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Long Car Ride Home

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Long Car Ride Home
I am currently 16 years old and masturbate about 1-3 times per day. Me and my brother who is 2 years younger than me (14) were in the backseat of our car, it was night time and we were coming back from our cousin's house.
The drive was about 4 hours long. After an hour, i was bored so I decided to play some game boy. While I was playing, I saw that my brother had a big bulge in his pants. I don't know how he got an erection but it sure looked big. I shut off my game boy and started to think of women's breasts. I got horny and i too had an extremely big buldge in my pants. I really needed to masterbate. I knew my brother did masterbate also but I have never did it with him. i called his name and whispered "are you having a party down there"? and smiled. He looked down at his buldge and smiled back at me. He looked at my buldge and said "your having a party also"! we both started giggling. My mom was in the passenger seat and she was sleeping. My dad looked tired and was driving, so he wasnt paying attention to what we were saying or doing.
I asked my brother if he felt like masterbating, and he said he really wanted to, i told him the same thing. i pulled a blanket on me because it was cold in our car and then opened my zipper. I took out my hard cock and started carressing my balls. My brother didnt notice, he was just reading a comic book. I started stroking my cock again it it felt so goooodddd. It was ROCK HARD. I tapped my brother on the shoulder and told him to look at this while pointing to my cock. I opened the blanket a bit and revelaed my hard cock. His face turned red and a big smile also. He said "man, its bigger than I thought!" I smiled and told him i was realyl honry and wanted to show my cock to him the first time ever. I then asked him to show his to me. He pulled some of my blanket onto him and then unzipped his pants. It was really nice. All i saw was a beautiful cock sticking straight up in the air! I smiled and then asked him if I could touch it. He said "do it now" i took my left hand, while my right hand was on my cock and touched the head of his penis with my first finger. I could feel his cock pulse while i was examining it. he looked at me and said to massage it. I took my hand and wrapped it around his warm cock and started to move it all over. he said it felt so good. I started stroking his cock up and down gently while jerking mine also.
Im not gay or bisexual but man i really wanted to give him a blow job. I bent down and looked at my brother. He knew what i was thinking. He jsut looked back and nodded. I opened my mouth a little and stuck my tonue out. My tongue then touced the side of his cock. i could feel the warmth. I then took half of his hard cock up my mouth. It was so good. Better than in my dreams! i held his cock really hard and sucked him as much as i could. My brothe was enjoying the ride. I got back up and tilted my body sideways so my back was resting on the door while my legs were besdie him. I continued jerking my own hard cock. My brother did the same. I told him that I wanted to cum right now. But he said wait a few minutes. We both jerked off slowly while looking at eachother beautiful hard long cocks. I havent jerked off in a week so i felt like it was gonna shoot out like a gun. i took the blanket off me and then spat on my own cock to make it more intense. My brother looked at me and then started jerking off harder and faster. I asked him if he was ready. he looked at me and took a heavy breath and said lets go. I jerked off real fast and then before i knew it, my cum shot out like a cannon and landed right on his cock! he was shocked. he contnued jerking hard. Then his dribbled out and we both realized that there was so much cum all over his cock and balls. i bend over and spread the cum all over his cock with my hands. It was amazing. He likced it all from his fingers while i didnt the same.
We both cleaned up the mess by eating it. My mom woke up a while later and didnt notice. But my dad said to us "You guys haaving fun there?" We just said yeah and went to sleep.
Thats my story. I will post more when there are stories between me and my brother. This was just the first one. There are none righ tnow. But i am planning on butfuciing him tonight. Be sure to look for that sotry



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