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Locked Out

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Things that start out bad, don't always turn out bad.


I am a junior at a local state college. I didn't take any classes last summer so I lived at home with my parents. On this particular weekend my parents left town on an overnight trip and left me to watch the house. It was a beautiful Saturday night. The sky was clear and full of stars and the moon was full. I had just finished my shower and hadn't dressed yet. I looked out the window at the backyard and thought to myself how great it would be to be naked and watch the stars. It was late at night and hedges surround the yard so I should have my privacy.

I walked outside and lay down on a reclining lawn chair. I was really feeling relaxed as I watched the stars. My mind began to wonder back to a few of the stories that I had read on this web site. Visions of women playing with themselves filled my head. My wiener was becoming hard. I slid my hand over to grab it. I started to gently tug up and down. I imagined the women softly pulling on their nipples with one hand while letting the other hand played with their pubic mound, their wet fingers sliding in and out. I was really starting to stroke now. I could feel the pressure building. I was pulling fast and hard when the eruption came. Semen landed on my stomach and was all over my hand. I was spent.

This would now be a good time to go inside, clean up and get something to drink, I thought. So I got up from the chair, went to the house and pulled on the door. It was locked. I tried pulling on the door again hoping it was stuck, but it was locked. I checked all of the windows on the back of the house but they were also locked. My heart was starting to pound again, but for a different reason. I would have to try the front door that was on the well lit side of the house. I took a quick look around, hoping no one would see me, and started to run for the front door. It was locked also. I ran back into the back yard. What was I going to do?

At this time the neighbor's little dog, Bart, worked his way through the hedge and started to bark at me. I tried to shush him but he kept on barking. The light on the back of my neighbor's house came on. The neighbor's nineteen-year-old daughter, Becky, came out to check on the noise. I quickly hid behind a bush. This girl and I had been friends for life, but we never dated.

'Bart, what is it?' she yelled out as she came toward the hedges. She walked up to them and tried to peer though. 'Brad, is that you? I am coming over,' she said. Before I could answer she was already through the gate and in my back yard. It is hard to hide when you have a dog barking at your feet. She, of course, saw me. She started to laugh as she reached out to pinch at my butt. 'What are you doing outside naked?' she chuckled while she kept trying to pinch my butt.

I was doing my best to keep my manhood covered with my hands, while I was trying to stay out of range of her hands. I ended up standing in the middle of the yard. I decided I had to tell Becky part of the story. 'I thought it might have been fun to be naked under the stars and I locked myself out of the house,' I answered. I then took a look at her. All she was wearing was a white cotton night shirt that went to her knees and these big fuzzy slippers. Becky is about five foot tall, and maybe one hundred pounds. This night she had her long brown hair in a pony tale. She was looking really good.

'So is it fun or not?' her voice brought me back to my situation. Then she tried to pinch me again. I took off running around the backyard with her chasing me. I'd dodged around but she stayed right with me. I tripped and fell to the ground and she fell on top off me. She rolled off and grabbed my butt. Those pinches hurt. I quickly jumped up and ran over to the water hose.

'Stop or I'll spray you!' I warned. 'You think you will,' she laughed as she charged at me. Hastily I cranked the water valve and turned the nozzle to spray. I aimed and fired. She stopped dead in her tracks with her hands out in front of her for protection. She turned round and ran back a few feet. The water completely soaked her. I turned the nozzle off. She turned round and faced me. Her shirt was sticking to her skin. The material no longer protected her goodies from view. The first thing I noticed was her now hard nipples sticking through her shirt. She had such firm boobs. Then looking down I saw that her shirt was pressed up against her muff, she wasn't wearing any panties.

My member seemed to jump straight up. I dropped the hose to cover myself up. She jumped and grabbed the hose and turned the nozzle back on. 'It looks like you could use a cooling down,' she said as she sprayed me. The water was cold. I fought through the spray and grabbed the hose back. I chased her with the spray of water one more time across the back yard. I quickly whipped back and shut off the nozzle and the valve. As I turned to look at her I could feel that I was still hard as a rock. I didn't care if she saw it now or not. I was just trying to catch my breath. She turned around and looked at me and began to nervously giggle. She looked down at herself and saw how wet she was. She started to walk towards me.

'I guess this isn't doing me any good now,' she said as she pulled her shirt up over her head and removed it. 'Let's go over to my house and dry off.' 'What about your parents?' I asked. 'They are gone for the weekend; they are visiting my grandmother. It is safe,' she answered. I followed her over to her house. I could not help but stare at her smooth white butt cheeks as I walked behind her. We stopped at her door. She turned and looked me right in the face.

