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Live-in Mother in Law

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I had an experience with my mother in law last summer that I will absolutely never forget. I've always fantasized about various older women in my life (particularly my big bosomed Aunt when I was a teen...) but never thought I would be able to fulfill my dreams. I also suspected (and wrongly so) that 'older woman' don't have much of a sex drive so even if I ever did find someone I was attracted to that she likely wouldn't be interested.

My mother in law and I are quite close. She is a very nice lady, college educated and was married for 31 years before she realized her husband had been cheating on her for ages and she finally got up the nerve to file for divorce. My wife and I live in a big home with plenty of room and graciously offered for Helen to stay with us. The first few months or so was pretty awkward, with her dealing with the divorce proceedings and all of us getting used to living under the same roof together.

While my wife isn't frigid, she certainly isn't insatiable when it comes to sex. So trying to avoid 'making noise' so 'Mom wouldn't hear' wasn't really a problem. We usually have conventional sex (me on top, or from behind) a few times a month, and I may be lucky enough to get a few handjobs in between. The rest of the time (like every day) I satisfy myself through masturbation (in the shower, after wife is asleep, etc.). I have been a daily wanker since I was 15, even when I was getting regular sex.

One evening my wife was out at a showing (she works in real estate) and then had a late staff meeting, so she wasn't due home until 11. Helen and I enjoyed dinner and some wine, and then she headed off to her room to change for the night and I to my study (across the hall from the guestroom) to sort through the mail and pay some bills. Now Helen is anything but a 'stunning beauty'. She is 62 years old, and a bit on the plump side. She has very large breasts (which I LOVE) that surprisingly are still quite firm and not a bad ass (wide but well rounded) for a gal her age. She has lovely green eyes, a nice enough smile, and is always dressed impeccably.

As I sat at my desk and began getting my paperwork together, I glanced out of the corner of my eye and not only was my study door open (which was normal), but the guest bedroom door was as well (which was not). I could very clearly see across the hall and into the bedroom and my mother in law with her back to me, obviously beginning to unbutton her white, long sleeve blouse. I was in semi-shock, and an instant state of arousal, as she removed the blouse and then unbuttoned her black slacks, pulled down the zipper in the back, and stepped out of them. I had a direct view of her in just her bra and girdle (both white) from behind.

I was frozen where I sat, and this had taken only a matter of seconds. Helen quickly turned around and her eyes met mine; I was scared and embarrassed, and hoped deeply she wouldn't get upset. She didn't. She simply took a few steps towards the door while smiling at me, and just before gently pushing it shut she laughed and said, 'You're naughty!'

My cock was throbbing in my pants and I had the image of Helen in her lingerie burned in my mind. Wild, erotic thoughts flashed through my mind, but I quickly put them aside when I realized it was my mother-in-law I was thinking about. I was about to go back to my bills when her door opened and she emerged in her pajamas (pale blue, men's style - not unusual as she typically wore these in the evening). She stuck her head in the door and asked me if I had a few minutes to chat, and when I said I did we went down the hall and into the living room. Helen ducked into the kitchen and returned with 2 glasses of wine and handed me one. I had no idea what she wanted to talk about, but during her time with us after the divorce I had always lent an ear, and was a good listener for her.

We both sat on the couch and she smiled at me and said, 'John, I haven't had a man look at me like you did a few minutes ago for years. You looked like your tongue was going to hit the floor. I have to tell you I am VERY flattered.' She went on to tell me how she and her husband hadn't had sex in almost 2 years before the divorce, and began spilling out her feelings; how she missed the intimacy of a man, how a woman her age is still very sexually aware and active, and how she had become bored of 'taking matters into her own hands' (this said with a mischievous grin and some blushing). I was stunned that my mother in law of all people was sitting on the couch with me, telling me how she misses sex and essentially that she masturbates (although she didn't use that word).

