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Locker Room Piercing

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True story at the gym


It all started when my really good friend Lisa was trying to convince me to get a prince albert piercing. I was really into the idea of having a cock piercing where she and everyone that saw it would look at it and maybe comment on it. So I guess you can call me an exhibitionist. I have a couple of tattoos that mean a lot to me and wanted to get this done just to say hey I'm diffrent, but the whole thing kinda haunted me. Ya know the pain factor, the ability to pee or cum, it all just had me on edge to do or not to do it.

Well one day while I was at the gym with one of my coworkers we both noticed this muscle bound guy walk by us. We were pretty sure he had to be using some drugs to be that nicely built. He had big arms and his chest was amazing. I'm jealous of his legs at the moment lol. There so beefy and smooth. So as I was working out pumping my arms up and making my legs throb he kept glancing my direction. I truly was admiring him. I wanted to see what he looked like naked so I excused myself from my friend and said I was finished for the day and headed to the locker room in hopes of him coming as well.

I walked in and went to my locker to stripped and wrap a towel around me. I didnt see him so I thought maybe he was still working out. After stripping I always weigh myself to see how much I've gained which is a little but its just how I am. When I came back from the weights to get my shave kit there was a guy blocking my locker so I just stood there and waited and that's when I noticed muscle guy was also being blocked by the same old guy.

He started to strip and wait to get into his locker and wrap himself in a towel. So there he was in a towel and I was in a towel standing next to each other waiting. All of a sudden he dropped his towel and stood there naked. He had the most amazing ass ever. His back was hard and curved in the right way. As I was admiring him, he turned to ask me something and I noticed he had a cock piercing. There it was shiny and sticking out the top and the underside of a thick cock.

I guess I was looking too long because after the old man left, it was just him and I, and he said 'so what do you think of it' I told him ' it looks painful but really nice, I'm thinking of getting one as well'. It was strange to have a conversation about a cock piercing with a stranger but was relaxed at the same time. He seemed to be proud of it so I felt comfortable talking about it. He proceeded to move it around in his hand and tug on it while we talked about it. While he was doing this my cock was growing right in front of him. He noticed and that monster he had grew full mast. Well that did for me I said 'You have a big dick' which had to be about eight inches and he said 'thanks looks like you do to' I was so embarrassed but hey he was right and we both had raging hardons lol. After we exchanged a smirk Blake walked up in front of me and said I could touch it if I wanted to. Well what do you think I did? Of course I reached out and played with the piece of metal.

I decided it was time to shower and told him to follow me to my shower stall which he did and once that shower curtain was closed we started to make out and jerk each other off. He was touching my chest and my abs, turning me on. I was trying so hard not to moan and so was he.

We both came all over each others hands and and feet. He couldn't shoot because of the metal but it was still hot.

We did more after that but I'm sure you can imagine. We are good friends now and work out regularly. Good times at the gym are often.



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