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Locker Room Encounter

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I read these stories a lot and never thought I'd be posting my own. First of all, let me just say that I consider myself straight. I am not emotionally attracted to men and have a huge crush on a girl right now. I just find something very erotic about the male form and I like the idea of male camaraderie. I've never had any experiences with a man, until now.

I'm 19 and slim, but pretty muscular. I was working out at the gym and, like I always do, went to take a shower after I was finished. The shower room is set up in stalls, where there are two rows facing each other with a walkway in between. So each stall has three tiled walls and a shower curtain facing the stall opposite it. The curtain is solid except for a 8'-10' clear strip a little below face level, allowing you to see whether a stall is taken.

So I was taking my shower when this guy walked into the room wrapped in his towel. He was tall, about 25, tanned, and very muscular with an attractive, masculine face. The stalls had just been cleaned, so all the curtains were pulled back. He came over to my stall and asked if the showers were open. (An odd question, since I was already standing in one.) I said they were but that they had just been cleaned, and noticed that he came really close to the curtain and kind of looked in and downward to talk to me. Then he walked over and took the shower directly opposite me, leaving the curtain halfway open. He soaped himself up a lot and made sure to position himself so I could see his cock through the opening in the curtain. He was really attractive, and his piece was huge. I'd say about 7 inches soft, and really thick. The only word I can think to describe how it looked is 'heavy.' I kept sneaking glances at him while we were both showering, still not 100% sure that he had any intentions. Then as I was finishing my shower, I looked at him again and our eyes met through the curtains. He was looking to see if I was watching him. At that point I was pretty convinced he was trying to get something started.

While this situation was a huge fantasy of mine, I was extremely nervous, so I towelled off and left to get dressed. After I was dressed, I saw him come into the locker room, again in his towel. Just to see if my suspicions were correct, I started walking to where the urinals were. As I suspected, he got there first, held the door for me and followed me to the urinals, taking the one next to mine. He was taller than me, and standing there I could feel him looking over the partition at my cock, which made me even more horny than I already was. All this turned me on insanely, but I was already showered and dressed, so I didn't know how to proceed. He must have gathered that I was too nervous, because he finished before I did and went back to the lockers. I soon followed, and on my way out I saw him standing there, naked, looking up to see if I could see him.

Unfortunately, I was just too nervous and unsure of how to proceed, so that was the extent of our encounter. But I can say that I'm going to have a great stroke tonight thinking about that experience. And I can say that I'm pretty sure he knows I was interested. I'll be working out again in a couple days, and have a feeling that we'll meet again. I'll be sure to post on that if and when something happens.



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