so and I looked, hoping this wasn't part of the game but an invitation to a mutual. I was going to return the favor when he walked over, hit me (a little softer than usual) and walked out. Nothing ever happened between us.

For the most part people didn't actually expose themselves but it did happen every now and then. I remember once I made my first and only snap (and if you don't know what a snap is, then...) this kid Elias or Elliot I can't remember showed his pubes and I said 'I always knew you had a pussy'. Back then under the context and in that situation it worked, it was funny and the entire locker room was laughing and congratulating me even talking about it a few days after.

I saw a comedy in which a game similar to the one we played was being discussed and I can't remember what movie it was but I wondered how common this game 'Look at my dick' is. Anyone that has played any variation of this game please let me know.

Now to tie this in with masturbation, during the rare occasions that people would really expose their private parts, I would excuse myself to the bathroom once P.E. started and go into a stall and have a good long wank.



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