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Locker Room Fun

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Last night I went to the gym after dinner to get in some extra cardio this week. I'm fairly fit-but started back at the gym this year to tone up a bit. The gym was pretty full, but I wasn't really checking out the guys-just trying to concentrate on my work out.

My gym has a nice big sauna in the shower room-which I've learned to love. I was never a fan of them until recently, preferred steam rooms before.

I've had a few jack-offs in the sauna recently-it is fun and thrilling trying to figure out if the other guy or guys in the room are feeling randy or not. Sometimes it is just fun to admire all of the cock that is on display-not necessarily wanting it to go further.

Back to last night-I had been in the sauna for maybe 20 minutes-taking a cold shower every 7 minutes or so to cool down. One guy had been trying to get the group going towards a stroke-off but it wasn't working. He gave up and left-and then soon everyone was out of the room.

I decided to have one more cold shower. As I was stepping into the shower a short guy walked past me into the sauna. He was nicely built-smooth chest and legs. He kept staring at me as I dropped my towel and waited for the water to warm up.

So-I cool off in the shower-then head back to the sauna.

The short guy has his towel draped over his lap-but I can tell he is hard under it. I always just sit on my towel-preferring to keep all of my skin uncovered.

I've got a semi-hard when I get in the room, but I can tell the guy wants to see something-so I don't worry about it.

We have the usual side glances-checking out if the other wants to play or not-

By this time he is rubbing his cock through his towel-and I've sprouted a nearly full hard-on. Hope no one else comes in the room.

I ask him to come sit next to me on the bench-and we start stroking each other. He has a short cock -probably only 4 1/2 or 5 inches-but it is really nicely thick-with a great flared head. Really dark skin too-was nice to stroke. The slit was really gaping-the head was so tight and really big.

My cock is average-just under 7 inches-not thick-with a flared head as well. He had great hands and kept stroking me-matching my strokes on his cock.

I was nervous because you couldn't keep a close eye out if anyone was heading toward the sauna-so I suggested we try 'sharing a shower'....lol.

He was up for it-so we stepped out into the shower room-and I picked the largest of the stalls-they have curtains so I thought we'd be safe.

As I said before-the guy was short. I am 6 feet inches tall, and he was probably only 5 feet 5 inches. Love short guys-had a nice chest and sexy legs. We got into the shower-facing each other with the water spray falling between us. Both of us were really close to coming because of the stroking in the sauna and the chance of getting caught made it more exciting.

It only took a few strokes and he started to push my hand away-he wanted to bring himself off it turned out.

I stroked my cock (with a little shower soap as lube-I don't really produce any pre-cum) as I watched his stroke style-he really concentrated on the head-rubbing around the flare of it-then shot a nice load-but not a lot.

That was enough for me-I stroked harder-I take long full strokes-and started to tense up my ass as I was about to cum. I shoot really hard-so I gave him a little warning-just before I came. Yup-about 8 or 9 ropes of cum-on his arm and leg, on my hand and arm, on my leg. What hot fun!

Right as we were finishing-another guy had come into the shower room-so I peaked through the curtain-waiting until he got into his stall-then I stepped across into another stall-giving my buddy a little squeeze before I left.

We smiled at each other in the locker room as we were drying off and getting dressed-and said 'see you again' as I left.



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