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Liz & I

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I was sleeping over my friend Liz's house for the first time and we started talking about how our bodies have changed, etc.

I asked Liz if she ever touched herself, and she said she did. She asked me if I ever wondered what someone else's body was like? I said I never thought about it.... My mind began to wander and I felt a warm tingling down there begin to build.

We were both quiet for a few minutes, but our breathing began to get heavier and heavier. Finally, Liz said, 'Would you like to look at my body?'

With that, she stood up, removed her nightgown, and laid down in my bed next to me, and she was naked. I didn't know what to do, so Liz took my hand and gently placed it on her breast. At first all I could think of was how wrong this was! I shouldn't be touching another girl like this?!! But then, as I felt her nipple become hard and the soft warmth of her breast underneath it, my curiosity won out.

I softly squeezed each breast, circling her nipples with my finger tips. I could feel goosebumps rise on her body and hear her breathing intensify.Then I started to rub her belly, with my hand going lower and lower....I began to rub the soft hair on her mound, and heard her moan very quietly. Suddenly, she spread her legs, and as I heard the wet juices of her pussy as she opened her legs for me, I finally got the courage to explore Liz.

I never did anything sexually before, and I guess it's something that we're born with because instinct took over.

I brought my hand to Liz's pussy-it was warm, soft and wet. Immediately, I searched for her clit, which was huge!!! I started to slowly circle her clit with my first two fingers and I swear to God, I could feel her building and building....Her soft moans became steady grunts and panting....Her hips were thrusting into my hand, and she was SO wet!! For about three times, she would say, 'I'm so close to cumming!!!!' and I would stop. Dead. I would wait a few minutes and then start circling her clit again until finally she shouted 'Oh Fuck!!', grabbed my hand, held it tight against her slippery, hot, wet, pussy and pumped her pussy against my hand so fast!!! When she came, she held herself against my hand and I could feel her pussy throbbing. She then said it was her turn.

Liz wasted no time on me and was not shy at all. She immediately went for my pussy, which was soaked by now, and stuck two fingers slowly inside of me. I'm a virgin, so she went slowly...and it felt so good!!! While she had her fingers in me going in and out, she rubbed my clit....I didn't know what to make of it! I started bucking my hips and breathing hard. But I didn't come. Liz stopped and what happened next blew my mind.

Liz asked me to sit up and if I trusted her-I said I did. She was facing me and proceeded to pull herself closer to me. Our legs naturally scissored and I could feel the heat from her pussy inches away from my own.

Liz put her arms around me and pulled me close into her. Our breasts were touching, our bellies were touching, and we just held one another. I could feel her heart racing and we were both breathing hard....We pressed our bodies close together until I finally felt our pussies meet.

With that Liz thrust her hips into me so that our cunts almost formed a seal...She then began to somehow move her hips in a circular motion. I could feel her giant clit right up against my own.

I let go of everything, grabbed her back, and yanked her into me...I began to move my hips,and here we were, grinding our pussies together....You could hear it, smell it, and feel it...I felt her wetness, her hair, her soft folds....and then I began to actually hump her. I was pounding her pussy with mine. It sounded like clapping...We did this for a few minutes until I felt something build in me like nothing I've ever known. It felt like the feeling you get when you start to go down a hill on a roller coaster....only in my pussy. I kept pounding my pussy into her body, and then I started cumming.

It started soft and slow, but it built...and it kept building....I couldn't control myself at all!! I began to moan SO LOUD, but I couldn't stop...I just kept cumming. I then thought I was going to pee and tried to stop, but I couldn't!!! My body had taken over a long time ago, and my hips were moving on their own and I kept thrusting and thrusting into Liz's body, when I felt this surge of liquid stream out of me and the most intense sensation of my life. It made me suck my breath in and couldn't even see for a minute...my entire body was having an orgasm. I just shook, and felt this liquid pour from my body. This must've made Liz really turned on because she pulled her pussy closer to mine, started her rubbing it in circles against me again, and then SHE began to moan and yell...but instead of bucking and thrusting like I did, she pressed herself against me so tight, it almost hurt. And I felt her cum- it started with the throbbing feeling, but then it felt like her pussy was sucking my own, and I then felt warm squirts of something coming out of Liz and going into me. Liz was cumming in me..We continued rubbing our pussies together for another few minutes until the feelings began to die down...and then we fell asleep naked next to one another.

I don't know if I can ever top this experience.



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