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Locker Room Fun

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Though one of the first of my soccer escapades, it was definately not my last.


At the time I was 15, just returning to school after an enjoyable summer of relaxation. I'm around 5'10' and about 155 pounds. I'm pretty muscular, as I play many sports, and I love to show off my body. Being a soccer player, a sport played in the fall, I had soccer preseason camp beginning a few weeks before school began. As the tryouts neared, I increased the frequency of my workouts and lengthened my jogging sessions.

Soon enough, August 23rd came and I headed up to my high school's track to commence the tryouts. Just so you know, Varsity soccer tryouts in my town always begin with a 30 minute jog at the track, followed by double sessions for the following two weeks. Although I judged my chances of making the team to be fairly good, I still was determined to give the tryouts my all. So I rode my bike to my school and changed in the locker room into my soccer clothes. Although I could have just ridden to school in my soccer clothes, I never miss an opportunity to show off my body to everyone else.

At the track, I noticed a boy I had never seen before. He was a senior, had blond hair, over 6 feet, and looked pretty buff. I'm not gay, but I can admit that he was a pretty good-looking guy. But as I stared at him, wondering why I had never seen him before, I can't be sure, but I think he winked at me. Hmmm, this got me thinking...

Things went along as normal for the run and tryouts, until the third double session. As we scrimmaged, I was told to guard this boy (we'll call him Mark). As I did, I did all that I could to stay really close to him. And if you don't already know, soccer is a sport where certain things get touched a lot, whether by accident or purposefully. Being the curious, horny boy that I am, I decided to touch his cock a little as I ran with him.

So I slid my hand down his flat stomach and quickly fondled his dick and balls a few times, trying to make it seem as innocent as I could. To this day I'm not sure if he noticed what I was doing. However, as I went in to touch him a third time, convinced that this was all merited by his wink earlier in the week, he responded...

'How did you know I liked that,' he whispered in a low, playful tone.

'What are you talking about,' I responded. I knew what he wanted, but I didn't want to make it too easy for him.

'This,' he said. 'I'm talking about this...'

And at this, he tripped he and fell on top of me and slid his hand gently between the elastic band of my boxers and my sweaty, beckoning skin. I felt him give my balls a quick tickle and rubbed the head of my 5-inch flaccid cock, though it did not stay flaccid for long.

As we both stood up, I noticed that he, too, had a bulge growing in his shorts. When coach called us in at the end of practice, the whole squad tiresomely trudged into the locker room. I quickly removed my clothing, showing off my hard-earned abs and large cock, now semi-erect from the hot smell of sweat all around me. This was my favorite part of practice. I was always the first one naked, and the last one to put my clothes back on. I loved looking at my teammates bodies, and had engaged in circle jerks with many of them on several occasions in this room.

But none of my teammates compared to Mark. As he removed his shirt, I was amazed to see his perfect physique. He had a perfect washboard stomach and a trail of hair leading down to his manhood. I desperately peaked out of the corner of my eye, watching for him to remove his shorts so I could finally see that which I had been touching for the past hour. He pulled down his shorts, revealing a circumcised, erect 7-inch cock. I was amazed at how perfect it looked, as well as how proud of it he seemed. He walked right by me, making full notice of my large cock pointing right at him. As he walked by me, he playfully wanked my cock again, and at this I knew exactly what he was after... and I thought I just might give it to him.

In the showers there are no dividers, just 18 heads in one large tiled room. I took a stall next to Mark, staring at his member as he playfully washed it a tugged at it seemingly for my personal enjoyment. I tried to put on a similar show for him, and I saw the delight in his eyes as he watched.

Soon enough the showers began to clean out and it was only Mark, myself, and my coach left in the locker room. The coach called to us that he would be back in 15 minutes and we'd better be out of the room before then.

'That gives us 15 minutes alone,' Mark suddenly blurted out, much to my surprise.

'That it does,' I responded. 'Allow me to begin.'

I reached over and grabbed Mark's fully erect cock in my hand, loving the feel of its warm hardness. With my free hand, I explored Mark's beautiful body. I reached around and massaged his back, and then his abs. I then let it rest on his ass, a beautiful one at that.

I began to jack him off, noting his moans of pleasure as I went. I sped up and slowed at different times, keeping him on the verge of cumming on several occasions. I could tell he was in ecstasy and loving every second of the pleasure I was giving him. As the water from the shower heads poured down on us, I used my free hand to jack myself.

About 10 minutes later, he shouted that he was about to cum. I let each of his seven ropes of cum spray onto the tiles. I let the warm liquid swash around me. Now it was his turn to go to work on me. He began to jerk me off.

And with this, I placed both of his hands on my cock and thrust into them. My manhood was solid and throbbing as he went to work on me. I was moaning so loudly, combined with the constant splash of water on the floor, and I came shooting several ropes of cum into the path of the shower water, watching as the globs of white disappeared down the drain.



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