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Long Time No Cum

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-Names have been changed

My friend Matt and I used to jack each other off all the time back when we were in Junior high. But lately, in high school, we've stopped. But that all changed a couple of weeks ago. Matt and I were sleeping over at his house. I was really horny because I hadn't jacked off in a couple of days. While I laid in his room, waiting to fall asleep, I started to stroke my dick. My dick is about 5.5 inches but its pretty thick. As I was stroking it, I remembered he was in the room. I was sleeping on the ground next to his bed and I looked up at him to see what he was doing and he was laying there with his 8 inch dick out and he was stroking it and rubbing his ball sack while looking at the ceiling. I laid back down and kept stroking my dick. I came to the point of cumming and I just couldn't hold it and so I cam in one of his pairs of boxers, which I threw into his laundry basket later. I had pretty much finished but he was still going. I rolled over facing away from him and just kinds laid there, listening to him jack off.

All of a sudden he laughed and said in a joking voice, 'Hey, I'll slap you if you slap me,' meaning I'll do you if you do me.

I wasn't really horny anymore so I didn't really say anything. A couple minutes went by and he said it again.

I said,'Ha ha we haven't done that in hell of a long time.'

And he said, 'Ha ha yea I know.'

All of a sudden I suddenly became very horny and so rolled over to face him and said, 'You want to?'

He rolled over and faced me and said,' Ha ha sure.'

So I told him I wanted to go to the bathroom and so I went into the bathroom and started to wash my dick because there was still some cum on it and I didn't want to freak him out. I finished washing my dick and walked back into his room. He was lying on the bed, stroking his dick and looking around. His bed is pretty big so I laid down next to him. I pulled down my pants and I started to stroke my dick so I could get a boner. But I had just jacked it so it was hard to get one. I looked over at Matt and he was just sitting there waiting with his full 8 inch dick out. I guess he was waiting for me to get a boner. We sat there for a few minutes saying jokes about how I couldn't get a boner.

Finally he said,' Wow come on I'm hella horny.'

I said, 'Alright but how do you want to do this? Do you want to jack each other at the same time or one at a time?'

He said. 'Uh I dont really care at the same time would be cool.'

So I squirted some lotion on my hand and grabbed his dick and started to jack him off. I forgot what a guys dick felt like because I hadn't touched one for so long so I got a little excited and I started to get a boner. He noticed it so he squirted lotion on his hand too and started to jack off my dick. Then we would take our other hand and rub the others ball sack while we jacked them off so it felt even better. For the next two hours, we would talk about some hot girls that we knew because we had no porn to look at. We'd also stop right before we came so that we could relax and then keep going for a long time. It felt really good getting a hand job and I hope we do it again soon.



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