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Living With My Partner's Parents

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I'm not really sure where or how to start this story, though what I can say is that these are real occurances over a span of three years. Just to warn you this is kind of a long story.

When I first got together with my girlfriend we were young and studying at the time.. and we decided that it'd be a good idea to move in with her and her family so we could see each other on a regular basis. At first everything seemed really normal around her house and family and stuff, but as months went on I started to pick up on a few things here and there. One of which was that her father (shaun)was a workaholic.. and never spent much time being a family man or a proper husband to my girlfriends mum (Margaret). She on the other hand... was the complete opposite, very caring and involved herself in family as much as she could. She was in her early 40's and was an attractive lady for her age.

Over some time, I began to realise how badly the neglect was and the effect that it had on Margaret. For 10 hrs of the day Shaun would be out of the house working, and once he gets home he jumps right on the laptop and begins more work before sleeping. Margaret was a stay at home mum, looking after my girlfriends younger brother.. in which her normal day would be taking her son to school, going to the gym for a few hrs, and then spending the remainder of the day hanging around the house alone. Some of these days it was just me and Margaret at home, while my girlfriend was at work or school. It was during these days that I began to observe what I found was her masturbating.

Each of the situations where I saw something, it was completely accidental. It started one day when I returned home from the shops, and came through the side door which was closest to my room. I don't believe she heard anyone come home, because as I walked past her bedroom door, it was open slightly and I could see she had just taken a shower and had a towel around her while laying on her bed. She was a proper sort of lady, so she would never leave her door open on purpose knowing someone was home. I took a glance through the door as I was walking past and I saw that her hand was in the towel making swirling motions. At first I thought she was just scratching herself or something, though when I returned to my room and a few minutes past, I heard a deep breath and a few loudish grunts. I knew what had just happened, but went on with things and decided to forget what took place that day.

The next time wasn't until a few months later. I was once again returning home from paying bills down at the local shops, and came through the side door as I always did. As I was walking down the hall I noticed she was doing something strange. She had her hands on the kitchen counter and she had lifted herself slightly on the corner of the table.. kind of lifting and pushing against it repeatedly. I startled her as I walked in, and I saw her neck and face was flushed.. which she then tried to ease the situation by asking me if I had had lunch yet. I acted as if I had saw nothing said 'yes I have thanks' and politely went to my room.

A few more weeks past until I began to notice how regularly she was masturbating, and it was a lot. I know that she and her husband rarely if ever had sex, and it must be getting the better of her. The next occasion, I had come home from work early, and walked into the kitchen. From there I could see through the lounge room door which never closes properly. Margaret was sitting on the couch wathing tv and I saw her hand in the side of her gym shorts. She didn't know I had came home early, and for some reason I kept watching this time.. I know it was wrong of me.. but for some reason I needed to watch it that time. While I was watching I could occasionally hear the wet crackling sound that her vagina made as she swirled inside her shorts, and her jaw would slacken now and then. After a couple of mintutes of this she came and her legs stiffened and jolted twice as she grunted.

I also noticed another strange habit of Margaret's over the years of living with her. I would sometimes see her smelling my girlfriends underware. Se would feel them with her fingers first, followed by smelling. She would usually do this the days we did our washing.. Though I found it quite strange and decided to bring it up with my girlfriend, which she then told me that her mum had been doing that with her underware since she was about 14, and didn't know why dhe does it.

There is much more that has taken place that I probably should share with you here. But I'll have to leave that for another time. Thanks for reading.



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