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Long Lost Friend

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this happened last weekend-about five days ago


I'll start by saying that my names Kevin, I just turned fifteen and I've known for a while that I'm bi curious.

I've known my friend Derek since about third grade. We went from being acquaintances to be really great friends but eventually had a little falling out. Our friendship ended on a good note, we just sort of drifted apart though.

We had fooled around when we were kids, showing each other our butts in the pool and talking about girls and stuff like that but we never really discussed masturbation.

It was right about the time that we stopped hanging out that I noticed he was starting to get taller and grow pit hair. He was always a lot taller than me even though I'm about a month older.

About a year ago I had a sleepover with a lot of my friends and decided to invite him along since we hadn't talked in forever. Before dinner the discussion got to working out and sports etc. I noted that during track season I never seemed to get terribly 'buff'. Without a second thought Derek smiled and pulled off his shirt.

'This is what swimming does to you!' he said. He was RIPPED and since I last saw him without a shirt he had grown ful arm pit hair, a litle bit of nipple hair and what looked like a rather dark 'happy trail'. I was stunned and since that moment he's been one of my number one jerk off fantasies.

This brings me to the story***

During the weekend I was feeling really horny... I hadn't jerked off in about four days so I was cooking up a pretty fearsome load. As I was making dinner for my family I saw a huge carrot-it wasn't especially long but it was REALLY thick so the first thing I thought of that it looked like was a huge dick.

Being a horny fifteen year old I decided to shave it down so that it was essentially dick shaped, about 6 inches long and complete with a bit of a 'head'!

I covered it in seran wrap and put it in my mini fridge for later-I was getting really horny!

Later that night I decided to invite over dan since I hadn't seen him in a long time (since I had been with my family I actually forgot about the carrot).

When I called him he said that he would be cool with coming over and that he would bring some video games etc. When he finally got here I noticed how freakin ripped he was. He was still thin looking, but his muscles were clearly visible under his T-Shirt.

He put his stuff in my room and got comfortable-he asked me if I had any soda and I realized I had a couple colas in the mini fridge. Almost immediately after I told him about the sodas I realized that my carrot 'dildo' was sitting right in the middle of the fridge door!!

I tried to change the subject but he was already in the fridge when he pulled out my carrot-'What the hells this??'

I told him it was nothin but he said quickly-'I know what this is dude-I used to take those zuchinis in my room and use em to jerk it'

I paused and was completely speechless. I asked him if he thought it was weird at all and he said-'Nah... I haven't jerked in like a week cuz of swimming. Do you wanna?'

I kinda yelped out a 'yeah..' He took off his shirt and locked the door in a flash and then took off his shorts and started to rub his package through his underwear. I was so horny and I felt so nervous that I quickly pulled off my clothes and saw almost immediately that my dick was oozing precum. He noticed too and told me to 'take care of it.' I started to play with myself but was almost shaking when he came over and asked if I ever jerked it with another guy. I told him no and he said that they do it in the locker room after swimming all the time and that it's no big deal. I nodded and he started to rub my dick.

I thought I was gonna cum in my pants. I wasn't even thinking and I started to rub his nipples and his pits-they smelled so sweet and I felt like I was gonna jizz right there. He grabbed my ass and started to massage my cheeks and then both of us started to kiss each other.

I've never even seen another dude naked so I was a little nervous but it felt sooo good. I bent down and licked his pits and he moaned a really low moan. He grabbed my dick and started to jerk me off. I tilted my head back and moaned quitely. I started to get used to the rhythm and then I felt something on my ass.

He took my carrot and stuck it about 3 inches into my ass, it sent me over the edge right away and I shot nine ropes all over his hand- one hit him in the chin and the other one hit him right on the nipple!

I felt so drained that I wanted to fall asleep. I realized that he was still really horny and had a huge boner-He was at least 7 inches and really thick! I grabbed his dick and started to rub the tip. He almost fell over and started to shake.

'That feels really good!' he said. I told him that I owed him.

I kept jerking for about five minutes and he started to pant and then kick out his legs-'Im -ugghh- almost there!' He went nuts and shot at LEAST 7 ropes... I saw so much jizz shoot out.

'WOW dude that was freakin incredible, I owe YOU one!!'

We cleaned up and went to have some mac n cheese that my sister made, it wasn't until later that he 'repaid' me.

I LOVE the stories on here-keep on jackin!



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