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Little Sister in the Closet

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After reading the story about the girl hiding in the closet in the trailer park, I have to share this true one about what happened when my first girlfriend (at fifteen) told her younger sister about our sex play.

My girlfriend (we'll call her 'Heather') told me she had told her younger (thirteen at the time) sister (we'll call her 'Megan') about sex, and that Megan wanted to see a guy ejaculate!

Heather and I had vowed not to have intercourse, but eventually began getting each other off 'by hand'. It was this act, that little sister wanted to know all about!

Heather's mom worked, and didn't get home for about an hour and a half after school, so Heather asked me if I would come over and let her jack me off, with her sister hiding in her closet!

At first I told her no way, but after thinking about it for a couple of days, the idea began to get me really turned on; so turned on that one afternoon while thinking about it, I got hard and had to masturbate. When I did, I imagined doing it like Heather wanted, with her sister 'hiding' in the closet. I was in in my parents den with the TV on when I did it, and didn't want to get any cum on the furniture or the carpet, so I did it in my hand. The fantasy was so erotic and my orgasm so intense that I knew I had to go through with it!

I didn't even have to tell Heather I wanted to either, because she asked me again the next day, telling me her little sis wouldn't stop bugging her! So I told her I would, but I had football practice the rest of the week and couldn't come over after school.

Her mom usually went shopping on Saturday morning, and I could come over then; that she would call me.

All week I couldn't stop thinking about Saturday, and as much as I wanted to, I wasn't going to masturbate until then.

I'll never forget that Saturday morning. Heather called and said 'So, can you come over? I think I need to do something to you' She didn't say anything more, and I didn't ask; I just headed out the door, and down to the trailer park!

My Heather was really cute; with reddish hair and 'perky' boobs. Both her and blonde sister Megan were short and, although not as pretty as big sis, Megan was cute too but really small for her age and more of a 'tom-boy'.

I could feel my heart beating faster as I knocked on the door; Heather opened it and was still in her nighty. I could see her bare and beautiful titties, jiggling under the cotton gown. My hand went to her lower waist; she had no panties on. I felt myself starting to bulge, as she led me immediately to her bedroom.

Pushing me back onto her bed, she said 'Why don't you get ready, while I brush my teeth'. The bed faced the small connecting bathroom; her closet to my right.

Not really knowing if her sister was actually in the closet was the exciting part! All I knew was that the closet door was in fact not completely closed; it was open about half an inch!

Heather left the bathroom door open too, as she proceeded to brush her teeth. I did as requested and started to fondle my crotch through my pants, and then unzipped them and stuck my hand in.

With my heart poundng and eyes closed, I pushed my pants and underwaer down to my thighs, exposing my stiff penis and imagining that Megan was in fact not only seeing a boner for the first time, but looking at mine!

By the time Heather was rinsing her mouth, I was slowly stroking my fully erect dick.

Heather bounced onto the bed on my left, playfully saying 'Oh my, what do we have here? ..Can I do that for you?'

I uttered 'Uh huh' as my teen friend took over; beating me off to a much faster pace.

'Have you been a good boy, and not done this all week?', she coyly asked. I uttered another 'Uh huh'. 'Then you need to cum; I love making my baby squirt!'

I'm circumcised and probably a little bigger than average. I'm seven inches now, and was probably close to that back then. But on that morning, in Heather's small but loving hand, I flet like my dick was a foot long!

Adding to my pleasure was the fact that when I rolled my head to the left and opened my eyes, I could see her right titty down the top of her nighty; its pink and puffy nipple shaking with her movements!

It was no time at all until I was not only going to 'squirt', but that nothing else seemed to matter; I didn't care if Megan was watching or not; I was consumed with the immensely pleasurable sensation, concentrated at the head of my penis. It felt like it was going to explode, and it soon did!

Knowing I was past the point of no return, I pulled up my T-shirt. 'Let it go baby', Heather whispered, as she feverishly pounded away. Then it was 'OMG!', as the first spurt of cum flew onto my chest, followed by a flurry of jizz, flinging in every direction! 'You really did cum!'

I lay panting and spent as Heather got up to get a washcloth. I looked down at my redened dick; it was still hard and throbbing slighty; a thin string of cum connecting it to the puddle that covered my navel.

After wiping me off, Heather told me to go home and shower, and meet her at the park (just up the street and a place where we often met). There, she met me about a half hour later, and with a smile from ear to ear!

'Was Megan in the closet?' I asked.

'She was sitting next to me when I called you'

'But was she in the closet?'

'She sure was!' (smile)

'Did she see us?'

'She sure did!' (smile)

'Did she like it?'

'She LOVED it!' (bigger smile)

Megan was much more affectionate to me after that; she'd always give me big hugs. Heather told me about a month later, that Megan said she had masturbated while watching us; that she hadn't planned on it, but couldn't help herself; that it was 'too exciting'. Nothing else was ever said, or done.

Heather and I have been married many years now, and Megan has a family of her own too. Heather swears she's never told Megan that I knew she was watching us, that it would kill her if she did. But we sure talk about it ourselves; usually just before my Heather does more than beat me off!



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