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Little Ones

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Little weiners turn me on and today I got to see one let loose in his pants.


I am so horny right now that I'm having to squeeze my legs together constantly to provide a little relief to my clit while I type. I'm going to go use my vibrator on my clit and make myself cum in a few minutes but I wanted to tell you why I'm so turned on since I have enjoyed all the stories here for the last year or two.

I spent all afternoon in a conference. The presenter was a man in his twenties who was wearing dress slacks that showed the outline of his cock. I don't know if he wasn't wearing any underwear or if they were thin, or if it was just that the pants were a little too tight or what. But I was sitting right in front of him and he stood up most of the time and I couldn't take my eyes off his cock. He wasn't hard, not even semi, but I could see it nonetheless.

What really turned me on was that it was a little one. I am really turned on by small penises. It's not that I don't like others but little ones really get to me. I had a boyfriend once whose dick was so small that he had to sit down to pee or he would pee down the front of his pants when the pee stream wasn't strong anymore. He had to lean forward a bit when he sat down or his little wiener would pee straight ahead and he would piss through the space between the seat and the toilet. He didn't have a big enough one that he could push it down so he had to lean forward so it pointed into the bowl.

He had to rub it when he unzipped to get it a little hard so he could stretch it out in order to take a piss. For some reason this excited me. I would go to the bathroom with him whenever possible so I could coax it out so he could piss and that always turned me on. I like average sized ones and bigger ones too, but a tiny one is a thrill. I think it's that having a little one means a man has to spend more time thinking about it every day in the most ordinary things like peeing.

Part of what I love about little ones is how they stick straight out when they get hard. At least all the ones I've seen have. The ones I've seen also leaked a lot. That's probably just coincidence, but I have that association. My old boyfriend used to say that his wiener leaked because he didn't have enough shaft for it to stay in so it had to come out. So, when I see a man with a little one I think about it leaking a lot and that turns me on.

I also love it that when a man with a little one says he's going to cum, you're already feeling it because it's a shorter distance between his balls and his pee hole. I like the way they look, perched on top of normal sized balls, spewing out a normal amount of cum, often with a lot of force, but it's coming out of this tiny little wiener that's all head. Something about that excites me a bunch. I love to see a man jack when just his thumb and finger covers his whole cock. I like how they really only have a cock head and the whole wiener is just head.

Today I couldn't stop looking at this man's little wiener in his pants. As he walked around it would move a bit. The tip was just beside the seam in his pants. I could see his piss slit or at least I imagined I could. He rode to the right and occasionally the tip would go out of sight behind the seam. I spent the first thirty minutes wondering if he was a grower or if it stayed small when he got excited. I could barely focus because all I could think about was how wonderful it would be hold that little thing. I also thought about how it would feel on my clit if he were rubbing it on me. I know a hard little wiener fits perfectly on my clit.

At one point he was across the room from his seat and I had a side view. I couldn't believe my eyes as I noticed his little wiener starting to stick out more. I was riveted to his pants starting to tent out. I felt my pussy wetting my panties. His little thing got just about two inches long, maybe not quite that long, and was sticking straight out, holding his dress slacks away from him. He was very thin so it was very noticeable. I wanted to grab onto his little wiener and rub it so badly.

He started making his way back across the room to his seat, his wiener bouncing in his pants with every step, and let one of the other people on the panel talk. I knew his pee hole was rubbing against the seam of his pants and I knew he had to feel it. I was also watching to see if he was going to get bigger or stay small. His seat was right in front of me and just as he was sitting down it was holding his dress pants out at the same angle and I saw his pants start to get wet just as he disappeared behind the table. They were light gray slacks so it was very obvious his little wiener had just leaked, I just didn't know how much. I knew he was at his full hardness if he was letting precum out so I knew he was one of those men with a little wiener. I know even if the wiener is tiny, it still needs relief just as much as one that's two, three or four times its size.

I couldn't stop thinking about what was happening behind that table. He started to lean forward but stopped. I wondered if it was hurting to have his wiener up against the seam. He looked down at one point as if he was looking at the table but I guessed he was looking at the wet spot his wiener was making. I wondered if the wet spot was getting bigger. I was betting so. He put his right hand under the table and I wondered if he was rubbing it or adjusting his pants or his wiener or what.

Seeing him wet his pants made me wet my own and I couldn't stop. I was afraid I was going to have a visible wet spot too. We were close to the end of the time and I knew I had to have another look at his pants. As soon as time was up, I rushed up to ask a question. I put a piece of paper down and stood a bit behind him so I could point to the paper and direct his attention there while I really looked over his shoulder at his pants.

I was not disappointed. He had pulled his pants so there was a little slack in them at the crotch. That must have been what he was doing with his hand. His little wiener was still sticking straight out and there was a very large wet spot about 3 inches in diameter. I could see his pee hole, or at least I thought I could, pushing against his pants. I wanted to touch it so bad.

I leaned over a bit and rubbed my boob on his shoulder, all the while pretending to be interested in the chart in front of us. I was so turned on my nipple was sticking out enough he could feel it. I rubbed it on him and watched his little wiener bob a bit. That made me wet myself even more. I noticed his hand clench a little bit and he paused in his answer. It also told me that he liked boobs. His little wiener was convulsing like it was about to cum.

I rubbed my titty on his shoulder again. He stopped talking completely, tensed up, and that little wiener spewed jizz out so hard that it went completely through his pants and squirted out onto the right leg of his slacks. He just sat there while his wiener was letting loose. That little thing was pumping out a huge load in addition to the big wet spot he had already made in his pants. His first three or four spurts went through his pants and onto his leg, also leaving a big blob on his pants at the end of his wiener.

I wondered when he had last emptied his balls because he was making a big mess. He actually leaned back a tiny bit in his chair so I had an even better view. He almost grunted but stopped himself before he let it out in full force. His weiner was still going, making the wet spot even bigger. He must have let jizz go for at least 30 seconds. His balls must have been about to overflow and that little wiener was giving him complete relief.

When he finished, he grabbed the edge of the table cloth and mopped up his leg and crotch and wiped the blobs of jizz off at the tip of his wiener. His little wiener was already going soft and disappearing into what I knew must be a puddle of cum inside his pants too.

I was pouring out of my pussy and just grabbed the paper and said thanks and took off. I had to get to my room to make myself cum. I have waited as long as I can to write this down. Now I have to go take care of myself. I wonder if he's got his little wiener out of his pants, rubbing it now.



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