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"Pretty awesome, I believe."


This is a continuation of In My Hotel Room - Published: August 14, 2013.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Okay, so I didn't take the break I thought I was going to, not yet, anyway. See, for some reason, I decided I'd play some of your hotel session, just to refresh my memory, or something, and the next thing I knew, I was naked and have a rag...

By the way, I figured as long as I was gonna be listening, and whatever, I might as well try to commentate for you, but that's gonna be damned tricky as my keyboard is not only not sitting level, but it's kinda wobbling back and forth on top of a polar object.

Yes, I think the subconscious build up of sexual energy, juices, etc, since Monday is about to be tapped...

Okay. you wouldn't have known it, but I actually just took a little...not break, but intermission, during which I discovered I was already wet...interestingly enough. What I was actually doing was looking for the digital recorder they gave me, thinking I might record myself during some interesting moments, even though the sound isn't the best and it doesn't connect to the computer as far as I know. Unfortunately, I either gave it back to T, or misplaced it in the clutter in my room, so this time, we shall have to proceed without it.

Okay, to your recording.

Opens with clothing sound and kissing and small...sigh, I suppose you might call it.

Hmm, yes, I'm feeling a lot of tension down south now I wasn't feeling before.

More kissing. Sounds nice.

All right. Guess I can't comment on every single sound...

Hmm. A surprised/pleased sound from you and a comment about not being a bad position to be in. I can only wonder.

(Catherine's response: "When I commented on the position I was in, J had moved so he was sitting on my lower half as I was lying on my back.")

In between comments, I let the keyboard lie to the side while I manhandle my hard-on, so to speak. I haven't even gotten really started yet, anymore than the two of you have, and I can already tell it's gonna be a strong one. Wish I could've recorded it.

Hmm, I think he asked you if something was too hard, and you said no, you liked it. But what was it?

(Response: "J was wondering if he was too heavy for me and I told him it was fine and that I liked it.")

And I just found a nice little fingertip of pre-cum, and as soon as I put my finger back on the tip, there was already some more. Guess I never will understand how that part of my mechanism works exactly.

Hmm, trying to wipe lots more off so I can type that he just said something was delicious. You, obviously, but what part?

(Response: "He was saying that my boobs were delicious.")

Think I'm actually feeling the need for something up my butt. Been meaning to tell you I really wish I had a little vibe to use, but don't know how to find one that isn't too big. Had to stop typing for a dozen strokes or so... Um, so yeah, wish there was a way for you to help me to get one.

Anyway, so he said something, maybe about making you giggle, that I couldn't really hear good, but it made you laugh, which is awesome.

(Response: "There's this thing that he does, like a hip wiggle that he knows I like. So that's what that was about.")

You know, it makes it even hotter knowing that you like having me listen to you with a critical ear. Made me wonder if you ever think about the fact when you're recording that I might be listening to you and getting off, even if at a later time. You could kinda imagine it like a threesome, given that, for all intents and purposes, I'd be getting turned on and coming with y'all. You could make more comments aloud, knowing you're speaking to me, even if the person you're with just thinks you're talking to him. Talking about what you're both doing, how it's feeling, what you're imagining, etc. Not trying to direct you, just a suggestion. Might be hot, like I said, just knowing it isn't only the two of you. Plus, by saying more aloud, you'll be able to hear it yourself later on...

Still listening to y'all kissing, while I have my right thumb and forefinger around and going up and down on my cock. Gonna try and wait a little before touching the pre-cum to see how much I make. May have to break out some lube though, as I've been doing this dry so far. That's the one bad thing about using my toy, that I have to/or should use lube, and it's so messy, not to mention the effect that'll have on my typing...

Well, I just got a little towel to put under me...still listening...still stroking...pre cumming...but also just got out the lube and make shift dildo...mmm, just lubed up the handle and slipped in and out a few times before leaving it in. Feels pretty nice. Only bad thing about it is that it's really something I need a partner for, to let them work on me...

Okay, kinda rocking my hips, I guess, in order to move it around while I still jack off. Feeling very good...

(Response: "You put something up your butt. How awesome is that? Pretty awesome, I believe.")

You've started making some pleased little sounds. Don't know how much I'm gonna get through before I end up losing it. Well, now you know what I'm doing, I can go back to listening...

(Response: "In the next part he is kissing my boobs and nipples.")

Okay, I came. That's what I hate about cyber, you can't document it properly. That's why the recorder would've helped, so you, had you wanted to, could've heard me putting the thing in my butt, and then when I came. It was strong. Lots of pre-cum, lots of cum. And y'all haven't even gotten going yet!

Well, I'm sure this seems anticlimactic, but I think this is the point at which I shall stop for a longer while. Maybe when I get back, I'll be able to focus more on you and less on me. All right, until then....



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