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Little Debby and the Butterfly

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This is a true story. Please enjoy!


As a teenager growing up I discovered masturbation strangely enough after engaging in sex. This was way before the age of the internet and when it was considered a real taboo to masturbate or to admit to masturbating. I am not talking the dark ages, this was back in the early to mid eighties.

My goal back then was to have as much sex as I could and I was very successful at doing so, with just about any teenage girl I could convince to do the nasty. I was just so horny all the time and sex was not always available so I thought to myself if I tried to replicate the mechanics of sex, I could easily make myself cum. So after much thought I went about constructing my own sex toy from an old foam cushion which was approximately twelve inches square. I removed the fabric on the outside revealing the naked foam, which was about four inches thick, I then folded it in half and stitched the folded sides together, the end result were two pear shaped openings at opposite ends, I now had two foam vaginas at my disposal.

So my story brings me to when I decided to share my sex toy and my love for masturbation with my best friend David. I thought long and hard as to how I should approach the subject, I finally decided to first start out by watching porn together and I thought once we were hard it would be easier to introduce my little invention, which I later christened “Little Debby”.

To put things into perspective for those of you who need a visual, I was 17, average height with a swimmers build, I was actually on my high school swim team, I had a real thick 8 inch cut dick at the time, it’s a inch bigger now and he was 16 also similar in physique with an 8 inch uncut dick, we are both black with Jamaican heritage. He would eventually out grow me by half inch in dick size.

So one weekend when we were home alone I suggested we watch some porn on VHS, I had a small collection, long story, anyway he was delighted and so after about fifteen minutes of pure agony I took a leap of faith and pulled Little Debby out of her hiding place. I will never forget the look on his face; he was fascinated and was eager to try it out. The only thing was we were both reluctant to do so in front of each other, so he decided to go to the a joining room away from my view and take her for a spin. After a couple minutes he shouted to me that he wanted to do it while watching the movie so I suggested he come back and we could take turns doing Debby. That was when I saw for the first time the size and shape of his dick. His foreskin got my full attention, how it looked and worked was so different to my cut dick. His foreskin was long and covered his entire erect penis, it retracted freely and looked soft and thin in comparison to his strong erect penis and would sometimes tear and bleed a little from where the skin was attached at the back, this happened a few times after our play time together, but that’s another story. He eventually got circumcised.

Anyway what we eventually did that first time together was to both penetrate Little Debby from both her opposite openings, which resulted in our cock heads meeting in the middle, the sensations were indescribable, we were careful not to cum inside her lest we ruin her irreparably, so on this occasion we withdrew and came simultaneously shooting cum all over the floor and on each other. Needless to say it was mutually satisfying, and the start of a new dimension of our friendship and the beginning of many, many mutual sessions which lasted well into our twenties with and without Little Debby. To preserve her we eventually decided to both use condoms while fucking her so we could cum insider her and not worry about the mess.

My absolute favorite way to cum with my best friend David was to lie facing each other on the floor, with our feet overlapping the other and our hard dicks pressed together and our balls sandwiched between us as we took turns slowly jacking both dicks, it was like holding one really fat dick, we called this position the butterfly and was our code for when we wanted to mutually masturbate. We spent a lot of time together and even when we had girlfriends with benefits it didn’t matter, we still found time for each other. I also did this with my male cousins as well.

Today we are both married with kids and we still keep in touch. Those youthful days of nervous discovery and experimentation were priceless and if the opportunity presented itself to play with David again I would without hesitation suggest the butterfly.



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