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Long Hair Does Not Make You a Girl

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I made fun of a guy when I was an immature 12 year old for having really long hair and this is what happened.


When I was in Boy Scouts there was this kid who we all used to tease. I teased him because I was jumping on the bandwagon. He got teased because a lot of people would mistake him for a girl when he did not have on his Boy Scout uniform. He was a skinny kid with long hair most of us had short hair I had a buzz cut myself and we certainly didn't have it down our backs. He looked like a little girl to us and one day we were on a hike and all the boys started calling him a 'girl boy' and asking if he even had a 'dick' that went on for about the whole hike but on the way down the unexpected happened as we gave him grief for his hair he decided to flash us 'idiots do girls have a dick' he said. It was real quick and no adults saw him but we all saw him and rather than calling him a girl we started whispering about how surprised we were at his penis size. It was long and even had some hair growing on it and his testicles were visible too, all wrinkled up. After that I could tell he was angry with us, but that quick show left me with an erection and I wanted to see the show again. 2 weeks past before our next Boy Scout outing this time we were clearing a hiking trail and were sent off in teams of two and I was with 'John' and I still had not forgot and I wanted another glimpse. So I started making fun of him because thats all I could think of to get him to flash me and sure enough he did. 'hey Jerk' he said and when I turned around he had his pants down and shirt up his long skinny uncircumcised penis dangling between his legs this time I saw it for about a good 30 seconds. Then I showed him mine and apologized for calling him a girl all those times we shook hands and I said he had a cool dick. That night I went home and jacked off with the thought of this long haired dude with the long penis. About a year later 'john' and I jacked off together once in a tent and many times in his room we became good friends and stayed friends up until he moved before starting 10th grade.



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