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Lonely Cuddling

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I was in my post-grad year at Uni, miles from home and not feeling very well. I switched on MSN and...


...a friend of my family (let's call him Allan) was online. I was recovering from flu and although I was over it, I was feeling pretty low. I told Allan how miserable I was feeling and he typed 'Awww hun. Sorry about that. You need a hug'. I replied that I would love that. Then he said 'Hey, you know I am in London. I could drive up?' Now I was not expecting that at all. For one thing it was incredibly kind of him, for another Allan is a lot older than me. I said that it would be nice to have some company. (And, at the time, that's all I wanted.)

A couple of hours later, around 8:00pm Allan arrived. My little student bedsit was at the top of a huge old Victorian house converted for student accommodation. Allan doesn't drink so I knew he would not be bringing wine with him, but he brought the next best thing... Belgian Chocolate! We sat and talked, I made endless cups of tea and I thoroughly enjoyed having someone to talk to. Allan is kind, has been through the student thing himself and knows that feeling that comes with emerging from Uni into the real world.

I don't know how long we talked for.. hours and hours.. but then I saw him stifle a yawn and I realised how late it was (Past 2:00am by that time). I knew I could not throw Allan out into the cold and snowy winter's night so I suggested he stay over. He said 'Ok. I can put the chairs together and make do on that' But I knew he has a spinal condition and had doubts. Anyway, he settled on the chairs and I went to bed. I kept hearing him moving around and suddenly thought 'Oh hell. This is silly.' So I said 'Hey Allan. This is daft. Come into bed.' Allan I think was glad he didnt have to fight with the crummy dilapidated armchairs and I heard him cross the room. I scooted over to the wall side of the bed and Allan slipped into bed beside me.

We lay back to back. But as soon as he got into bed a light pinged on in my head... or rather between my legs. It had been nearly a year since I had had a man in bed with me and, even though I was post-flu, certain parts of me were alive and ticking. I rolled over and my arm snaked around Allan's waist. He was fast asleep, so I pressed my luck a little and let my hand wander. I found THE most impressive hard-on. He was definitely asleep, but I could only imagine what he was dreaming about! I let my other hand find its way into my knickers and I was soaked through!

Holding this huge stiff cock and tickling my clit would have been enough to get me over, but I realised this was not fair on him, and, to be totaly honest, I have always had a thing about older men, so I gripped hard and started to jack him. THAT woke him up! He rolled onto his back and looked at me. 'Er Louise. I'm sorry. I didnt mean to get a hardon.' I said 'I know. Well, you have one now. Should we do something with it?' He didn't reply so I took his hand and pushed it into my knickers. He found my clit and then my opening in a trice and BOY was he good at fingering a girl. I jacked him harder and then I kissed down his tummy. I realised that this would stop him fingering me for a while but that was ok as I was about to cum too soon anyway.

I lay there watching myself jack him with my face inches away from his cock. I knew when he came I would get a faceful and that was just fine by me! Then Allan said 'ohh, I'm going to cum.' I timed it just right and opened my mouth as he jetted into it. Then, after he had stopped he rolled me onto my back and started to suck my nipples REALLY hard, which I love. His fingers engaged in THE most delightful ballet of pleasure with my clit and my pussy until I literally exploded all over his hand. Oh it was the MOST horny cum I have ever had. (And I wasn't exactly 'reserved' in Uni either. I have had threesomes and threesomes with two other girls, so I know sex well, but THIS was something far more pleasurable) We kissed and he masturbated me to four more orgasms before.... well.. inevitably....

Afterwards, we lay next to each other and talked about sex in general. As we talked he masturbated to things I was telling him, and I masturbated as he told me about things he had done or would LIKE to do. I have never masturbated in front of anyone before and it was a reall thrill.

He stayed the next day.... but we didn't get out of bed!



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