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Living With Mike and Moving

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My short time living with Mike and a setup for the most erotic experience I had as a teen. It's a long set up but I think necessary for the next story.


As I mentioned in my first story I grew up on a dairy farm in the midwest. During my freshman year of highschool my Dad got sick of being a 'farmer' and sold our operation to Mikes family and planned to move us to California. After much begging and pleading it was decided I'd stay until my freshman year was over and live with Mikes family while continuing to work on our old farm to pay my way.

It was great living with Mike. We shared a room and I took his older brother Dans bed since he moved out the previous summer when he joined the Navy. We jacked off a lot together the first few months, both using the others techniques on each other and even exploring with kissing which didn't really do anything for either of us. As time passed the novelty wore off and we went back to jacking ourselves. We got so comfortable with each other that I could be reading a book while he jacked off before going to sleep. (I often wonder if this is what brothers do) We did try to plan a circle jerk with Kenny and Steven but it never worked out, the timing was always off.

In mid April of my freshman year my Dad showed up out of the blue and said he and Mom had decided that I would be flying back with him to Calif in two days. He and Mom had decided it would be in my 'best interests', to use his exact words, to finish my school year in my new school to make friends. I was pissed beyond belief and seriously thought about running away. Instead I decided to be as much of a grump as possible and not make friends with anyone just to prove them wrong.

My last night with Mike was sad. He was the best friend I'd had my whole life and we were being torn apart with hardly any notice. We had one last jo together and said we'd be friends forever, keep in touch, visit each other when we could, etc. We cried a bit and slept together for the first time since we were little.


After hugs and tears we left for the airport early on a Thursday morning. My plan was to give my parents the silent treatment and I didn't say anything to my Dad until we got to LAX where I blew up in the airport cussing him out hoping to get an angry reaction but all he did was look at me with sad eyes. He told me it wouldn't be so bad. There were a few guys on our street my age and they knew I was coming and looking forward to meeting me. I told him I wouldn't make friends with anyone, the new kid always has problems, especially mid school year.

We pulled into my new houses drive late afternoon. It was on a cul-de-sac on the end. Next door there were five guys playing basketball in the drive, two were obviously twins and younger than me, the other three were about my age I guessed. A surfer looking guy with longish blond hair, a tall skinny guy with really dark black hair and pale skin, and a guy best described as a nerd. They stopped their game as I got out of our truck and stared. I gave them a head nod and got a couple back and they went back to their game. Dad said they were the guys he told me about and I made some comment about how they stared at me like I was a freak or something. Mom came out and hugged me saying she missed me, etc. So much for the silent treatment, I couldn't be mean to my Mom, I loved her too much. I told her I was mad, and tired, and just wanted to go to bed. I went up to my new room, still with all my stuff boxed up like I requested, and crashed until the next morning.

Friday I got up late and started to unpack my stuff and set up my room. I didn't hear the doorbell and Mom let Cory in and sent him upstairs. I was startled to see the surfer standing in my doorway saying a tentative 'hey'. All my notions of being an ass to everyone went out the window in a heartbeat. I don't know why but I was immediately attracted to this guy. I'd never felt that way before or ever again but I had a lustful feeling. He was an inch or so shorter than my 5'7', I'm guessing about 140 lb. Hair in the stereotypical surfer cut, kind of long but above the shoulders, and sunbleached blonde. Piercing blue eyes, perfectly straight white teeth, a peachfuzz moustache and sideburns, obviously not shaving yet, no hint of ever having acne and golden tan skin. He just eminated some kind of charisma, you couldn't NOT like him.

He introduced himself saying he lived right next door and had heard a lot about me from my parents. He'd ditched school to show me around, if I wanted. I said sure, after I set up my room. He offered to help and I couldn't say no. During this he found my porn stash asking if I was willing to trade, he'd give me one later for one he picked out, stuffing it in the back of his pants as we left to take a tour of the town.

He showed me around the neighborhood pointing out Kevin and Ian's houses, the other older guys I saw playing basketball. The twins were Ians yoiunger brothers. We went to the beach, out on the pier, and to my new highschool where I picked up my schedule. He introduced me to a few people we passed as his new buddy which made me feel good. He'd hoped we'd see Kevin or Ian but we'd meet them later anyway.

