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Listening in on Sister

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This is really a male solo but it involves my sister who was 16 at the time. This story is 100% fact.


A recent event sparked this memory of me and sister when I was about 14.

In my house my bedroom door is directly across the hall from my sister's. At the end of the hall is the bathroom and it is on the other side of my wall, so if anything was going on I would pretty much hear it all.

One day after coming home from basketball practice, I noticed my sister was not around. With closer inspection I realized that she was in the bathroom taking a bath. I hadn't yet told her that I was home and I was creeping around the house as if my family was sleeping.

I continued to my room to get changed when I heard a scraping sound coming from the bathroom. Since I was going through puberty at that time I was inerested in anything that involves a girl, so I listened closer. After each scraping sound I heard an exhale. In an instant my dick was hard. I began to imagine what her body looked like and what she was doing to herself. As my curiosity grew, I was trying to find ways to see through the doorframe.

I continued to search until I found my means of entertainment. There was a tiny gap between the doorframe and the door and I saw EVERYTHING!!! She was lying there shaving her legs (which was the scraping noise), but at the same time feeling her breasts. I watched for what seemed like hours until she moved to her pussy. It was alrady shaved clean but you could see the regrowth of hair starting. She moved the shaving head ever so slowly over herself and when she was done she felt how smooth she was and decided to tend to her needs.

She continued to feel her breasts but was slowly moving her hand down to her pussy and exposing her clit. I nearly blew my load all over my shorts. She was really working herself hard. She took her hand away from her boobs and started working her clit. With her other hand she was slowly penetrating herself and making a fair amount of noise with the water in the tub and her low moans.

I was watching her every movement just to make sure she didn't see me. While she was taking care of herself I decided that I needed a little attention too. I started to stroke at the same time as she pushed her fingers inside herself. I would have finished but she finished and instead of relaxing, she got up and started to dry herself off. I quickly thought of a plan to see her upclose. I would leave my door open and hide under my desk with the lights out to see her fully.

After only moments of waiting, she stepped out of the bathroom and it was either that she neglected to dry her pussy, or her juices still ran out because she was literally dripping. As she closed her bedroom door behind her, I whipped out my dick and stroked two or three times and I shot more than I ever have.

Hoped you enjoyed the my experience and I will have more to come!!!



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