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Locker Room Sights

Posted by: Age: 16 at the time Posted on: 1 comments
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I was an average 16 year old straight guy, but curious about guys and I get turned on by seeing guys of any age naked now.

This didn't help since I worked as a janitor at a local gym/pool locker room. I pretty much sat around in the change room and mop up the floors and stuff and talk to other people, but tried to make it look like I'm not a creep.

Especially when kid/teen guys are changing I tried to sneak quick glances at them but still trying to make it look professional. There was this one guy who I often see come in to change before swimming lessons, my guess he was about 13-14 years old. He was skinny and pretty good looking for his age, giving a skater boy look (I'm not gay remember but just a little curious) and he was also a little shy in the locker room.

When he changed before swimming I tried to get a look at his dick but sometimes he changed facing the other way. When I saw it I noticed that he has a very big dick for his age, bigger than mine. His was at least 5-6 inches soft and very thick. It hung down and sort of hung around his balls, which were big and loose. This made me very horny seeing him having such a large dick.

My dick is only about 2-3 inches soft and about 4.5 inches hard. So this was great seeing a 13 year old boy with one bigger than me. He had a small amount of pubes right around his dick.

The last time I saw him I noticed as he was changing that got a boner, (I'm guessing it was at least 6.5 inches) which turned me on a lot. I could tell right away that he would probably turn around as he was changing facing me, as I was sitting at the corner of a locker by the entrance to the showers, so I am only about 10 feet away from him. Right away I got a huge boner but I am able to sit in a way that I can cover it. I can't help but to look out of the corner of my eye and right away he looks over and notices me looking.

To my surprise he asked me if he can ask me something and starts to walk toward the private handicapped washroom (the only toilet in the change room, the public washroom beside only has sinks and urinals). I am guessing that he want to come in here for privacy to talk with me, but it wouldn't make a huge difference since there is no one else in the change room anyways. So I follow him in there and it seems like he is very nervous and embarrassed. It is clear that I have a boner also as I am standing up and wearing basketball shorts so it doesn't hide it well.

Once we were inside he closed and locked the door of the large washroom and asked what jacking off was. He still had a very hard and I was very surprised that he asked that, not because he doesn't know but because he was asking me. My first thought was if it was right to tell him, but I didn't care. I told him not to tell anyone we talked about it then said it was pleasuring yourself as if it were sex, and for guys it it pulling the skin on your dick back and forth until you have an orgasm and cum.

I went on to describe what an orgasm is to the best I could. He asked if I did it and said that I do and it is perfectly normal for boys to do. He then asked if he could do it here and I said I'm fine with it as long as he does in at the toilet not the floor. He also asked if I would do it too. I was excited and said yes.

I pulled down my shorts and my boxers and revealed my dick which was much smaller than his huge dick. I started jacking off slowly since I knew I could cum soon. He looked like he was having a bit of trouble and was confused how, I told him to do what I was doing but then I decided to just move my hand over and slowly started to jack him off. I cannot describe how great it was to be holding and jacking another guys dick. It was warm and hard and felt great.

I was slowly sliding my hand up and down his uncut dick and also started to massage his balls. I let go and told him to do it for me. After a brief hesitation he reached over and after a minute he was jacking me off fine and it felt amazing for someone else to jack me off. I told him to go faster and he did. After about two minutes of him jacking me off I said I was about to cum and to keep going fast.

He kept jacking me and I had the most amazing orgasm of my life shooting cum into the toilet, onto both of our hands, and the rest of us. It felt amazing!

Before even cleaning up I went back to jacking him off and did it fast until he said he thinks he will cum soon because it feels weird but good.

I kept going and he shot out just as much cum as me if not more and got it everywhere (I didn't care at this point). We used toilet paper to clean up and then he realized that he had missed his swimming lesson and got changed and went home.



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