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Locker Room

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OK. Well, I've written about several experiences with my brother. We don't have intercourse, but we masturbate together sometimes, and we have a real open and honest relationship. You can see the dates of my other experiences I've posted in my post of Nov. 17, 2003.
Well, if you looked at those, you know we are close and honest and trusting. We go to different colleges now, and go home from time to time for holidays. Well, for President's Day we were home, and we were playing together, and Brandon asked me if he could ask me to do something that he wouldn't dare ask his girlfriend to do. I said OK, and he said he wanted me to come to his campus, go into the women's locker room, tell me what two particular girls looked like naked and describe them taking off their aerobics clothes and taking a shower. They are in an afternoon aerobics class on campus and Brandon sees them all the time. They shower in the athletic building, and he really wanted to know what they are like naked. And he wouldn't dare ask his girlfriend to do it, but he felt he could ask me.
So I said ok, and the campus is only like 70 miles away, and I went up last Thursday and was in the athletic facility at 2:00 pm when the class began, and Brandon was there with me. And he showed them to me, and they were really thin and nice looking. So I shot basketball and when the class was about to end, I went into the women's dressing room and began to slowly change, and then they came in with some others. And I watched as they undressed.
Well, I watched them as they took their clothes off and wrapped a towel around themselves and walked into the shower room and took their towels off and began taking their showers. And they stood there talking and laughing for a while and I went in too and just washed myself and looked. Then they left and dried off, got dressed and walked out of the locker room. So then I walked out and told Brandon I saw everything. He took me back to his dorm room, locked the door, lay on his bed and told me he just has to do it while I tell him. And I said sure!
I sat on the bed with him and he pulled his pants off. We've done this many times before. I just start touching his dick and it got hard right away. I told him in detail all I saw. Like one girl had small breasts and areolas that were like cones and she shaved most of her pubic hair. The other had bigger breasts and didn't shave her pubic hair. We talked for like 30 minutes and he touched his penis. I touched it and I'm talked to him. Then I just stroked him some and he cane all over a t-shirt he had gotten out. He said it was one of the best he's ever had! Well, I didn't do it there myself, but I said, 'Let's get something to eat and then you can be with me when I do it, Then I'll drive back to my dorm on my campus.' So we did.
Well, that's not a lot of detail, but it was really erotic to watch the two girls in the shower room, and to watch him respond as I described the locker room and shower room and the girls to him! He REALLY liked that and was VERY turned on over it!



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