'Just because we are completely undressed, don't get any wrong ideas. I didn't mean to end up this way and I am really unsure about what's going on here. I do have a spare key to your house that your mother gave me. If you are a good boy I will give you the key. Do you promise to be good?' she asked. 'I promise,' I slowly said in a disappointed voice. 'Good,' she answered right back. 'Let's go in and I will get towels and dry off.'

She had me wait in the kitchen until she came back with a towel. She didn't make any attempt at covering up as she was drying her hair with her towel. I started to dry myself off. I was still erect. 'Since you have seen everything I guess it is too late to cover up. I see that you still have your friend with you,' she quietly spoke as she looked down at my wiener. 'You never did tell me why you were outside like this.'

She was trying to stay calm as she talked to me but her nipples gave her away. They stood out like little finger tips from her breasts. Her face had a bit of a blush to it. Maybe she was turned on about all of this as I was. I felt that I had a chance if I told her everything. 'Let's go down to your computer and I will tell you why I was outside,' I suggested.

She turned and motioned me to follow her. She led me down into the family room. The computer was on the far side of the room. We placed our towels on the two chairs that were by the computer and sat down. I told her to log on to the Solo Touch site. We took turns reading stories to each other. This went on for over an hour. She stopped and looked at me. 'Do you masturbate?' she asked me. 'Yes, that is what I was doing in the backyard tonight?' I answered.

She looked at me for a few minutes, occasionally looking down at what was sticking up from my thighs. Her faced turned a slight tint of red. 'Would you show me?' She asked. 'I haven't seen a nude male before, in fact I haven't seen much at all.' 'I will do it for you, but you have to return the favor,' I answered. Her face turned bright red as she looked towards the floor. She sat like this for a few moments.

'I...I have never masturbated before. I don't know if I can do it,' she whispered. 'I will go first and then you try,' I nervously told her.

I had never done it in front of anyone before, not to mention a female. She turned her chair to watch me. My hand was shaking when I placed it around my dick. I was failing at looking cool. I slowly started to slide my hand up and down my dick. I had done this so many times before but this seemed so different. Her eyes were fixed upon my shaft. I continued to stroke. This was really feeling good. Everything seemed to be building up. My hips started to thrust up and down to meet my hand. I could feel my butt cheeks tighten. I have never trembled so hard in my life. Streams went shooting onto my lap, Becky's lap and some landed on her boobs. I fell back into the chair feeling totally drained.

I looked over and Becky had that look of total amazement. With her finger she took a sample of the liquid off of one of her boobs and took a sniff. She rubbed it between her fingers than placed it on her tongue. She then looked at me. 'It must be my turn, I maybe should do this lying on the couch,' she whispered as her face again became red. Even though I really wanted to see this I didn't want her to feel forced into it. 'Don't do it if you don't want to,' I said.

She looked at me as she was getting on the couch and said, 'I secretly wanted to try this for quite some time, maybe this time I can do it.' She placed a pillow under her head and closed her eyes. The fingers from her right hand began to gently slide up from her stomach to between her breasts and then back to her stomach. She did this a few more times. Her fingers then roamed over to one nipple, gently rubbed it, and then slid over to her other nipple. Her nipples were really hard. She brought up the other hand. She was rubbing and pulling on each one of her nipples. Her breathing was starting to change. Her right hand now slid down and covered her muff. Her fingers started to twirl her pubic hair. Her whole palm then rubbed over her pussy. A tiny moan came from her throat. As her hand was rubbing over her pussy she dropped her middle finger down. Her finger was sliding up and down her pussy lips. Her left hand was really pulling on her nipples. Her moaning was growing louder. Her middle finger dipped into her pussy. She was really starting to rub. Her motions grew quicker as her finger went deeper. She placed two fingers together and shoved them in. Her hips were now moving up to meet her hand. Her grunting was becoming loud. Her fingers were really moving fast. Her hips were moving all over. Everything was just going faster. Her eyes flew open and her back arched up. Her hips really began to quiver. She cried out and then fell back to the couch. Everything was now quiet except for her breathing.

Her eyes slowly opened and met mine. A small grin came to her face. This was the sexiest thing I have ever seen. I gently kissed her on her forehead. 'Looks like I did it,' she said in such a small voice.

We talked about what had just happened, and about sex and masturbation. She told me that she wanted to save herself for the right time with the right man. She knows now she has a way of relieving her sexual stress. We talked until the sun came up. She gave me the key to my house and a pair of her dad's pants so I could go home. We had one quick kiss at the door and I went home. Even though I was up all night, it took me hours to fall asleep. All I can think about is her.



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