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Little Sister Explains Her Position

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My younger sister wasted no time in letting me know how she could be of service.


I had thought I was alone at home after school, not realizing that my sister Alexis was there too, keeping quiet in her room. I was in the middle of masturbating to a porn tape when she sneaked up on me and began to watch. When I realized I was being watched, she asked me, nearly begged me, to continue, getting down on her knees as I continued to stroke myself and asking me if I would please come in her mouth. I obliged.

It was and remains the most erotic thing that has ever happened to me.

At just 15 years of age, I had no way of knowing that it wasn't just a one time, experimental thing. The truth I know now is that my little sister loved come, and in her mind, after that first encounter I had become the source of it for her.

My little sister the cum lover. It sounds bizarre, I know, and if I hadn't lived through the experience myself, I wouldn't have believed it either. In fact, it took me years before I realized the truth, that eating my cum-well, as it turns out, just about any guy's cum-was what Alexis lived for.

As I related previously, Alexis didn't touch me when I masturbated for her that first time. She just, as I was ready to shoot, put her mouth right in front of my cock and opened wide, taking every drop and swallowing. She later thanked me and just left.

The following week Alexis' play was done-she was great in her supporting role in our high school's production of Our Town-and we found ourselves home alone together.

Now, nothing had been said about what happened before, so I'd assumed it was something she just wanted to pretend hadn't happened, and I left it at that. I couldn't have been more wrong.

When I got back from practice that Monday, Alexis was already home and sitting in the living room watching television. I said 'hi' and went and tossed my practice stuff in the washer, started it up and headed back to my room. I closed the door, put on some music and, no more than a minute later, heard a knock.

Alexis poked her head in and said in the most nonchalant way, 'Can you do me a favor?'

'Sure,' I said, thinking that she needed help with math or something.

Without missing a beat she asked, 'Will you masturbate for me again, David?'

I sat there, still sprawled out on my bed, shocked into silence.

'Please,' she said. 'I kind of need you to.' She said 'need' as though it had some kind of special meaning.

She wanted to watch me jerk off again. The realization turned my world upside down. In my mind, I'd always thought of men as wanting sex and having to be really lucky or really good to get it. But here was my 13-year-old sister pleading with me to masturbate for her.

'Uh, sure, I guess.'

Without a word, she covered the three steps to my bed and knelt before me. I turned and sat up facing her.

Matter of factly she popped the buttons on my Levi's then grabbed the jeans and my underwear, one hand on each of my hips, and pulled, working the tight denim down my legs and over my bare feet until I was naked from the waist down.

I was half hard by then, and it had been maybe 20 seconds since she walked into my room. My cock rose more as she faced me, cocked her head back, looked up into my eyes and held my gaze.

The first time I'd done this, I was already under way when Alexis came into the room. I'd already lubed up and was well into the act when I noticed her watching.

This was different. Now I was nervous. I didn't know how to begin.

'Go ahead,' she prompted. 'I want you to, David. Masturbate for me.'

By now my penis was a steel rod. I gripped it lightly and started to slide my hand over it, just barely touching the skin, and started to stroke.

She watched for a while and then asked, 'What do you usually use for lube? What were you using before?'

'I've got a bottle of it,' I explained nervously, pointing with my free hand,'in my bedside drawer.'

From her knees she reached over, slid open the wood drawer and pulled out the small bottle of lube.

'Should I put it on?' she asked.

Thinking she'd pour it on so I could stroke more easily, I nodded 'okay' but was stunned when I saw her instead dispense the slimy substance into her own hand. She was going to apply it!

And apply it she did. She took the generous puddle of lube and rubbed it up and down my throbbing cock. It was the first time anyone had ever touched me like that and I was in heaven.

It immediately got even better, as it became clear that she was not only going to apply the lube; she was going to do the whole job

And she was really good at it! I got up the courage to ask her only months later if she'd ever done it-masturbated someone-before, and the answer was 'no.' I was her first. She'd just been thinking about it for a long, long time. She was just a natural.

And I knew the score. In her talented hands, my younger sister's strong, soft little slippery hands, I was going to last a very short while.

She stroked me, her hand deftly gripping my thick shaft and grabbing her way up, as if milking the cum out of me. Within two minutes, I began to feel it, a guttural sound rising spontaneously out of my gut.

Alexis looked up and me and and asked again, as if there were some chance I'd say 'no.' 'Will you come in my mouth again, David?'

I barely managed a nod, lost in the throes of impending orgasm and, suddenly, it let loose. I looked down in time to see the cum shooting jets, three big ones and several smaller ones, into her wide open mouth. And she milked and milked it, getting every drop and then some, before letting my cock free.

Without looking at me, she closed her eyes, licked her lips one time only and then took a big swallow. She, now, was in heaven.

This time however, instead of getting up and leaving right away, she looked at me and made a statement, as if explaining something so essential and so self-evident that I knew it was true then, true tomorrow and true always.

'You know, David, that I will do this any time you want me to. Any time at all.'

With that she rose, paused, her head bowed slightly and looked at me again, as if to say, 'thanks.'

She turned and walked out of my room and down the hall.

As I sat there, composing myself, my dick slowly deflating, my jeans a puddle at my feet, I realized the meaning of what she had just said and felt like the luckiest guy in the entire world.



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