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Logan and Kevin

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A little long, but I hope you like it. Comments would be nice.


This happened just two weekends ago. Kevin and I are both 19, and best friends, and have been since we started high school together. I think we are both straight, (pretty much) but like guys too. I kinda figured that out when Kevin would say how 'cut' or how 'built' another guy he worked out with was.

Kevin is SMOKIN' HOT, about 5'10' and 158lbs, and has a KILLER smile. He is dark blonde, deep blue eyes, tanned and toned, and goes to the gym like three times a week. I am 6', slender but not skinny, toned, with strawberry blonde hair and little body hair. Kevin has a nice trail. I had started kind of looking at Kevin in a sexual way when we were around 16, but he never showed any interest or made any moves. I was too afraid to. We had both seen each other looking at each other naked in the showers after gym, but never commented about it. We had done some light wrestling in our boxers or briefs on sleepovers, but never took it anywhere. We always got semi-boned. The talk usually wound up about girls, jerking off, and the several times we had double dated, we talked about what happened in the same car. We both had make out sessions in the same car and had gotten hand jobs from our girlfriends when like he and his g/friend were in the front seat, and me and my g/friend were in the back. But we never actually saw anything. Sometimes we would talk about it after if we slept over at one another's house. A couple of times I could swear he thought I was asleep, I could here him quietly jacking under the covers. But again, still no moves on either of our parts to do anything. Alone, I would jerk off at night thinking about Kevin's hot bod, and make it to orgasm in like 5 minutes or less, even when I tried to edge.

Well, I finally decided to make the first move. So this weekend, I knew my rents would be going on a weekender, and my brother was still at college. My brother and I shared a bedroom, with two double beds separated by like 5' in between. At Kevin's house I always slept on the floor or in a sleeping bag in his room. He always slept in my brothers bed when Ron was away.

The stage had to be set, so I thought of a plan. I had hidden 3 porn videos (mine, two straight and one gay) in my brother's closet. As planned, Kevin showed up Friday around 4:00 pm. We had a snack, and finally mom and dad left around 5:00. We did the usual stuff, talking about who we would like to hit on, when was the last time we got off, and Kevin finally admitted to me that his girlfriend would jack him off, never to completion, and he had to finish it off himself. . I told him that was too bad as it felt awesome when somebody takes you all the way. I could tell he was interested. He asked me if Kelly did, used tissues, or if I like just blew in her hand. I told him she just let me do it in her hand. All of a sudden I saw Kevin trying to readjust.

So we watched a little TV, played on the computer and looked at some porn, and split a pizza around 9:00. We watched a little more TV, then went up to bed. It was no big deal, we had been naked many times before, so Kevin and I stripped down, him to his boxers, and me to my nylon briefs. Kevin asked me if they were actually comfortable, with the pouch and all, and I replied that they sure were.......nice support, etc. I went to my drawer and took out a new pair and threw them to Kevin, saying they're new and clean, try them on! Kevin stripped from his boxers and did. GOD what a body. He admitted the support was nice in comparison to boxers. I told him to keep them, I had more. Kevin thanked me and returned to his boxers, said he slept better that way. He lingered naked for a little when he did. (Two eye shots in one night.) We went to our beds, with one small light on. Just enough that we could see each other. It was a humid night, so we both figured we'd sleep on top of the covers. Then, I broke the ice. I asked Kevin if he could keep a secret. He said yes. I announced I had found three of my brothers porn videos in his closet when I was looking for something to wear today. (They were actually mine and I had jacked off to one all male one in particular many times.)

Kevin said 'Let's see.' And I went to the closet and brought them out. I asked him if he was 'game' and he said absolutely. I put the first one in the VCR, and I knew it sucked. Grainy, old, and had some bare spots. Kevin did what I hoped, and said 'this sucks......let's put in the second one.'

Both on our respective beds, the video started, and the first scene was two guys kissing and starting to strip down. I let this go on for a few seconds, and then Kevin asked me if my brother was Gay. I said I didn't think so, he gets more tail than a toilet seat. I said that honestly, I had always wondered what guys do when they are together. He said 'you know Shawn (a mutual friend) is gay, right?' and I said I had no idea. I got up and started toward the VCR, and Kevin said that he kinda wondered too, even though it was gross. The scene then changed to where the two guys were on the same bed and starting to jack each other off. Kevin was intrigued, I could tell, and he had to readjust himself every few seconds. The video is REALLY HOT!!!!! Kevin asked if I was OK watching this for a few minutes. DUH! I was so boned and there was no hiding it in my briefs, and I purposely let Kevin get a good look. You could see every vein, and the ridge of the head in the nylon. Kevin was 'tented' in his boxers, and eventually had his hand under the waistband and rolled over on his stomach to try and hide it. I stayed on my back, leaning against a pillow, readjusting when Kev looked over. I was sooo horny.

