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Locker Room Boy

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For over a year I had been going to the same gym almost every day during my lunch hour. One of the workers (call him Billy) who cleans up the place, would chat me up whenever he saw me, mostly after I exercised and was stripping for a shower. We would talk about sports at first and then when we got to know each other better, about our friends and families, what we were going to do on holidays, and the like. He is about 19 I guess, as he just finished high school. He is really kind of cute-thin and wirey build, a lot like me. I am about nine years older than him. I have a steady female friend, although neither of us wants to get married now and we both see other people. I was surprised that once when we were making out she reminded me of Billy the way she looked just then, and that got me aroused. I became a little concerned about what that meant and the next time at the gym I was very aware of myself when I pulled off my shorts and jock as Billy was chatting with me. I started to get a boner that I couldn't control and quickly grabbed a towel and wrapped in it. Usually I just carry the towel to the shower. The damn thing just kept growing and stuck out prominently under the towel.

Billy was definitely noticing, I would say staring at it. I was very embarrassed and had to say something to relieve my tension. It was pretty stupid to say but I blurted out, 'When you're working the locker room the club should make you strip so you're on even terms with the members.' He got a little embarrassed then himself and it was a very awkward moment. For about a week after that he kind of kept away from me and I felt pretty bad and a little confused. Then one day I had to work through lunch and got to the gym about 3:00PM, and finished my routine at 4:00. Billy came by right next to me as I was stripping for the shower and was very happy and friendly, and then while I stripped, right next to me he started to strip too! I said what are you doing? He told me he got off duty at 4:00 and was allowed to use the gym facilities all he wanted when not working. He said he was going to use the sauna. We were both naked and he didn't even have a towel with him. So I said I would use the sauna after I showered which I did.

Now this is the slow part of the day in the gym and we were the only ones in the locker room and sauna. I was scared about what would happen next.

I knew for sure something was going to happen. I had the towel loosely around me and he was standing near the hot stones with no towel at all, and a boner up to his belly that he did not try to hide. I know he had been stroking while I was in the shower. I got a boner right away seeing that. I took the towel off and just laid it in my lap in a heap. I put my hand under the towel and laid it on my dick to see what he would do. He rubbed his legs and arms and then his dick, gently a few times. So I stroked my dick a few times under the towel, then took the towel off completely. We both got the signal, looked at each other and started to stroke ourselves for real. He came over and sat next to me and we each reached over and felt my dick and balls very gently and then we stroked each other for a while then ourselves again. After about 10 minutes he started to shoot cum all over himself and me. It was a great sensation to feel his warm cum splattering on me and I came from that too. He caught as much of my cum as he could and rubbed it over his dick which got us both half hard again. We both were so wasted. He said he had wanted to do that for a long time.

Just to let you know I now time my gym sessions so that I am there almost every day when he gets off his shift. We don't talk as much any more as we have this new way of relating. I found I just love JO with a buddy more than anything, but I have no urge to do anything else with Billy but JO. It is really nice and I hope it lasts for a long time.



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