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Long Day At Work

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I have worked at the small dog pampering salon for three years now, at first I was a voluntary helper for the boss, Mandy. At the beginning, I disliked her. She was bossy (which looking back turns me on a little). She was small, around the same height as me although much older, with two grown up children to her name. From her very sexy appearance though, she seemed much younger, much fitter. Her hair was a dirty blonde colour, falling perfectly to her shoulders. She would always wear revealing tops, showing off her impressive cleavage. Mostly I was attracted to women, especially older women like her.

I worked my butt off there to help her out, we were always busy, especially during warmer days.

After a few months, we got closer. She was warming to me, I could tell. On quieter days we would stand around sharing stories about our personal lives, she was going through a rough time at home, her husband and her had split up recently, she had told me how she was lonely in a big house by herself. I had started to get a tingly feeling in my pussy when I was around her, which shocked me a little.

The day of our encounter, we were rushed off our feet with customers and by the time we finished it was really late. I told her it was fine as I was home alone, my family had gone away for a few days and I did not have anything to rush home for. She had offered me a drink at her house, as I had worked so hard and she would only be alone at her home again, so it was all planned.

As we were about to leave she complained how itchy her boobs were, I laughed and agreed that the heat was making me kinda sweaty there too. What happened next amazed me, as she openly pulled her short top down, revealing her bra.

"It's unbearable!" she exclaimed, pulling her bra down a little too, revealing a very perky breast with a long erect nipple standing right out.... I began to fidget as my clit started throbbing and rubbing against my frilly panties, I watched her rub her breast slowly as if to ease her itch "I definitely need a long cold shower when we get back" with that, she had straightened out her top and we locked up the salon behind us.

At her house (which was indeed HUGE! there was even a jacuzzi out the back) Mandy had rushed upstairs to the shower, telling me I could help myself to a drink, and handed me a takeaway menu so we could get some food in. As I was flicking through the menu, vaguely registering an interest in some tasty sounding dishes, glass of wine in hand, I heard some sort of soft moaning sound coming from upstairs.

Curious, I stood up and tiptoed up the soft carpeted stairs. The noise was coming from the biggest bedroom, patterned with flowered wallpaper, the room was dark as the curtains had been pulled. I slowly peeked through the gap in the door, and gasped at what I saw. Mandy was sat cross legged on the middle of the bed, fingering herself. This sight set off my clit tingling again.. I wondered what I should do in this situation, walk away? Or should I go in, and seriously touch this amazing woman, who was turning me on in every way.

I went in. Mandy immediately screamed and tried to hide her body with a pillow. I looked at the floor, clearing my throat with nervousness "I heard noises...sorry..I didn't realise" She was speechless. I spoke again "But... your so beautiful, anyone would be lucky to see what I just saw." I moved closer to her bed and she removed the pillow from her elegant hourglass body. She whispered softly "I've been looking at you for a while... I'm bi-sexual. I saw you checking me out a few times so I've been deliberately trying to turn you on lately. I didn't think it worked, so having you here in my house..I couldn't control myself......" I stopped her by placing a finger against her mouth.

Mandy responded by pulling me down on top of her naked body, we both started breathing heavily as we passionately kissed, our tongues dancing against each other. I started to slip off my clothes, letting them fall into a heap on the floor. Our naked bodies started grinding against each other furiously, and I could feel her wetness leaking onto my equally excited pussy. She let out a moan and whimpered "Make me come baby" into my ear. I was going to do just that.

I moved my fingers to her slit and slowly entered two fingers inside her dripping hole, moving them in and out at a fast pace while massaging her throbbing clit with another finger. "I'm close baby... so close. Ughhh" She moaned loudly as an orgasm hit her hard. Her back arched and she started twitching. I removed my fingers, which were covered in her cum, and placed them near her mouth "Now suck your juices off me, babe" her eyes glistened in wonder, and she sucked my fingers eagerly. We lay there, still on top of one another, and she smirked up at me while I pinned her down with my elbows "Your turn" she whispered, as she started deliciously circling my waiting clit with her thumb....



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