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Little Neighbor

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It was during my 17th summer I first began to explore my sexuality beyond solo masturbation. I had numerous mutual encounters with my 14 year old neighbor Scott that while deeply pleasurable left me feeling a bit guilty. And lately Scott seemed to be pressing for me to take his penis into my mouth. He would stand naked in front of me, offering his 6 inch spear, and while I wanted to suck him off badly, I just couldn't take the leap.
During the spring I had lost all of my baby fat and girls started to notice me. Among them was a cute neighbor named Lisa. She was nearly 14, had a lovely pixie face, and a Dorothy Hamill haircut. She also had a massive crush on me. One day while bumming around on my bike I rode by Lisa's house and saw her scrambling on top of the roof in a yellow string bikini. She and her 15 year old neighbor friend Beth were sunning themselves. They shouted and squealed at me as I road by. I was very flattered and now a bit curious. I took a couple spins around the neighborhood and rode up to Lisa's house about a half hour later. To my disappointment nobody was on the roof. I dawdled a bit and to my relief I heard a girl's voice call my name from the front door. Lisa, in a white cotton robe, stood in the doorway. 'You want to come in?'. I tried to peer inside the house. 'No one else is here,' she mentioned matter of factly. 'All right', I replied uncoolly as I parked my bike on the driveway and walked up to the door.
Lisa let me in and smiled, devilishly, up at me. I had been good friends with her older brother several years earlier and he had once told me Lisa had once gone streaking in the house and backyard when she was 8. She had a bit of a reputation in the neighborhood but as we went to different schools, I didn't know her very well. 'You want to come upstairs?' 'Are you sure we should?', I said. 'My parents won't be home until 6. C'mon. Are you afraid?'. Yes, frankly I was. 'I'm not afraid', I lied. We began to walk up the stairway. 'Is Beth still here?' 'No, she had to go home. We're all alone.' She leaned against my shoulder. I peeked into the opening of her robe and was disappointed to see she was still wearing the bikini.
When we got to her room, she sat on her bed and patted the spot next to her. 'Come here'. I sat next to her and she immediately began to nuzzle and kiss me. I returned her playful licks and bites with a soulful kiss then we began to French kiss. My penis was stretching the fabric of my jean shorts. Lisa brushed her hand across my lap and giggled. She stood up and dropped her robe. Her yellow bikini didn't have to work to cover much. She was pretty undeveloped, though I noticed she had a nice, fleshy butt which she saw me intensely eyeballing. She looked down at the bulge in my shorts. 'Take your shirt off'. I did, revealing my thin adonis-like frame. I thought I'd get daring. 'Take your bra off'. She feigned shock, but the devilish smile returned. She turned her back to me and pulled the bra off, letting it fall to the floor. She turned around, holding her hands over her nipples. Then, she flashed me. I could make out the tiny pink points that nearly blended into her budding breasts. She began to giggle, getting off on the power she had over me. 'Take off your shorts'. The old guilt sprouted up, again. 'I can't, we can't'. 'I showed you mine', she said before flashing me again. 'That makes two times. You owe me'. Part of me really wanted to strip but I was embarrassed with how hard my penis was. 'I won't tell anyone, I really like you, you know'. Her big doe-like eyes melted me and without thinking I unbuttoned my shorts. They didn't come off too easily but when they did fall I watched Lisa's expression change to awe as she stared at my nearly 6 inch member pointing out at her. She reached her little hand out for it but I stepped away. 'Now, you have to take off yours'. In a daze she leaned back and untied her bikini bottom strings and pulled them over her hairless little rosebud. I noticed the fabric stuck in the crevice of her slit. She was wet! I caught a glimpse of the crotch of her panties and saw they were soaked through. She arched back to give me a spread-eagled view of her little pussy and the bottom of her butt crack and tiny anus. I nearly came without touching my cock. I leaned over her and we began to makeout again. I felt her hand artlessly caressing my penis and, headrushing, I slipped my finger into her juicy little slit. She begin to buck her clit against my fingers and I could tell she was getting off. In the meantime my legs began to buckle and I nearly blacked out when I exploded. Struck dumb, I watched as my semen milked her little buds and tummy. She was barely aware of my climax because she had her eyes closed and was cumming herself. We both collapsed on the bed. A few minutes later we had another breathless session, then I cleaned up and left.
Lisa and I became close, boyfriend and girlfriend, really but we kept it quiet because of the age difference. We did much more experimenting that summer which I'll save for another time.



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