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Listening To My Friend

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Dunno what this is really. F? Maybe. Maybe a touch of FF. You call it.


So, my closest friend Sarah was describing to me something that had happened to her. In a nutshell, she had got off with another girl at a party. Typically, Sarah was full of it.

'Holy FUCK, Amy! One minute we were just talking and the next she was kissing me! Holy CRAP! I kinda thought YUCK, but then I realised, I liked it. We were snogging, our hands on each others breasts and then I felt her reach up my skirt into my panties, so I did the same thing to her. It was fucking AMAZING Amy. I swear to God, she had two fingers RIGHT up me and her thumb on my clit!'

I sat there listening to her, getting more and more aroused by the second, but then....

'I actually FELT her cum-I mean, can you imagine? I felt her pussy twitching and then my hand was full of gunk. I thought she'd peed on me but it wasn't that. It was kinda oily, no, not oily, well, it wasn't wee, anyways! Then I cummed on her. DAMN Amy, it was the first time I had ANYTHING inside me like that. SHe was full in me and fuck it feels good when you have something to cum on, you know?'

Actually, no. I didnt know. All I knew at that moment was that my panties were utterly soaked through.

I was also squirming around. I was more aroused at that moment than I can ever remember being. Partly because of what she was saying, and partly because I really needed to get off.

Sarah, however, was clearly settled for the long haul. Her description went into graphic details and ended with a description of what they did together in the hot tub.

At the end, I said 'Ohh shit, Sarah. That was one hell of an experience. I could rub one out right now, its got me so aroused.' Sarah said 'Shoot-go ahead.'

And so, I did. I hitched my skirt up, put my hand into the soaking mess between my legs and masturbated. Sarah copied me and did exactly the same. We didn't touch each other, although, I swear, if she had made a move, I would have gone with it BIG time.

As we got closer, our panties had worked their way down our legs. Sarah said 'Shoot, Amy-look at you! You're so fucking WET girl!' We started commenting on each other and the talk got real dirty. 'Oh Amy, I love your CUNT, girl.'

Then, absolutely together, we orgasmed soooooo fucking hard.

We rubbed another couple out before, with the lounge smelling of sex, Sarah pulled her panties up, kissed me on the lips and left.

I lay in my chair, slumped there, with my panties around my ankles and my knees wide-and rubbed a third one out imagining Sarah licking my pussy out.

What now? Well, I sure as shit would like to feel Sarah's long figners inside me. Maybe next time, I will tell her something and see what happens.



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