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Long and skinny

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My ex-girlfriend Kellie and I loved to experiment in any and every way. This is the first of many stories, involving a long, skinny dildo...


I know some women will enjoy reading this.

I’m a bi guy, and one of my favorite things to have a woman do to me is masturbate me while she fucks me in the ass. Well, other things too, use your imagination. I’ve had some amazing experiences doing this over the years, and it never fails to turn me on.

I love the feeling of being filled up, and combining that with a wonderful stroking of my cock just sends me over the top. It can be three lubed fingers pushed into my ass all at once, my favorite cock-shaped vibrator with a condom on it, or a woman wearing a strap-on. The strap-on is my favorite, with me lying on my back, and pillows propped up behind me.

One thing I noticed is that sometimes if a woman wants to “get closer” to my cock (wink wink) while fucking me with a strap-on, it’s too hard to reach. So I went looking for a longer dildo, but couldn’t find one. What I did find was a 12” long, skinny strap-on dildo. So I bought two of them, and with a stainless steel rod, some drilling and cutting, was able to fashion an 18” long dildo that does the job very nicely. Now, if a woman wants to jerk me off and squirt up into her face or warm mouth, it’s in the right spot.

My favorite kinky girlfriend Kellie was the best at this. She loved to be told what to do, and got off on it. She taught me how enjoyable it can be to dominate someone in bed.

A typical evening of strap-on fun would go something like this. We’ll have the house to ourselves, and make out on the couch in front of the fireplace. Caressing and getting each other hot, so hot that I’m dripping. We then move to my king sized bed.

I lay a towel on the bed, and I get on all fours. She uses some lube in my ass, putting just one finger in. This is mostly for sensation, since the enema tip is lubed anyway. But it sensitizes my ass hole, and teases me for what’s to cum.

She then slides the enema bottle into me, and talks to me as she very slowly releases the cool fluid inside me. She’s gently rubbing and teasing my balls and cock as she does this, asking “Does that feel good? Do you like your ass filling up with that stuff?” “Yes!” I reply. After it’s all in me, she asks “Do you want me to remove the bottle, or leave it in?” I say “Leave it in a while”, since I never thought of that. She is all about bringing me maximum pleasure at this moment.

After I can’t hold it any longer, I go to the bathroom to clean out. Then it’s back on the bed on all fours, where she teases my butt some more. She puts plenty of lube on it and in it. I then lay a firm pillow and towel where my butt will be, to prop it up in the air for easier access. I lean back against the wall on several pillows. Need to see the action, that’s half the fun!

(I’m starting to drip cum writing this…)

I lube up my cock and start stroking it, while she puts on the black leather strap-on and applies lube to the 3/4” round smooth pink shaft of the 18” long dildo. It has a super slick surface, so there’s no need for a condom like some other toys. She climbs up on the bed on her knees, hovering over me smiling all the while, and I help her guide the head into me. Now, of course the full 18” doesn’t go inside me. It’s stiff due to the steel rod I put in there, so that it won’t bend as she’s fucking me. But it instantly slides at least 6” into my waiting and pleasured ass!

“Does that feel good?” she asks. I nod yes. At this point, she instinctively takes over stroking my cock. I’m in heaven! “Fuck it in and out” I command. She loves following orders. “Keep stroking me, oh that feels so good. Yes. It feels so good rubbing against my prostate while you stroke me. You’re so good to me, Baby”.

(now, writing this, of course I’m quite hard…)

“Do you want it going in and out?” she asks, anticipating that this might give me more pleasure. I say “Yes, fuck it in and out, it feels so good just going in the entrance”. It rubs my prostate really well. And I love the feeling of any toy when it first enters my ass, so of course I’m gonna want it to come out occasionally.

Now, I like to get fucked in the ass just as long as a woman likes to have her pussy fucked. So the pleasure continues for quite some time. I’m in heaven. I always feel well-fucked afterwards, like a woman does I’m sure.

Normally, when I cum it doesn’t squirt very far due to a super-tiny (uptight LOL) prostate. But when my prostate is massaged by a vibrator or fucking with a dildo, it loosens up and the cum can really fly!

Now, Kellie really loved the taste of my cum. She called it “Her Vanilla”. She couldn’t get enough, and it seemed she always wanted me to cum in her waiting mouth. She had an insatiable appetite for my cum, it seems.

So now, she’s bent over me as she slowly fucks me, and strokes my cock as I get closer and closer to orgasm. I’m moaning really loudly now, as she asks me “Does that feel good, you like to get your ass fucked and cock stroked, Baby??” “Yes! Stroke me, fuck me, suck me! Yes!!”

(OK, now I’m super-hard, and want to stroke it, but it’s so hard to type with one hand!)

“Cum in my mouth, Baby! Give me My Vanilla!! Yes, Baby….oooh…give it to me. Squirt in my mouth!” That sends me over the top, and with one last stroke, she makes me cum. My cum squirts up at her waiting face, some goes into her mouth, but most of it is on her chin and cheeks. She sits up, the dildo still in my ass, her gently rocking it in and out still, and uses her finger to wipe the cum off her face, licking her fingers clean.

“Hey, save some of that for me!”, I say. She says “Mmmmm…My Vanilla. All mine!” “Come here”, I say, and pull her to me. I lick the remaining cum off her face, and we share a long, deep French kiss. My limp cock is dripping more cum. “You missed some”, I point out. She quickly wipes it up with her finger, teases my mouth with it, and then puts it into her mouth instead. “You’re such a Cum Slut!” I say, and she just moans as she finishes sucking her finger clean. “Mmmmm…My Vanilla. Delicious.”

She then slowly pulls out of me and takes off the strap-on. Still on my back, I order her to get on all fours and face her ass towards me. “Like this?” she asks, and I say “Yes, just like that…!” I love seeing her ass spread wide open, her pussy lips wet. I then take three of my fingers and finger fuck her pussy while licking her ass cheeks as she moans. My fingers find her G-Spot quickly, and it’s not long until she is having one, two, three long wet rolling orgasms on my fingers. She finally pushes against them jamming them all the way inside her with one last gasp of pleasure, and holds there for a while.

We’re both spent, and cuddle on the bed for a while, a short nap being welcome. A shower follows, and later that night when we go to bed, we have our normal high-energy sex sessions. It seems that just awakened our passions.

(Now I can re-read this and stroke myself to a beautiful orgasm)

I’d love to hear from any women who enjoyed this story. There’s more to cum.



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