I told Kevin to not hide it.....be comfortable, we're both guys. And Horny! I so wanted to be naked with him. Kevin rolled over on his back and asked 'really?' I said yea..... He asked if I had ever jacked off with another guy, and I said yea, when I was like 13, before we moved. He asked how it was, and I said it was cool....he came and I dry cummed. We eventually jacked each other off. I asked did you ever do it with another guy, and he said once after practice, we jacked off.

Kevin made a couple of comments about the video and I agreed. Then, to my delight, he looked over to me and said 'wanna?' (meaning jerk off) I said I would if he would. He said sure.....you first. I said no.......both at the same time. I said that way, we both had a secret that had to be kept, and we would protect each other. Kevin agreed.

We agreed on the count of 1. 2, 3, we would strip our underwear off. And we did. Kevin had an amazing dick, like 7', cut, tight brown pubes, and to my surprise shaved balls, tucked tight up to his ass. He said he hadn't gotten off in like 2 days. He started jacking almost immediately. I stripped off my briefs at the same time, and revealed an 6.5' inch cut dick, leaking pre, and started to jack off with him. I shave too.

A couple of minutes into it, I said it might be more fun if we were closer together. Kevin said 'come on over'. I laid down on the full sized bed next to him. Kevin said 'Like dude....I'm getting really close....REALLY CLOSE.' I begged him to edge and try to make it last. Knowing this, I was almost there too, and had to slow down.

He stroked more slowly, and said he was OK now. I was stroking mine too, but A LOT slower so as not to cum too quick. Then the real fun started. Kevin asked if I could ever get into it with another guy, and pointed to the TV screen. I said that seeing this, I might, but it would have to be the right guy. We jacked for few more strokes, and I looked at Kevin and said 'Wanna, just ONCE to see what it feels like???' Kevin, to my surprise asked if I could show him how if feels to get jacked all the way by somebody else. He said he didn't want me to think he was gay or anything, and I just told him it doesn't make us gay, just friends and horny. I said again, only if you reciprocate. Kevin agreed. We both moved closer together, and I went for it. I grabbed his dick. He was hard as a rock, moaning and thrusting as I started to stroke him. Kevin's dick was cut and so beautiful, and so perfect in every way. I couldn't believe his g/friend wouldn't do him all the way. He reached over and stroked the inner side of my thigh, and then palmed my balls. I felt shocks and waves of pleasure, and thought I would blow right then and there. He began to stroke me, gently at first, slowly, but then with more enthusiasm. He seemed to be enjoying himself, and I know I sure was. We were looking at each other the entire time.

About three minutes into it, Kevin said that he was gonna shoot. I told him to go ahead. He arched his back, and then grabbed my hand. I guess like he would have his g/friend's. I told him not to worry, and enjoy himself. I stroked him a little faster, with a little more pressure, and he shot 5 ropes of cum onto his chest (one up to his neck) and the rest on his belly and all over my hand. I stroked him a little while longer, slower, using his jiz as lube, and then let him rest. Kevin had stopped jacking me while he got off.

Kevin turned to me and said 'your turn.....'Kevin re-grabbed my dick and started to stroke me. He asked 'is this OK?' I said 'Dude.....this is more than OK......this is awesome...' Kevin stroked me for maybe two minutes, maybe two and a half, and I asked him if I could cum in his hand. Kevin said what I said.....'Enjoy.....' About six strokes later I told him I was going to cum. He kept stroking, and I shot probably the biggest load of my life. Like 7 ropes, two hitting my nipple line, and the rest on MY belly and Kevin's hand. Kevin did the same thing I did and used the jiz for lube and kept stroking for a few moments. GOD that felt SO good. I didn't want this to ever stop.

I rolled over to face Kevin who was on his back now, and I put my right arm around his cum covered waist. He kissed my shoulder. All of a sudden, the moment got a little awkward. Kevin said 'One time only, right...........' sadly I agreed. We both fell asleep naked on Kevin's bed, our hands now back on each other's softening cocks.

But the 'one time only' changed around 9:00 AM when he woke up. Kevin put his hand around my waist, and slowly felt his way down to my cock that was getting harder by the minute. What a way to wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes of his, propped up on is left elbow.....and whispered 'Wanna........'

Oh yea..................I SOOOO WANNA



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