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Locker Room Fantasy!

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I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love Solo Touch and have been a huge fan of the site for several years now. Not just because I enjoy reading the various experiences of other people, but also because it provides an anonymous environment for me to express myself and share my sexual history; without feeling like I'm being scrutinized or judged by anyone. I feel that it's somewhat therapeutic for me, in that it has really helped me in understanding who I am and what I'm all about-when it comes to my sexuality. Writing down some of my experiences (that have become vague and blurred over time) has allowed me to recall, relive, and enjoy them in a whole new light. All that being said I would like to share something that has recently popped in my head during the past few days.

I've read many stories on here about other guys having experiences in gym locker rooms/showers etc. which I must admit turns me on quite a bit. As I've mentioned in my other contributions, I happen to be a disabled (physically challenged) male. Back when I was in high school I would have to take a gym class here and there (because it was part of the regular curriculum), however I was never required to do all the activities as everyone else, due to the fact that I was in a wheelchair and that it just wasn't realistic to ask me to run track, play Volleyball, or any other strenuous activity like that. I would do things like lift hand weights or most times just sit back and watch other's work their butts off. Because of my inactivity, I never worked up a real sweat that would require me to take a shower or change clothes (like everyone else) at the end of class; and no real need to go in the boy's locker room. In fact, in all my time in high school I only went in the locker room once and that was only because my best friend asked me to keep him company while he changed clothes. I was a bit hesitant and timid at first, only because I didn't feel like I belonged in there if I wasn't changing clothes like the rest of the guys. I suppose I thought people maybe thinking 'he's not changing clothes-what's he doing in here?' Despite my hesitation, my best friend finally talked me into it and we headed back to the locker room. To my surprise it was a fairly small room jam packed with guys, and I just sat there and chatted with my friend while he changed - all the while trying to keep my eyes glued mostly to the floor (I certainly didn't want anyone thinking that I was just in there to check them out). After trying hard not to look or stare, my eyes did start to wonder a bit (just because I was curious) and I caught quick glimpses of my friend and some of the other guys in their briefs. I couldn't help noticing some of the various sizes of bulges pressing against their briefs. I don't recall seeing any of the guys with boners or naked. I don't remember getting turned on or hard at all but rather just it was just interesting to see diverse sizes of packages. I realize that it may sound strange to some, however up until that point; the only penises I'd ever seen was of course my own and my dad's.

Since then, I have never really encountered any other locker room experiences. When I read the stories on here about locker rooms, I often wonder what it would be like to be in a small room with other guys changing clothes and showering. Even though I have had bisexual experiences with other guys before, I've never really been sexually attracted to other men. Call me crazy, but I think it would be interesting - and yes somewhat arousing to be able to walk around a gym locker room totally naked around other guys and have my penis exposed and swinging in the open air. To experience getting dressed and covertly glancing over to other guys in various stages or dress while quickly taking in the various penis shapes and sizes. Now I'm almost 30 years old and have seen several penises up to this point, but to be in a room with multiple shapes, sizes, and textures (to compare and contrast) - would be fascinating. I tend to think that the penis is just as unique and mysterious as the vagina. Anyone else (men or women) experience these kinds of thoughts and/or fantasies?

Thanks Solo Touch!



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