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Little Snippets of Masturbation

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A history of my masturbation experiences with my wife and also includes my own experiences (some events my wife is aware of, definately not others!). Quite long, but I hope you enjoy the individual events and are aroused. I invite other readers to send in their little snippets of masturbatory experiences.


How and where I 'did it'!


Wanking countless times whilst looking at images and videos on computer until cumming. I usually start with images of women dressed in skirts and dresses with lingerie, especially hold-up's and pantyhose. Then onto video's of straight sex between couples or threesomes, but my biggest turn-on are single or two females masturbating each other or themselves using toys or fingers, the sound of heavy breathing and the moment of orgasm in the form of a stifled scream or grunt is as important as image. I use this method to edge, sometimes for two or three hours until exploding more cum than usual.

I usually just spurt onto my stomach and then mop up with a tissue or towel. Sometimes though I like to slip a condom on as the tightness is arousing and to fill it is less messy afterwards.

Wanking to sexy scenes in films whilst rewinding tape or on the hard drive of my recorder until cumming. (I have a favourite, an old french film where the main character, a gorgeous and sexy woman, unknowingly seduces the wheelchair bound teenage son of a friend, who she visits regularly, reading him stories. One visit she arrives soaked and as she takes off her coat and her nipples are hard under her tight top, and you can see his reaction. Her friend suggests she gets out of her wet clothes and puts on a thin robe. Whilst reading him stories she crosses her legs and her thighs are exposed. His eyes dart backwards and forwards from her eyes to her thighs and he starts squirming in his chair, she must know what effect she is having on him as she continues reading in her sexy voice, until the robe slips so far back that she exposes her panties to him and he gasps and obviously cums in his pants.

Wanking countless times alone on my bed, playing sexual images in my mind of great times with my wife or fantasise about other women I have met. This is usually a quickie in the morning.

Wanking many times in the past on the bed with my wife next to me, whilst fingering her, or playing with her breasts or feeling her buttocks, trying to make us come off at the same time.

Something similar is when I also enjoy kneeling beside her at night whilst she is lying in bed reading, and creep my right hand under the duvet, rubbing her thighs gently, easing up to her nightie and rubbing her pussy until she gets wet. (By this time my cock is hard and I am wanking with my left hand) She opens her legs when she gets aroused allowing me to slip my middle finger in, whilst rubbing her button with my thumb. I would perhaps introduce my index finger and really fuck and rub her hard until she gasps and shakes pulling my hand into her, at this time I would explode onto a tissue or straight onto the carpet.

The most arousing thing about these sessions are they are done in complete silence, until our breathing gets laboured then heavy, culminating in gasps and grunts, lovely!!


Holiday time is good because you can relax and get more horny without the stresses of work etc.

Years ago on caravan holidays, without the kids, wanking standing up in the day, looking out of the window (net curtains) whilst my wife was getting some milk from the site shop. Watching people walk past (they couldn't see in) and shooting cum in several jets. The great erotic thing about this was the fact I was having an orgasm feet away from strangers!

Other caravan and joint events I have submitted in Solo Touch under the title on My Wife and I, just search My Wife and I and you will find them.

Another time in the caravan shower (there were many) where, in complete silence again, I crept in and fingered my wife through the thin plastic curtain, (I was fully clothed), before she came off she told me to get my clothes off and get under the water. I did, and rubbed my hard cock, with the aid of soap, in the middle of her lovely buttocks, whilst fingering her hard. We both exploded together.

Another caravan holiday it was in the autumn, so cold at night. We were watching tv and my wife said she was cold. So I unzipped my trousers and said warm your hands up in here! She put her hand in and I gasped at the cold hand gripping my semi hard cock. Immediately I became hard, and she rubbed my warm pole getting her hand warmer, and eventually pulled my cock out of my trousers and gave me a great hand job, whilst squeezing my balls with the other hand (warming that up too!)

Another holiday in a villa. Wife having a shower one morning, I was naked and horny. Opened the bathroom door quietly, and looking through the frosted glass panel, saw her rubbing her flannel over her breasts (36dd), her nipples were aroused. I was now hard and wanking. Then she started rubbing the cloth between her legs whilst her head was back and her eyes closed. This was one of the rare times I saw my wife masturbate, as she dropped the cloth and rubbed her pussy with her fingers. By this time I was pumping hard and as she gasped and stifled a moan, her legs buckling I came on the floor in several jets. I left before she saw me, but knew I had been in there as she saw my trail of sperm, but she wasn't a bit concerned and admitted she had got turned on by the thought of my getting off with her, but unknown at the time, if you see what I mean?


Now before I go on, I don't expose myself to anyone, whilst the thought is exciting, I don't believe it is fair or legal to show ones genitals to a stranger without there consent. These few episodes are when I was in a highly aroused state and needed to get off.

Firstly though with my wife, in a car years ago, warm summers day, had been to the seaside, happy and horny, and on the way back thought it would be good to rub her over her shorts to see if I could get her aroused enough so we could fuck later. I remember rubbing her gently for miles and miles (probably a good hour), in between roundabouts and keeping proper control of the car of course! When we were quite close to home, we were travelling along a minor road, with my hand between her legs, the crotch of her shorts was now warm and moist, and suddenly a runner came into view on the nearside up ahead, and just as we moved up to him my wife suddenly gasped and pulled my hand hard into her pussy on top of her shorts, her legs tightened on my hand and she shook with orgasm just as we passed this guy. Wow, obviously she timed it just right. I wonder what the image was on my wifes face as she flashed past the runner?

