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Long Intense Orgasms

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This is something that I remember from my youth. From my earliest memories I've always been sensual. I can remember being just two or three and my mother would come and get me up in the morning only to find me totally naked under the covers. As a kid I loved to climb. We lived in an old farm house with an old fashioned clothes line outside, the kind made out of 2' pipe and looked like a giant 'T'.

Anyway one day as I was trying to climb this pipe,(I would grip the pipe with both hands and wrap my legs around it as hard as I could.) I was almost to the top when I noticed a burning sensation in my groin and lower stomach. I had never felt that before. So as I continued to climb by squeezing the pipe between my legs and pulling myself up with my hands, suddenly this really intense, utterly euphoric feeling overtook me. My eyes rolled back in my head. Wow!!!! It was great looking back. When the intensity would wane all I would have to do is squeeze my legs some more and the whole thing would start all over again. It was incredible. I could keep this up for at least 30 minutes. I was young and had no clue what I was doing or what was happening to me, I just knew it was awesome!!

I could never talk to anybody about this. I was with my wife once and saw a kid climbing a pole much in the same manner I did as a kid and I mentioned to her that I used have this really great feeling when I did that. Well suddenly she got this weird look on her face like I had just said something perverted, when I was only trying to share something with her from my youth. I may be warped in many ways but a child abuser I am not. I think it is good for people to be able to share their experiences here, no matter what age. You begin to see that maybe you aren't so different just because you enjoy some solo attention. Once I reached puberty and discovered what masterbation really was I never tried the pipe thing again. Although the thought of a 30 minute orgasm really intrigues me. Hmmmm. Ah youth truly is wasted on the young.



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