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Lizzy and Karry

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We were in high school and horny as hell! They both wanted to see a penis in real life but I wanted to see something too. Trying almost everything in one day!


Lizzy and Kerry were my two best friends in High School. I was not allowed to have girls as friends but I got around this because Lizzy told my mom that she was gay. I knew better though and day after day at school Lizzy and Kerry would swap notes with me asking all sorts of questions. I was really turned on by all of this but I was way to shy to do anything more then just answer the questions asked. We were all very inexperienced so the questions coming from them were very childish by my recollection.

One day though Lizzy wrote to me telling me that she had something to ask me but she wanted to do it in person and with Kerry there. No problem I thought. I didn't figure that it would be anything more then the standard "how does it feel when you pee?" or "do you masturbate every day?" I was so wrong but in a very good way. I showed up at Lizzy's house and her parents left right after I got there. The three of us went up to Lizzy's room and then Lizzy locked the door. By this point I was thinking "what the heck is this about?" Lizzy motioned for me to sit on her bed and Kerry sat next to me. here's the narrative.

Lizzy- "So Kerry and I want to ask you to do something for us." Kerry- "We want to ask but its personal and we don't want you to freak out." Lizzy- "We want to ask but you can't freak out!" By this point I was really starting to wonder what this could be about but that's about the time that Kerry put her hand on my thigh somewhat timidly. I started to figure out at that point somewhat where this whole thing was heading so I just said "Lizzy, if you want to ask me something you know that you can trust me and you know that I am an open book so ask away already!" Lizzy and Kerry shared a look and I was about to get up and leave when Lizzy just blurted out "Matt, we want you to show us your penis!" I kind of knew by this time that this was going to be sexual in nature but this took me a little off guard.

I kind of sat there for a moment and processed this for a minute. then I stood up and looked back at Kerry and said "what do I get if I do this?" Kerry and Lizzy just looked at each other and the room went quite again. I broke the silence by saying "look you guys, I am willing but you have to help me out here. I don't want you to see it when its um... soft. I want to be hard first so do I get to see something too or is this going to be all one sided? The Girls looked at me then at each other again and Lizzy finally said "I'll show you my boobs and then you pull it out." Kerry just sat on the bed with this look on her face, she didn't want to show me or Lizzy anything. I could tell she had bitten off more then she could chew so to speak.

After about 15 minutes of arguing back and forth Kerry decided that she would be willing to take off as much clothing as Lizzy was willing too. So Lizzy took off this red turtleneck that she had on exposing her beautiful 34B breasts in a red lace bra. Then Kerry took off her black top showing off her equal sized boobs in a gray sports bra. I could feel a stiring in my groin at that point as my blood started to pump faster. Then Lizzy unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off. Kerry was still sitting on the bed and so I got a better view of her as she laid back and unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off copying Lizzy. Kerry had on a cute kind of kiddish pair of blue and yellow panties while Lizzy had on a red thong! I knew Lizzy wore thongs because of our letters but I didn't really expect to ever see her in just her panties and bra!

Things were starting to really grow down there for me but I was determined that if I had to expose my dick I had to see pussy in return. Lizzy had other plans though. She moved over to the bed and whispered in Kerry's ear. Kerry's eyes went kind of wide and she sucked in a breath but then she said "I guess so its not like we haven't done it before." I was so intrigued and then Lizzy said "if we make out will that do it for you?" I couldn't resist, I replied with the nod of my head. Then Lizzy kind of half sat on the bed next to Kerry and they started to kiss. I could tell that Kerry was still a little uncomfortable but when Lizzy grabbed one of her breasts they really started going at it.

Without thinking about it I had unbuttoned my pants and unzipped them as I did so my 6 inch dick just sprang out of my boxers. Lizzy didn't really see it but Kerry did so she nudged Lizzy and then they both stopped and looked. I started stroking it to keep it hard as I was so nervous. After all this was the first time I had ever been this close to two half naked females and I had never showed anyone my cock before. All of a sudden Kerry just reached out and touched the tip of my dick where a small bit of pre-cum had collected. My dick jumped a bit without me doing anything and she pulled her hand away but just as quickly she brought her hand back and touched it again. Then Lizzy touched it too and I was just in shock. I had never felt like this before, to be honest I really was not big into masturbation before this happened so I just didn't have any idea what to expect.

Kerry stroked me a few times then Lizzy took a turn but I kept looking at Lizzy in her red thong. "Can I feel you?" I heard myself asking. Without a word Lizzy came up close to me and grabbed my left hand and put it on the outside of her panties. OH Man that was nice but by this point Kerry was into it and she slipped off her panties and put my hand on her bare smooth hairless pussy. Oh it felt soooooooo good! I could feel a bit of wetness dripping from her lips and I gently began to explore her vagina with my fingers. Lizzy then unhooked her bra and I looked at the floor and saw a wonderful wet spot in Kerry's panties as I saw Lizzy's bra hit the floor.

