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Locker Room Fun

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This happened in 8th grade in the locker room after gym


One day in eighth grade we were changing in the locker room after gym. I had on briefs, which I always wore. As I was changing, I noticed this kid Justin looking at my crotch. I jokingly said, 'like what you see?'. He realized I saw him and his face got really red. He stammered out 'o-oh, sorry'. Then my friend Austin, who had noticed this, said 'well who can blame him? Your bulge is huge!'. I looked down and didn't know what they were talking about. I had always assumed that my six inch stick was normal. 'it's probably just because you guys are all wearing boxers and I wear briefs'.

By now the whole locker room was looking my way. I said 'jeez guys, should I just pull my boxers down?' they just looked at me wide eyed. Austin finally said 'well, I've always been curious about how big other guys penises are'. 'well, if you guys want me too' 'yes!' everyone practically yelled in unison'. I figured why not? So I first removed my shirt, revealing my slim body and growing six pack. I grabbed the band of my white briefs and pulled them down in one swift motion. My five and a half inch soft dick flopped out. I heard a few 'ohhh's'. I began chuckling, 'hah, is it really even that big?' 'are you kidding?!? Compared to me, it's huge!!'.

Austin burst out. 'well how am I supposed to know if I'm the only one with my dick out? How about I go around and pull each of your boxers down to see your dicks. Starting with you Austin'. 'aww damn, well whatever I guess'. 'Okay stand up, so I can get your shorts down'. Austin stood up as I knelt in front of him. I grabbed his boxers and yanked them to the floor. A nice looking, cut, four inch dick sprang out. 'see, you're not bad,' I said as I lifted his dick to see his droopy balls. 'woah dude! What the hell?!?' 'oh relax, I'm just looking at your balls. And they're real smooth. Woah, looks like you're getting a little excited'.

Austins dick straightened out and sprung out in front of him, just inches from my face. 'well I'm gonna move on, but keep your pants off'. I went to the next kid, Josh. He was really quiet but a nice kid. 'okay Josh, stand up'. Josh stood up and I took his boxers off. He had a nice four incher. I got an idea from Austin though. I grabbed Josh's dick and slowly stroked it until it got hard. Once he was hard I moved on to the next boy, Colin. Colin was always very outgoing, so immediately once I got to him, he jumped up, yanked his boxers down, and out sprang a five and a half inch hard dick. 'Cam, since I'm all ready, why don't I help you?' he reached down and grabbed my dick and started stroking furiously.

I stopped him just before I came and moved on. I did the same with each boy, who had about a four to five inch dick. The last person was Justin, who was the one staring at me. He was this short little black boy who seemed to be just going through puberty. I figured he was staring because he was so small so I was hesitant to get his dick out. He had his shirt off, just his baggy boxers on. I knelt in front of him and placed my hands on his hips. I looped my fingers on his waistband and slowly pulled down. I was so anxious as I pulled the boxers past his crotch, and the biggest black dick slapped me in the face. 'holy crap Justin! Your cock is so huge!'

I grabbed his cock with both hands as he blushed. 'this thing has got to be at least seven inches. And your balls!,' I said as I cupped his black testicles, 'I have never seen any this big! I mean I thought mine were big!' I grabbed my balls and held the close to his. They were about half the size. 'okay guys I'm horny as hell. Everyone sit in a circle on the floor'. I sat next to Justin. 'now everyone follow me'. I grabbed Justin's huge cock with one hand and massaged his balls with the other. Everyone started masturbating the guy to their right. 'c'mon Austin, grab my cock'. I said to Austin who happened to be to my left.

He started jacking off my cock which felt so good as I jerked Justin's monster cock. I started jerking faster and Justin came all over himself. That made me cum and soon everyone had cum all over the floor and themselves. Once we cleaned up, everyone took turns feeling Justins cock and balls, seeing as he was the only black kid in our class. He loved it, and it became locker room ritual



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