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Little Miss Glove

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When I was younger I had a funny thing for gloves, which has carried onto today.

I can actually pinpoint the time when I became a glove person.

We were outside in the backyard during summer playing under the sprinklers, which we did often and almost everyday in the afternoon as there was heaps of shade by then, but one day one of my brothers or friends (I can't remember) got one of my dad's golfing gloves and put it on and we played some sort of game where the wearer would chase everyone and if you were tagged you'd be in, so you would have to put on the glove. Anyway everyone had been in at least 3-4 times and afternoon was wearing on, getting late so my friends (who all lived in the same street) started to go back home, eventually it came to the point when I could barely catch anyone and when it time to come inside I still had the glove on.

I grabbed my towel, which was quite warm from being in the sun all afternoon and went to my room and sat in the old chair I had in there and watched TV (we all had TV's in our room, so we were pretty lucky)

Not really realising I had the glove on, I started more or less scratching at my crotch, then put my swimmers to one side of my vagina and kept on basically scratching with one finger, then I just ended up with one finger going up and down the slit I guess, for most of the time. I gradually began to realise this was a good feeling, and every so often would hit my clitoris, although I didn't know that at the time, I just know that every so often I'd get a good spot.

After a while I took off the glove and just went for a shower and went about normal activity, that is until bedtime.

The glove was sitting on the floor next to my bedside table, it was about 8:30 or around about that time as I had been reading a book for about half an hour and we went to bed at about 8pm, and seeing it was summer, we were allowed to read up to an hour before going to sleep. Noticing I had quite sometime before lights out I grabbed the glove and slipped it on my hand and lied down and did what I was doing before, put my panties to one side while in my pyjama bottoms and started stroking.

I remember feeling it being pleasurable and every so often I would smell the glove as well, it had a funny smell of myself plus the rubber/latex it was made out of plus a tiny hint of sweat from my dad. It was around lights out time and I heard one of my parents come so I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep so they would turn off my lamp and TV (I usually had my TV on for background noise). As soon as they left I continued stroking for about 15 minutes or so.

Once I became tired I quickly slipped off the glove and hid it under my mattress or cupboard or drawer (whatever I felt like at the time)

This continued on I guess for a couple weeks until I became more adventurous, I noted some rubber gloves in the laundry, which was quite close to my room. For a few nights I would get up and go to the toilet, whether I needed to or not, and feel the gloves as I passed through the laundry to the toilet and on the way back to the bathroom to wash my hands. My heart pounded each time, so I would get the old golf glove and rub myself to calm down as I knew that was pleasurable and thought of the other gloves but my heart raced whenever I thought about them at times.

After a while I finally gathered the courage to grab one, but I heard my dad coming so I dropped it to make like I knocked it as it was on the edge of the laundry basin. I put it back as he passed and I went on my way to my room. My heart was racing so fast that's all I could feel and hear, I was so excited that I almost had it my mouth went dry.

After that I never really had the guts to do it again, it was funny as I could do it anytime without anyone noticing but I was too scared then. A couple weeks went by with me just feeling the gloves I went past whenever no one was around, then one day I was asked to do the dishes. Normally this is a simple task, but now realising that I had a chance to use rubber gloves as the water was normally too hot for me, my heart raced and had butterflies in my stomach but I agreed to do it as I would get pocket money.

I asked where were the gloves as there wasn't any in the kitchen, I was told I had to go to the laundry to get a pair. My mouth went dry and I felt a huge heartbeat at that moment when I grabbed them. I got the best feeling at that time and started doing the dishes. My heart was racing insanely and mouth was dry so every so often I would grab a drink from the fridge.

Once I was finished I asked where to put the gloves, I was told wherever I wanted, which usually mean the laundry or kitchen, so I pretended to put them in the laundry but once I was there I put them in my pants. Normally most people would notice but there was always heaps of gloves in the laundry so it didn't matter.

I was breathing heavily, heart racing I was so excited. The gloves had a good, sticky rubbery feel about them. I hid them in my cupboard and waited till night time.

At about 10pm later that night I woke up and everyone was in bed (I snuck out and checked) and then slowly opened my cupboard and grabbed the gloves, I was so excited I would have squealed if I could of. I jumped into bed, slipped them on and rubbed myself crazy, all over my belly, nipples and my crotch till I fell asleep, mind you these gloves barely fit me, but I think that added to the experience.

The next day, as it was a weekend I woke up at around 9am I noticed I still had the gloves on and my heart raced in horror as my mother usually gets up quite early and I know she comes into my room in the morning, usually to grab the tv to bring into their room as it was one on a stand with wheels. I noticed the TV was gone and I was scared that my mom had seen me in gloves.

I noticed that the tv had been wheeled out which is what I had guessed and then I saw a note on my side table, to which I remember this day which totally surprised me: 'Mum knows what you did with her washing gloves' Which shocked me and had my heart racing, but there was more 'You can keep them now, just don't use them for other things' I read on, which gave me a sigh of relief and my heart slowed down. I was going to put it down when I saw this: 'p.s. Mum does this too, don't be scared to talk to me about it'

That had my heart racing again as I knew I'd be talking about it later that morning so I stayed in bed as long as I could but it was inevitable, as she came into my room later that morning.

Her coming into my room was a good thing as we talked about it and she told me about masturbating and how it wasn't a bad thing but I should be careful about it. She told me not to use the gloves for anything else as there was a risk of getting sick, so later that day she soaked the gloves in hot soapy water and dried them and let me have them.

My mom also gave me a little tub of vaseline for lubrication as she told me about all that as well.

Anyway, that's my story and I guess first experience about masturbation. I think I'm quite lucky about having good parents dealing with that.

I have another first story relating to masturbation and my first boy and his penis, of course with gloves but I'll leave that to my next submission

Thanks for reading



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