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Lip Balm

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I was eleven-years-old, I think, when I first got aware of my sexual feelings and the pleasure I could get by stimulating myself. Previously, I remember having casually rubbed myself through my underwear, and that I, for example, enjoyed falling asleep with my hand cupped over my slit, just because it felt good and comforting, but I had never consciously reflected over what it was that made it feel good, and had never thought about it having anything to do with 'sex'.

However, this was to change one day, when I complained to my mother about how the lips of my mouth would get dry, and my bad habit of peeling the dry skin off with my teeth, sometimes to the point when blood began to emerge. She saw what I meant, and went and bought me a lip balm. Nothing fancy with glitter in it or anything, just the regular, neutral one, but it made wonders for my sore lips.

Some days later, I somehow, perhaps out of curiosity simply, got an idea, that got me enormously excited at the time. I was going to apply the lip balm to my genital lips instead. Quickly, I sneaked into the bathroom, locking the door behind me as quiet as I could, taking care not to let anyone hear me, because I knew I was going to do something kinky, and didn't want to be disturbed. (In a way, it would of course have been less obvious if I had just gone to the bathroom in a casual manner, but that didn't occur to me back then...) I can still remember how I felt my heart pounding and how my hands almost trembled as I stepped out of my panties and sat down on the floor, with my legs spread.

First I just sat down and examined myself, especially the hair that had just begun to start growing. When I did this, I remember how I noticed a curious tingling sensation in my crotch. I didn't understand back then how sexually aroused I really was. Then I took the lip balm, and carefully painted my labia majora with it. It felt surprisingly good, as I stroked it up and down on my vaginal lips, and the tingling grew to a throbbing sensation.

The lips were now very smooth, almost slippery from the balm, and also from my own lubrication, and I continued stroking it up and down, amazed at how good it felt, especially at the upper part, when I... Oh! A small spasm went through my body when I happened to touch what I later found out to be my clitoris. First I got a bit afraid, but then the curiosity made me touch it again, softer, and more carefully this time, and it didn't take long before the nice feeling had turned into cheer pleasure.

There I sat on the floor, eyes closed, and my small body trembling from the pleasure I got from stroking myself. I don't know for how long I sat there, I lost track of time, but eventually I had to stop since I was exhausted, and since I had got a cramp in my hand that held the balm. I didn't get an orgasm that time, it would still take a couple of months before I learned to achieve one.

Oh, by the way, don't worry, I didn't use this balm again for it's intended use. I said I had lost it, and my mom got me a new one, and I reserved the old one for my private moments of joy.



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