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Living With Others

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A little drink and a little honesty


When I was young, 20-21 yrs, I roomed with a friend and his family. I was very grateful and had the most respect for them. I pretty well tried to keep to myself as I had my own room and I paid them rent. I only brought girls around when I could not make any other arrangements which was rare.This was a family I was staying with.
I have been masturbating since puberty and at 20-21 I was masturbating very regularly. I would masturbate in the shower in the morning and in the evening before bed. They both had been making off comments about masturbating like "Really gross when guys whack off" and the "rags under the bed could walk away on their own". Implying a guy that masturbates does not clean up his semen very well.
I have always been careful to clean up well after I masturbate, the shower being the cleanest. There was no way they could tell that I was a masturbator. And besides, he probably did too.
One day they came home early from shopping and I had locked the bathroom door. I was masturbating as I heard the lock being tried. I could hear my friends wife, we'll call her Baby, say through the door, "Scotty honey are you in there whacking!?"
I finished showering. I denied masturbating, probably turning three shades of red before moving on. I remembered how gross she said it was.
Fast forward a couple months later and it is a hot summer night. We are all off from work at the same time and drinking. (18 was legal drinking age) We needed more beer. Baby and I were elected. The store was a few miles away and we headed out. We had both been drinking, her more than me. We were about 5 min from the liquor store when she turned to me and said with a big grin on her face " You whack off, don't you!?". Now I'm having difficulty processing information because I have been drinking and now I'm getting immediately horny, with the wrong person! I knew she was feeling no pain because she was really nice. Not so much of that business front that she usually displays.
Uh Oh I was thinking. She is putting the moves on me! I did not think she was like that. "I'd like to see you jack off!" She blurted out as she leaned closer to me and put her hand on my thigh. "I've been thinking about you whacking and I want to see your cock!!" Her inhibitions were gone! We were in the drive through by now. I ordered up an 18 pack of beer and we were on our way back. She took her hand off of my thigh but as she moved her hand back she brushed against my full erection.
I could smell the alcohol on her breath as she leaned over and put her hand down the front of my pants. She unbuttoned my jeans and took my rock hard erection in her hands as I was driving. I heard her cry out in delight Ooh, wow!! "You are as big as my boyfriend!" I was so shocked this was happening. Never did I send out any signals at all that I wanted that woman! Now she is starting to slip her head down into my lap and I ask her what she is doing! " I just have to put your cock in my mouth, it looks so good!!"
Now I'm torn. On one hand I'm thinking I'll never live this down on the other hand I really would like my cock sucked!
I let her get her desires in and she sucked me good as we pulled back in the drive. I buttoned my jeans back up and hoped she would not say anything because she was tipsy. She didn't.
Sometimes we just do not know what others are thinking. What is on their mind. Life resumed the next day and she was back to her all business demeanor. I would never suspect that she wanted to see and suck my cock.



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