I get very horny some days and when I am out working, travelling in my car from job to job, I have pulled over in one particular spot in England, which is a long quiet road, so I can see forwards and behind, and pulled my cock out rubbing it hard, then enjoying the stimulus of being out in the open, with the sun warming me up with the occasional car coming past, enhanced if a woman driving, and coming off into a tissue. I have done this three times in this spot over the last year or so.

Another place I used to come off in regularly was a quiet country park. Aroused I used to rub myself over my trousers until hard, then carefully pull it out and wank away whilst looking around watching for people walking there dogs. Because of the excitement and fear of getting caught I used to cum pretty quick but always spurted well.

Another time I was returning home in the dark and suddenly had the urge to wank. I pulled into a layby on a busy road, with cars flashing by all the time. Rubbed hard over the trouser, pulled out and enjoyed my exposure and the visibility of my cock in the cars headlights, always spurting well.

I can't remember the amount of times I have rubbed my cock whilst driving in the car in the dark, and although it may be dangerous, cumming at the wheel is the most exciting feeling as you tense up and keep driving carefully. Also seeing other drivers come towards you as you ejaculate is a turn on.

In Cyprus on holiday I had left my wife by the hotel pool and went for a walk along the seashore, passing couples and single women sunbathing, some women were topless, and this was arousing. Further down the beach it became less crowded with hardly anyone in sight, and it was getting rocky and the cliffs overhung, with no one in sight. By this time I was semihard in my shorts so I stood back against the cliff face, looked left and right and pulled my cock out and wanked till I was hard, at one time a guy came past from nowhere and I had to turn round quickly and pull my shorts over my hard, but luckily or perhaps unluckily, (I have some bi curiosity in me!) he just carried on. I came quickly after that, running into the water to wash off my sperm!

A few years ago a neighbour friend of my wife's asked us to look after the house whilst they were away on holiday. They have an 18 year old daughter who, with her boyfriend, went with them. I know it sounds wrong but having watched her grow up into a lovely young woman I found her arousing to look at with long blonde hair, a good body, 36a breasts (I was to discover!), a bum to die for and legs up to there!

So one day my wife asked me to check on the house as she was busy making cakes or something, and I drove over and entered the house and checked everything was okay, it was. But before I left I had a desire to check on the daughters room and aroused I entered her bedroom and looked in her wardrobe and drawers. I discovered some very sexy lacy thongs and silky underwear, including discovering her breast size! I admit to picking out one particular pair of panties, silky material with lovely lacey edges. I pulled out my hard cock, put the crotch part against my cock head and wrapped the rest around my shaft and balls and wanked away whilst putting another pair (clean) to my nose, smelling the clean washed smell, but thinking her pussy had been where my mouth was, and I came oh boy, did I cum. I replaced them in the drawer and left the house shaking. Very arousing and very naughty I know.

Finally as I could go on all day! Last year my sister-in-law went on holiday with her partner, a female (they have been together for years), and asked us to look after the house, which was unusual as they hadn't asked before, but of course agreed. (I became aroused at the thought of discovering my sister-in-laws underwear following the incident with the neighbours daughter panties.)

My sister-in-law is very attractive, late forties, with a good figure. Brunette and a 38b breast (I discovered!) and size 18 panties.

I had an occasion to go to the house on my own, and already horny, went straight to the bedroom which they share, and discovered my sister-in-laws drawers on one side of the bed, with thongs, very good quality, lacey and pretty transparent front panels, and lovely sets of lingerie, again nice quality bra's, and her partner (the dominant one) wore full panties with little or no lacey panels and dull plain bra's!

I was excited at discovering my sister-in-laws underwear, but had images of them together and thought they must have some toys or items to help them come off. I opened the bottom drawer of my sis-in-laws side which contained some sheer nighties and felt underneath and discovered four sex toys. One eight inch solid dildo with balls which looks like they had been using anally (don't ask!), the other was a vibrator which I can only describe as a monster, probably nine inches but very thick and knarled with lots of protruding veins, and then a foot long rubber dildo shaped with a cockhead at each end and finally a brown rabbit, rubber with a clit stimulator. I admit to smelling each one to see if I could smell my sister-in-laws pussy, but unfortunately they only gave off a stale rubbery smell. However, I was more than aroused at this point and I lay on the double bed, wrapped a lacey thong on my hard cock and wanked away whilst smelling the long dildo, thinking of my sister-in-law and her partner plunging this into there pussies, with there legs wrapped around each other whilst cumming! I spurted a good load into the thong but it was so lacey that it poured through the material and onto my hand! I replaced it carefully in the drawer with the others, the thought of my dried sperm against my sister-in-laws pussy was exciting. Now when I see her I think of her in a very different light!

I hope you have enjoyed some more of my masturbatory experiences, which I hope you realise are all true (even I couldn't invent all these stories!) Please feel free to comment, and apologise if I have offended anyone with the content, but I enjoy masturbation and live for ejaculation as it is the best feeling I believe the human being can ever enjoy, and hope I can continue shooting, (okay dribbling!) sperm until I die.

Thanks for reading.



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