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Liz the Librarian

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This was the most arousing sex event of my life by then, and possibly even now.


When I was 15 I got to meet Liz, a cheerful librarian in her late forties who lived down the road from us. Soon after she started working at our library she recognized me as the young guy who lived nearby, and amazingly we were soon calling each other by our first names. I think she liked me, though she gave little away. She had nice legs and even nicer boobs; that was as far as it got. I was rather shy then and did my best not to let her notice my interest in her cleavage!

One day after school I remembered I had forgotten to return a library book on time and on impulse decided to knock on her door and, instead, hand her the book directly. She came out in just her dressing gown with a hair net and accepted the book after lecturing me. I noticed her breasts jiggling under her gown and felt strangely excited by this. Needless to say I masturbated over them that night.

As I slowly got to know her better over a number of years, it turned out she lived alone and had never been married. When my parents separated for a while Liz found out about it and was especially kind to me, even cooking and bringing over meals, till things improved at home.

One afternoon, when I had turned eighteen, I visited her again (I can't remember why now) but the doorbell didn't seem to be working and there was no answer when I knocked. On impulse I turned the handle and the front door opened, so I went in, closing it behind me. Hearing the sound of water running, I guessed Liz must be taking a shower or bath upstairs. I called out. There was no reply. Though I had never gone upstairs before, on an impulse I decided to do it and as I guessed, heard her shower running. Like the rest of her house, her bathroom door was old-fashioned and even had a keyhole. Though not a habitual voyeur, the thrilling thought of seeing her naked made me peer through it, and sure enough there was Liz, soaping and rinsing herself. Catching her like this made me feel guilty but also very aroused. Thinking I would just have enough time for a 'quick one' I unzipped my pants and began rubbing. As I watched, Liz bent over to wash her big dark bush, her large breasts swaying together. I exploded wetly into my hand, leaning on the door for support and trying not to breathe too loudly. The door suddenly opened inward and I stumbled forward, still holding my penis.

Liz shrieked, recognizing me and yelling at me to get out. I ran downstairs, apologizing, my organ subsiding rapidly as I wondered whether to bolt out the front door. With only a towel around her, Liz called from the top of the stairs, 'Eddie, what did you mean by spying on me?' She didn't sound so angry now, rather hurt and puzzled. I tried to apologize, explain and put my penis away, all at the same time. Liz called back that she thought a burglar had got in, didn't believe my story and said I was a pervert. I felt so ashamed I began to cry.

Liz came downstairs, quickly closed and secured the front door, closed the curtains, then sat down next to me, still in her towel. She was still cross with me but now wanted to hear my story again and find out what made me do it. When she was satisfied that this was simply an opportunist act of voyeurism, she told me how frightened I had made her and that if she hadn't recognized me, she would have called the police. Then, looking pointedly at the stains on my pants, she smirked 'You men are all the same. Well, did you enjoy what you saw?'

Her change of direction shocked me so much I didn't know what to reply. Liz answered for me 'I bet you did', then stood up, let her towel fall as she pulled me up to face her and exclaimed 'Now it's your turn.'

At first I didn't understand her meaning, but then it dawned that she wanted me to strip naked too. I thought about running away, but Liz insisted it was only 'fair' for me to undress too. Since she wouldn't take no for an answer, I shyly decided to comply. 'That's better!', she smiled, twisting her nipples as she watched me. Seeing them swell got me going again, and by the time I only had my hands to hide my penis, it was beginning to rise again. I turned away, covering it with my hands.

'You're modest enough when it's your turn, aren't you?' Liz remarked with a hint of sarcasm in her voice. Then she reverted to being gentle but firm again.

'No need to cover up, Eddie' she said very gently now. 'Show me what you've got there.' She continued to roll her nipples. This was a very different Liz now, I thought. As my penis popped out at her, she licked her lips slowly, reached out and took it gently in her cool hand. Of course it began to respond to her attention. With her other hand, she took one of mine and placed my fingers inside her bush, whispering directions.

This was the first time a woman had touched me like that and I came very soon afterwards, though Liz took longer to reach her climax. I guess it could be argued that an older and more experienced woman persuading a younger guy to go naked with her might be considered non-consensual, but hell, it had been my fault in the first place for spying on Liz and she changed the game rules to make me see it from the other side.

Liz did not permit me to go all the way with her on that occasion, though what took place eventually is a different story as you can guess. For now I was content to let her be the teacher and me her pupil. I never did remember the original reason for wanting to call on her.



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