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'Liz & I' and More Besides

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My first orgasm was at the age of 16, and wonderful though it felt, it terrified me because I wet myself. This was NOT a female ejaculation, this was pee. And every time I made myself cum, the same thing would happen even if I went to the bathroom first. So I saw my doctor...


...who was really sympathetic and took a long time to explain how a woman has a much shorter urethra than a guy, and that the muscles that contract during orgasm (the whole pelvic floor) can pull the sphincter open and that makes you pee when you cum. I told her about it happening even if I just went to the bathroom and she told me you produce pee constantly and by the time I orgasmed there would be some in my bladder no matter what.

Then, she said 'It will get better over time, trust me...but in the meantime, why not try to actually enjoy it.'

I walked home thinking she must be fucking joking! What if I peed on a boys hand or on his dick (IF I ever get around to losing it!) OK, I got into the habit of putting a towel on my bed when I wanted to jill off, or doing it in the bath, but it still kept happening.

So, I had a sleepover with my all time best friend. Cathy is someone I can tell anything to and after the usual girly chat about boys, and periods, and make-up I said 'Can I ask you something?' She said sure and then I told her how embarrassed I get when I cum because I always, but ALWAYS pee. I actually started to cry. Cathy slithered out of her bed and into mine and just cuddled me while I got over it. Then she said 'I do it to, well, I used to, but now I only do it when I want to. You will be the same. The best thing is to have sex with someone who likes it too.' I got cross and said 'HUH! Sure, like THAT'S gonna work.' HI, Your nice, want to have sex? Oh, by the way, I'll probably piss on you.' 'Great advice Cathy!'

What happened next blew me away. She just kissed me... long and really passionately. I had no idea she was like that, but I found myself responding. We undressed each other which wasn't hard because we were both only in t shirts and panties and then began exploring each others bodies. Cathy said 'Hang on a minute' and went to my bathroom and came back with a couple of large bath towels which she put on the floor and we carried on there. She fingered me, and I fingered her, but we didn't cum. Finally, she scissored her legs through mine. We were lying 180 degrees to each other and rubbing pussies. DAMN that was horny! The thought that my hole was opposite HER hole was highly erotic for me, and I could feel her pussy slipping around mine. We humped like that and I knew it would make me cum. I said 'Ohh Cathy... better move, I'm gonna cum soon.' She said between gasps 'Oh fuck.. me too.' With that she grunted and I felt it. She cummed AND peed on my pussy... which sent me right off doing the same thing to her. By the time we recovered we were both soaked.

Later, we peed on each other on purpose. IN fact we spent most of that night cumming, peeing, cumming. We had a good lie in the next morning and about 11:00 we made love again...and here's the thing... THIS time, I didnt pee and neither did she.

Since then, I can cum with or without... but I have to be honest and say that for me, it is FAR More erotic when I do!

Since then I have talked to lots of other girls, many of who say they either have or DO pee. Of those that do, practically all say they actually like it, so it made me wonder, how many more of us do this... and how many of us like it?



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