Up to this point I knew that Lizzy had talked about "going out" with or "experimenting" with girls but I thought it was just talk until she turned Kerry around and slid her hand down to Kerry's now very wet vagina. I saw Lizzy kiss Kerry again and Kerry didn't resist but she didn't let go of my cock either. Lizzy pulled down her thong and then took Kerry's free hand and placed it onto her very moist pussy. Kerry still didn't let go of my dick. Lizzy then pulled me onto the bed with the two of them as she kept kissing Kerry. I guess Kerry let go when Lizzy pulled us both onto the bed and Lizzy got on top of Kerry at that point but her butt was kinda hanging over the bed and I just bent down and licked it! OMG!!!! it was the best thing I had ever tasted! I thought if she tastes so good what does Kerry taste like so I found her pussy with my hand while I licked Lizzy and plunged a finger into her.

Lizzy and Kerry were both moaning loudly at this point wether I was causing it or they were doing it to each other I didn't know and didn't care! After a few minutes of fingering Kerry I pulled my finger out and sucked the juice off it. As good as Lizzy tasted Kerry tasted better! Way better! I wanted to lick Kerry's pussy so bad but at this point Lizzy was basically humping her! Kerry must have seen me lick her juices though because she started to scream "Oh my gosh that is so HOT!" then her and Lizzy came almost at the same time. I fingered Lizzy while she came and stroked myself and shot my load all over both of them!


Part Two After that we all kind of laid on the bed for about half an hour and then Lizzy fell asleep. I was Kerry's ride there so when she told me she wanted to go home I got dressed and we hopped in my car and took off. She lived about 15 minutes away and usually we would have talked the whole way but this time she was quiet until just before we got to her house. "I'm not into girls Matt." She looked at me and said it again. I was like um... sure.... um.... yeah ok. She seemed to be really into it while Lizzy was humping and touching her. "I did that for you Matt. I don't like kissing or touching Lizzy but I wanted you to get hard so I could see it but I won't ever let her do that to me again!"

She seemed kind of angry at this point and I was so young and dumb that I had to have her spell it out for me. we pulled into her driveway and I was like "see you later!" but she didn't get out of the car. After a minute of sitting there I turned off the car and looked at her. "is something wrong?" I asked gently. "Come with me" she said as a reply. We walked through her back gate and then around the pool and to her parents motor home. She opened the door and went in and I followed. She went to the couch and sat down and kind of just looked at me. I had no idea what was going on. Then she spelled it out for me. "I like you Matt, I have for a long time and I didn't cum because Lizzy was humping me I came because I saw you lick my stuff off your fingers. I wanted this to happen with you for a while but I didn't want Lizzy there. She is my friend but I am not at all attracted to her." I had been "in love" with Lizzy for a few years but she didn't give me the time of day! Still I was a dumb 16 year old with a crush but know Kerry was telling me that she liked me.

I didn't know what to say. We sat there and talked for about 20 minutes or so when Kerry just leaned in and kissed me full on the mouth. I was surprised but I liked it and then Kerry asked me the million dollar question. "Do you want to do it again? I mean just you and me?" Heck yeah I did! We started to kiss again more deeply and then she got up and we moved to the little bedroom in the Motor home. She sat on the end of the bed and she undid my pants and pulled them down off me along with my boxers. It hadn't been much more then an hour since I had shot my last load but my dick was at attention! Kerry then leaned over a bit and sucked my dick into her mouth! holy crap! I thought touching her vagina was good. She sucked for a moment before I had to stop her or risk losing another load before I even got to see her naked!

I pulled my t-shirt off after dropping my jacket on the floor then undressed her with a bit of help.This time she pulled off her sports bra and I got to see her very full breasts. I stopped for a second and made one thing very clear. I was not going to have sex with her. My sister had gotten pregnant at 15 and I saw what having a baby at that age had done to her so I just was not ready for that. Once she agreed I went into crazy mode. I sucked on her small pink nipples and fingered her and then went down on her and oh man did she taste good. I licked her clit and she sucked her own juices off my fingers while I licked her over and over again. At one point I was trying to finger her when my finger slipped near her ass hole and I remember telling her i was sorry and she pulled back and looked at me and was like "does it bother you?' It didn't so I said no and she was like "then do it if you want. it felt good."

So I got my finger all covered in her girl juice and rubbed her rosebud for a minute as she purred and moaned and then I just slipped it inside her. That was it for her she came hard yelling for me to put my thumb into her pussy while she came. I did and man could she cum! After that I thought "crap I didn't get off and now I have a massive hard on again." No problem for Kerry. She rested for only a moment before she laid me down and then began to suck my cock again. It only took a moment before I was ready and I tried to pull away but when I told her I was going to cum she just sucked harder! I came in her mouth and she swallowed it! We then both laid down just spent.

Only a minute or two went by when I heard her Dad talking to her Mom asking where Kerry was. We quickly got dressed and I went out front and went home. The next day at school things were kind of weird between Lizzy and Kerry but it worked out in time. As I was heading to lunch though, I reached into the pocket of my jacket and found something balled up in there. I pulled it out then quickly stuffed it back in. It was Kerry's used blue and yellow panties! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!



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