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Listening in #2: Traveling

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My second experience listening to sex in another room broke the ice with my traveling companion, and began a very pleasurable summer... ;-)

Listening In


One summer I went traveling in Europe with another guy, Bob. We didn't know each other too well when we started out, but our girlfriends, were best friends since junior high, and so when they heard that we each wanted to spend a summer in Europe, they put us together.
We started out touring Great Britain for a couple of weeks, staying in hostels the whole time. We were having a good time, although, as I'd been told to expect, Bob was pretty straight-laced. Mary and I were more wild, Dianne and Bob were conservative; but Mary told me that Dianne hoped I'd clue in Gene that there was more to sex than a couple of strokes. But we didn't talk much about sex, except to say we missed the girls.
We took the hovercraft over to France, and got to Paris too late to check into a hostel, so we checked into a small hotel, that seemed a friendly place-and it was cheap. There was only a double bed, and for the first time we were sleeping in the same room alone, and in the same bed! We were a little awkward, but we're cool. We were just getting to bed when we heard, through the light well, a couple returning from some partying. The sound echoed around the light well, it sounded like they were next door, though I think they were a couple of floors above us.
They went to bed, and in a few minutes, they started to fuck. The woman was hot, and loud, and sexy, and groaned with every stroke. They went fast, and slow, and faster. She came once (in French), and again, and again. Whoever this guy was, he was amazing, because he never stopped. I got a big hard on and wanted to masturbate real bad, but geeeeze, I was in the same bed with Bob, and didn't know what to do!
I quietly played with the tip of my penis, being careful not to rub against the sheets. After at least half an hour of solid fucking, after her fourth or fifth orgasm, they finished, and applause came from some of the rooms, and some laughter. Then another couple started fucking very noisily, and another, until there were two or three going at the same time, making plenty of noise. I couldn't stand it. I told Bob, 'I've got to get off on this!' He said, 'Me, too,' and we both masturbated under the covers. Then we laughed about the whole thing and lay in bed for a while talking about what a story it would be to tell the girls (less the part about masturbating, I figured). That would be the end of the story about 'listening in', but in actuality, it was just the beginning--the ice was broken between Bob and me and things got more...interesting (and pleasurable).
The next morning, Bob didn't say anything about the night before, but he did walk around nude for a long time before getting dressed. He was handsome. And well hung. His cock was definitely large and swung around a lot as he moved, and it drooped neatly over balls that hung very low. The hair in his crotch was long and black, and a dark fuzz went up his belly.
We headed south, through France, to Italy, once again staying in hostels. We talked a little about sex, and then we talked more about sex. He told me about having sex with Dianne (he was a virgin before) and -this was the surprise-he said he'd masturbated regularly since he was eight! He hadn't done it with any guys since he was pretty young, thought, and as an only child in a uptight household, he was very secret about it. He obviously felt very excited that he'd done it with me in the hotel.
We got near Florence, and again didn't make it in time to stay at the hostel, so we went looking for a hotel again. Bob was kind of happy when we discovered we would 'have' to stay in a hotel, and there was a tension rising-a good, sexual tension-as we found and checked into a hotel. Again, a double bed, but this time our own bath. Bob took a bath. I was next. When I came out, naked, Bob was in bed reading, naked. We seemed to have the same idea.
'It's great to have a bed and a bath without a dozen other guys, isn't it?' I said, and Bob said, 'Let's masturbate.'
Now, I should say here that I was not a stranger to masturbation with other guys. As a young boy, I showed a couple of my friends how to do it. More recently--I'll write about it some day--in high school one of my teachers taught me a lot about sex, and I used to masturbate in front of him, and with him, at his house. Then, last year, I had a masturbation buddy at college, and we got pretty wild and tried and did a lot of things masturbating together two or three times a week. That did not mean that I didn't get horny, nervous and excited about masturbating with a new partner.
We crawled under the covers, and, sitting up straight, we both masturbated and came together. We relaxed and talked a little. Bob said he knew there was more to sex than he had ever done; he was curious about more. I was happy to 'teach'.
We spent a couple of hours of 'instruction' that night, and didn't leave the hotel until check-out time. Bob was liking this, and so was I. We continued traveling. I could tell that Bob wanted more, but he was too proper to say, 'hey, let's check into another hotel and masturbate some more. But we were also getting a little burned out with travel, so I suggested we head for a beach and some R&R. As luck would have it, we found a nude beach, and spent three days hangin' at the beach, and three evenings going to clubs, and three nights in our own room, masturbating together.
Bob got my very best instruction, and some extra special help, and proved to be an enthusiastic student. We played 'follow the leader,' and he liked where we went. My favorite memory is sitting on the bed, our legs wrapped around each other, with our stiff, throbbing members in our laps, enjoying the sensuous pleasures of the male organ and, a few minutes later, dripping with cum.
We moved out into Greece, and back up into the north. We decided we needed a new budget item-for hotel rooms-and our travels were punctuated with erotic evenings in a double bed. We'd get that glow in our eyes and flush in our cheeks and decide we needed a little more 'R&R'.
Now, when we got back, I was embarrassed to say anything much to Mary about our hotel R&R. I hadn't really talked about masturbation with Mary, just to say I did it now and then, and I thought the Bob and I doing it together was more than she could easily take in. Mary would probably tell Dianne, anyway, and then I was sure that Bob would be mortified if she found out.
I just told Mary, 'Oh I gave Bob some tips on sex'. The next time I saw Dianne she gave me a big, warm hug and a smile and said, 'I don't know what you did but Bob sure is hot since he got back! Thanks, honey!' I thought about it later, and I think thanks should go to that couple in Paris that broke the ice for an entire hotel full of passionate folks!
Now, here's the funny part. Bob and Dianne had a big long talk about sex, and Dianne revealed to him that she and Mary used to masturbate together back in junior high school; then kind of dropped it until Bob and I were gone. While we were in Europe, Mary and Di got together one night, talked about how horny they were, and masturbated together again. So while Bob and I were doin' it in Europe, our girls were keeping the home fires warm themselves!
How did I find out? Mary told me all about Bob and me in bed one night, after we'd had sex, and she demanded that I masturbate for HER! We both got off on that one. Of course we fantasized getting together with Di and Bob, but they lived in another town and, like I said, they really were pretty conservative.



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