I took a big gulp of my drink. I had no idea where this was going - until she said, 'John, please be honest with me. Did you become aroused when you saw me in my underthings?' I looked at her, and saw that she had a twinkle in her eyes, and I told her that she was a very attractive woman, and that I did in fact 'become aroused'. She and I both laughed nervously, and after a few seconds of awkward silence she said in a very low voice, almost a whisper, 'Would you like to take another look?' Things began to move fast, and it was almost if I were a detached observer. Without any response from me, Helen sat forward and turned her hips to face me, and began to unbutton her pajama top. When she reached the bottom button, she pulled it open, revealing her bra-encased breasts. She slowly and sensually removed the top and dropped it on the floor. My cock was raging in my pants, and as I shifted to try to discreetly adjust myself Helen blatantly stared at my crotch and smiled. 'So you DO like, huh?'

I nodded my head and she stood up, and as she did so she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her bottoms, slid them down and kicked them off. She stood before me with her hands on her hips; her nipples were hard and pressed against the lacy material of her bra, and I glanced between her legs and could make out her mound. Helen encouraged me to join her in taking off my clothes, as she felt a bit embarrassed 'doing it by herself'. I quickly pulled off my shirt and shorts, and the tent in my boxers was obvious. I settled back on the couch, and Helen plopped down next to me, her right thigh pressed against mine, and she leaned towards me. 'Let's have a little fun, honey. Just me and you, just this once, OK? Our secret, promise?' Again, I just nodded my head.

I reached over and began to fondle her breasts thru her bra, which elicited moans from her. In a flash she sat forward, unsnapped her bra and tossed it aside. Her breasts were gorgeous (although they sagged quite a bit with her bra off...); the nipples were ENORMOUS, and pink, and very hard. I played with them with my hands and lips, and whispered to her that I wanted to see her play with herself. She needed little encouragement; her hand went down between her legs and she rubbed vigorously thru her panties, moaning and bucking her hips; I was incredulous. I couldn't believe that a woman in her 60s could be that horny. I was so completely turned on I thought I would cum without being touched. As I continued to play with her tits, her hand went inside her panties, and then she pulled away from me, stood up, and yanked them off - she was in a complete state of arousal and horniness.

As she threw her panties aside I saw all her naked glory; she had an incredibly thick patch of black pubic hair (I guess the old school gals don't get into shaving or trimming, which was fine by me). Her ass was white, big and smooth. She went to sit back down, but I grabbed her legs and had her stand in front of me. I moved my hand into her bush and found her lips; full, very meaty and very inviting. As I spread them apart I saw her clitoris was VERY prominent, probably the biggest I have seen. I began flicking it with my fingers. In no time she was screaming, her legs shaking violently (I thought she was going to crush my hand) and she was cumming - loud and hard.

She collapsed on the couch, and after her breathing subsided she told me how WONDERFUL that had felt. I was idly stroking my cock, through my underwear, and she reached over and into the slit and pulled it out. She began to masturbate me, and looking down at her tits pressed against my torso and her grayish-brown hair I was so horny I thought I would die. After several minutes of stroking I was oozing all kinds of pre-cum, and then Helen adjusted her body so my cock was pressed between her tits. She began stroking my cock up and down against her tits, and in no time I was on the edge. I told her I was about to cum, and she smiled at me and said, 'Show me honey, show me how horny you are and shoot it all over my boobs'. That was 'dirty talk' for me, and I unleashed. My cum splashed all over her chest and neck and breasts, 4-5 thick strong milky streams, the best orgasm I had had in years.

Helen rubbed it all over her chest and literally purred and smiled at me. She stood up, leaned over and gave me and incredibly passionate French kiss and told me how wonderful I was for 'helping her out'. She grabbed all her clothes off the floor and disappeared into the bathroom, where she showered and came out 30 minutes later. We had a long talk about the need to keep our little encounter private, and the ramifications if anyone (esp my wife/her daughter) found out. We have enjoyed 2 other brief encounters since, both involving just watching each other masturbate, which for both of us has been incredibly satisfying.

Love to hear other mother-in-law stories from other guys. Keep em coming!



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