Back home he gave me a tour of his house which I was very impressed with. His parents owned a small chain of appliance stores and they had tv's and stereos all over the place. Added on to the back of the house was a large family room, almost like an apartment. A small kitchen and bar, pool table, sitting area and the largest tv I'd ever seen in my life, with a vcr which was new at the time along with cable which we didn't have where I grew up. Out in back was a pool with an attached jacuzzi!

Up in Corys room it was like a bomb went off. Clothes all over the floor, stuff piled on the dresser and desk, posters of Daisy Duke and Farah Fawcet crooked on the wall, and various skin mags piled on his nightstand with a bottle of baby oil. I couldn't believe he could get away with that, let alone be so obvious about it. He said to pick whatever mag I wanted as trade. Then asked if I wanted to go swim. I said sure but that I'd have to go get my trunks. He said hold on, he had some that would probably fit me and kicked around at the piles on the floor until he found a few pair, one for him one for me.

He asked if I was 'dick shy' which I'd never heard before. He explained that I could either change in his room or use the bathroom if I was shy. I'd changed around tons of guys and didn't care and told him so and started to strip. So did he, revealing the most perfect body I'd ever seen, akin to Michealangelos statue of David. Perfect muscle tone, golden tan all over except where he wore a speedo (he was on the swim team at school), a light line of hair in his armpits and a small trail from his navel down to his pubes. The hair on his arms and legs bleached from the sun and light brown pubes like mine. And what I found interesting was both our dicks looked exactly the same, right down to the vein visible at the base and then curling around to the bottom near the end. He noticed mine too and made comment how similar they were. I don't know how I didn't pop a woodie. We finished changing and swam for about an hour until Ian and Kevin showed up.

The nerdy looking guy was introduced as Croys best friend Kevin. They'd known each other forever growing up in the neighborhood together. He was as different than Cory as night and day are. He seemed rather bland, not outgoing, kind of quiet. Didn't seem to have any muscle tone, short brown hair, Buddy Holly style glasses, a touch of acne. As time went on we didn't become close. More friends because he was Corys. I at first thought he might be a bit 'daisy' (our midwest term for gay) but he never seemed to have any desire sexually, either for girls or guys. The only thing we had in common was our love of baseball and old cars. Once in a great while he'd open up and could be extremely funny, but those instances were few and far between.

Ian was the tall skinny one, pushing 6', with the twin brothers Terry and Tommy. Introduced to me as the 'Brit', he moved to Cali several years earlier from England. Ian was to be my closest friend through my highschool years and we hit it off quickly having many common interests and tastes. We shared gym class so I saw Ian naked my first day at school. (showers were mandatory back then) He told the coach there were lots of empty lockers in his row and I picked one next to his.

What struck me about Ian was how black his hair was. Almost to the point it looked fake. In the sun it gave off an almost purple glow. Also was the amount of hair below his beltline. His upper body was almost devoid of hair, other than his armpits. Just a few around his areola. But below the waist he was covered down to his feet, almost like his upper body and lower were from two different people. All over, butt and all, and just as black as the hair on his head.

Also, he wasn't circumcised. I'd seen many uncut guys before but none were my friends. Flacid he was about 3' long like me. His white dick and hairless balls standing out against the black hair covering everything else. And the skin hanging off the end piqued my curiosity. It looked to be about an inch long and I wondered if he filled it up when hard. Just curiosity though, I'd always wondered what it would be like to have a foreskin.

Time went on and I became fast friends with Cory and Ian, and Kevin too to some degree. Cory had this easy going open attitude and always seemed happy. His motto was, if it feels good, do it. He was very open and had no problem putting his arm over your shoulders in friendship or wrestling with some good natured groping. I lusted for him and was kind of confused at my reaction but got use to it. I jacked off to fantasies of him and I together like Mike and I use to do but never broached the subject with him.

Ian and I slept over at each others often. He was open enough to allow me to sleep in his bed with him and I secretly desired to examine his dick but also never brought it up, not knowing him for long.

Kevin and I did ok together. As summer came he rarely wore shorts and only took his shirt off to swim. I figured he was shy or embarrassed about his body, which really wasn't all that much to look at. Also, he wore his underwear under his swimsuit. Even the kind with inner netting. Which I found odd.

Anyway, that's enough of a setup for the next story. Sorry it's so long but I feel it helps to set up what was the most erotic experience I ever had with my buddies in my high school years.



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