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Long Walk Home

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I remember once when I was walking home from school and I was hot. My body was sweaty beneath my school uniform and it felt wet between my legs. There's one bridge I always have to cross and if you go down the path on the side, under the bridge and up the creek a little way, there's a secret swimming spot. A pool beneath a big boulder. So I went there. There was no one there, I have never seen anyone there. I unzipped my school uniform and stood on the big boulder. I am tall and skinny and my hair is very light brown and straight, cut just below my ears. I stood on the boulder and I could see my nipples were pointing out as the breeze blew over them, I was wearing white panties with little yellow flowers on them. I jumped and splashed into the pool, feeling the cold water close over me. Instantly I felt better.

Even though it was a hot day, I got cold quickly and climbed onto a rock to get out of the pool. As I climbed out, the wet cotton of my undies clung to my vulva. The rock was hot from the sun. I sat down on it cross legged and looked down between my legs. Through the fabric I could see the fat lips around my vagina and the little curly hairs that were growing there. Being wet and nearly naked alone by the creek and thinking about and looking at my vagina made it itch between my legs. So I scratched it by rubbing my vagina, all over with my hand. My panties weren't just wet from the creek, my hand was sliding all over the slippery bump and it felt nice. The best feeling comes from the little button I call my clitty. So I pulled my knees up and spread my legs wide and pulled back the damp fabric that covered my crotch. I used my fingers to stroke my clitty. It slowly got bigger and turned from light pink to dark pink. All the time I watched my fingertips tickle the little button. My whole vagina was so wet it glistened in the sunlight. I used the wetness that came out of it to rub over my clitty. With one hand I pulled back the hood that goes over it and with the other fingers I lightly stroked it. Watching my vulva get rubbed and get wetter and wetter made me feel even better. Like a happy kind of tingle that spreads up into my stomach and into my chest and just feels good. The feeling in my chest swelled more and more so I quickly took off my panties so that I was completely naked under the sun. I squatted on the rock with my knees up and rubbed my vagina again with my whole hand. I rocked my body back and forth too, so it wasn't just my hand doing the work. It felt too good to stop, so I kept going and going until I brought myself to a climax so great I nearly fell off my rock. Extra wetness gushed into my hand, and it felt like my heart was beating in my vagina. When I caught my breath I waded once more into the pool to wash my crotch with the cool creek water. I stashed my soaking panties in my schoolbag and put my uniform, my shoes and socks back on and continued on my walk home.

Even though I was bare down there, it wasn't long before it felt hot and wet between my legs again. All the way home I thought about how I had rubbed and tickled myself, so much that I thought juice would start running down my legs. When I was nearly home, I got to a fence on the corner of our property that I usually climb right over. When I swung my leg over, I sat down on the thick wooden pole that goes across the top. My clitty touched the smooth, hot wood and straight away I started to rub back and forth. My bare vagina was sliding along the wood and the wood was getting slippery and wet. I lifted up my dress so I could see it all. Every time I rocked forwards I could see a little bit of shiny pink and curly hair. It was funny to see my vagina and my shoes and socks on at the same time and made it feel even better. I rubbed my body faster and faster until I heard a car. I quickly dropped my school uniform just in time to see my neighbour's car go past. I waved and she waved back, she had no idea what was happening between my legs on top of that fence. When her car had disappeared I quickly finished and lifted myself off the wet stain I had left on the fence post.

I walked home and rubbed myself in the hammock out in the back yard until I heard my parents pulling up the long driveway.



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