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Longtime Fetish

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About my fascination with hypnosis.


Ever since I was a little kid, I've had a huge fetish, and I have to admit it's kind of weird. But it turns me on like no other, and I masturbate to it and because of it all the time, so I figured I'd tell you about it- as you might tell from my previous story I'm kind of an exhibitionist. What's my fetish? Hypnosis. (I told you it was weird.) When I was a lot younger, I used to lie on the couch and masturbate for an hour or so at a time. I found out later, when I first discovered hypnosis in a psych class, that I was hypnotising myself, a little bit. When I got a little order, hypnosis scenes in TV shows and movies and even cartoons would turn me on. Most notably, one scene in Inspector Gadget, where one of the female characters was about my age, got hypnotized turned me on so much I was sitting on the couch, with my mom five feet away, trying to subtly hump my foot. Later, I got a boyfriend who shared my fetish, and I finally had a chance to go under. He tried everything, pocket watches, candles, spirals, 'subliminal audio' that was supposed to distract my conscious mind. Then we found something that worked. The first time was one of the hottest things that ever happened to me. We turned off all the lights, he lit a couple scented candles that I liked a lot and then we both got naked. He only did it so I wouldn't be the only one undressed. I asked him to, actually, cause it felt a little weird. He sat on one of my couches, I laid down on the other and got ready for anything, he told me to masturbate as slowly as I could. I reached down and I started rubbing little circles just lightly over my clit, it was like a low electric current through my body. All while, he told me to focus and relax, focus on my clit and relax and the next thing I knew I was floating, and pretty much gone. He woke me up right away, but it was so hot I started masturbating again the second I was fully aware. Many times after that, I had him hypnotize me when we were in my basement, and asked him to make me masturbate while I was in a trance. I had him do it to me in the car, once, on a long drive to school. He started talking, I was dressed, I pulled my trenchcoat over me, and I just floated away. I woke up twice, once, a little bit, in the middle of an orgasm, rubbing frantically, and then I slid back away.. The second time, I woke up, sweating, moaning, and I had two fingers inside me, the other hand playing with my nipple. When I finally came down from the orgasm, I looked at the clock and I had killed most of an hour and a half masturbating!.It was so hot. There was one other hypnosis game we'd play, we both had a post-hypnotic suggestion that we'd start masturbating whenever someone said the title of that one musical number from Mary Poppins the nonsense word. It worked, too. I was watching that movie with my parents and sister when I was back home for spring break my freshman year of college, and they decided to get food. I played sick, because I had been quiet and slightly sweaty the whole time, trying to resist and as soon as they were out the door I rewound, and let my hands do what they wanted. I broke up with that guy a year ago, so now I don't have much in the way of fun with that. I masturbate the old fashioned way now, unfortunately. However, sometimes I'll watch a movie and get turned on by a scene, or one of my friends sent me an erotic manga (Japanese comic book) with a class of girls being hypnotized to masturbate in school, and I couldn't help myself. Sometimes, I use a few CDs of recordings I found, and my favorite is supposed to be for a guy. But I love it, it makes me think my breasts are bigger than they are, and then makes me masturbate, waking me up right after I start, but not letting me stop till I get off. It's awesome. Sometimes, I'll listen to it, then go on Solo Touch. Most of the other ones just make me orgasm, so they're not appropriate for this site, I guess. It is still awesome though. Anyway, I'm going to go get ready for bed, then listen to one of my recordings. Happy masturbating everyone!



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