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Living Our Fantasies at Last!

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Bart and I were roommates in college, and only later realized we both fantasized masturbating together.


This is a very simple story. My friend and I had roomed together in college, and although we masturbated, we always did it in private and hardly ever talked about. A couple of years after, I visited him for a few days at his own apartment in another city. The second night were were up late talking, and the subject went to girlfriends and sex-we were both much more experienced now. He had a pretty hot and adventurous girlfriend, and they had done a few kinky things he told me about. I told him some of my kinks and fantasies, and then he said,

'You know, I've always fantasized masturbating in front of another guy. Remember one time you opened the bathroom door and I was playing with myself in the bathtub?'

I blushed. I had seen it, but just shut the door and we never talked about it.

'Well,' he said, 'after that I always fantasized that you watched me masturbate. It turned me on a whole lot to think about it.'

'Oh, wow!' I said, 'I remember that, it was SO embarrassing, but I used to imagine watching you cum! ....and that we'd both be naked in the bathroom jacking off!'

'Yeah,' he said, 'me too. I sometimes would get the urge to let you see me naked, and that would make me excited. Actually a couple of times I purposely left clothes in the living room so I would have to get them naked, in front of you!'

'Really? That was on purpose?? I have a confession, then! You know sometimes I'd come out to the kitchen through the living room naked before bed, for a glass of water? Well, that turned me on, too, and I'd go back into bed and masturbate over it.'

His hands were on his crotch, and I could see he was hard. I felt my cock pushing against my pants, too.

'Man, I'm so scared to do it, though. I don't think I could.' I said.

'How come?' he said.

'I'm afraid what people would think, I guess. Afraid they would think I'm gay.' I said.

'Man, we could do it right now, and nobody would ever know but us.' he said.

'Oh my god, I don't know.' I was shaking, and could hardly breathe.

'Look, we both know about each other now, already. So why don't we just do what we wanted for so long?' he said.

'I don't know....it's kind of weird.' I said.

'Yeah, I know, I'm kind of scared to, too,' he said. Then he said, 'Lots of guys want to but never would admit it. You just told me how you wished you'd stayed in the bathroom. And we both got off exposing ourselves.

We got real silent, except for the pounding of our hearts.

Then he said, 'Come on! Let's at least get naked. When I count three I'm going to take off my clothes, and you do it too! One.....two...' He stood up and began to unbutton his pants. 'Three! And he stripped right there, and his cock was bobbing. Oh god....it was just like I'd remembered and fantasized about so many times since we had roomed together. Only now it was stiffer, and getting hard.

I got up and began to strip. Actually, I'd turned away to take my clothes off, and as I was doing it I felt awesome heat rising between my legs, and my cock getting very hard. I don't think I'd felt this way, so hot, ever. And when I turned around he was on the couch, legs spread, and stroking.

'Show me,' he said, and I walked in front of him.

We both began masturbating, and I don't remember if another word was said before we both were about to cum and I saw his stomach flexing and tensing and bent my legs stroking harder and harder. He came first, gobs and gobs that didn't shoot but covered his hand with cum. And mine shot powerfully out of my loins and onto his naked body.

We collapsed for a few minutes, gently playing with our tender cocks. He was covered in cum, mine and his, and suddenly laughed and said he had to shower. I sat naked in the living room, still turned on by everything that was happening. I heard the shower stop, and in a few moments he was out in the living room again in just a towel, still damp, and semi erect behind the towel.

Suddenly, another fantasy, one I hadn't told him, burst into my mind, an overwhelming urge to touch him, had to play with him, to feel his cock in my hands. I didn't have to say a word, he just walked over to me and dropped his towel, and my hands gently cupped his balls and cock. I suddenly wasn't nervous, but was calm, intense, feeling every subtle vein and ripple of skin, responding to every tightening of his legs, release of breath, my god, it was as if I'd jacked him many times before, I knew every feeling he was having, every place to touch, when to be hard, when to be soft.

He locked his elbows with his hands on my shoulders and let me pleasure and torture him for, an endless long time before finally I couldn't hold back, I wanted him to cum so bad I stroked hard and long until his whole body tensed and his cock began pumping more gobs of cum dripping over my hands onto the carpet. Then he collapsed on the floor in front of me, and I took my cock and stroked it, right in front of his eyes, quickly, swiftly, uncontrollably cumming in less than a minute.

We had a bunch of things planned for those days, but we only did a few of them, because we'd rush back to the apartment with throbbing cocks, to be naked together one more time.



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