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Long Ride Home

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True story, happened when I was 16


I had just gotten my drivers license and was thrilled to be able to drive alone at night without having to have one of my parents along. I had a meeting to go to on the other side of town. It was the middle of winter and very cold. The meeting was at someones house and took much longer than it was scheduled to run. I needed to use the bathroom so bad, but was too embarrassed to ask them to use theirs. I thought getting home would be no problem.

As I started to drive, waiting for the car to warm up, pressure started to build in my bladder. As that was happening I also noticed a strange pressure starting to build in my pussy. I, being a good Catholic girl, had never paid any attention to 'those' feelings. Now, trapped in the car with almost unbearable pressure I couldn't ignore them anymore. I needed to put my hand there to try to gain some control. The pressure on my bladder eased somewhat, but now I really noticed a throbbing under my hand. I had no clue what that was about, but it sure felt good. I pressed harder, the throbbing increased. I moved my hand over my pants but pressing with increasing pressure. Waves of pleasure poured though me along with the need to pee intensifying.

I was stopped by a light near by my home, wiggling around on the seat, I now put my hand down the front of my pants. I couldn't believe the feeling when my hand hit the front of my underpants. I thought I already had peed a little, my panties were so wet. I was puzzled by why, if I had, I still felt the need so badly! The light changed, I drove into my parents driveway. I sat for a minute trying to regain control enough to work through the kitchen and into the bathroom. As I got out, pee started to leak out of me. I ran to the house and into the bathroom. I ran my fingers directly on my clit, which was not throbbing beyond belief and had my first and one of the biggest orgasms of my life. I gasped out loud, so loud that my mother heard it. She came to the door asking if I was OK? Struggling to regain my breathing, I remember telling her that I had to pee so bad, I actually started to wet myself. I was terrified she would wonder why my panties were wet when she went to do the laundry. I jumped into the shower and quickly went to my bedroom, where I began the first of many explorations, of the whole new world that opened up to me that night. I came several more times before falling soundly asleep.



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