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Linda: Episode I

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This is my story about the first woman I ever fell in love with.

When I was a teenager, I wasn't exactly a casanova with the girls. I was the nerd, the geek, the outcast. All the pretty girls ignored me as if I didn't exist. All except one. She wasn't a girl though, she was a woman and my friend's mom.

I would spend a lot of time hanging out at my friend's place, even if he wasn't around. I was always welcomed in their house as one of the family. My friend's mom, Linda, would sometimes try to strike up conversation by asking me how things were going with me, school, activities and other such things going on in my life. I would tell Linda about my problems at school with the girls and how it upset me that the pretty girls never were interested in me or acknowledged my existence. Linda became a good friend, someone I could talk to about almost anything. She was a sympathetic ear when I had nobody else to talk to. Linda was a beautiful woman in her early to mid 30s during this time. She got married at a young age and my friend was born when she was in her late teens. It was easy to become smitten with her, and I fell pretty hard.

She was divorced and had joint custody of the kids (my friend and his sister). One weekend my parents were out of town and asked Linda if I could stay with them for the weekend. It was no problem so I went over there after school on Friday afternoon and spent the night there.

When I woke up in the morning I noticed that everyone was gone. A note was left downstairs by Linda that she had taken John (my friend) to soccer practice and his sister Missy to her friend's place and would be running errands. I was bored and walking around the house when I noticed on one of the tables in the hallway a framed picture of Linda. She looked absolutely gorgeous and sexy. I had the house all to myself so I took the picture and went upstairs to the bathroom.

When I got to the bathroom I left the door halfway open. That way if anybody came home I would hear and could stop what I was doing and nobody would be wiser. I sat down on the toilet seat and pulled my pyjama pants down to my ankles and unbuttoned my pyjama top. Just the thought of what I was going to do started getting me excited. My cock immediately got hard and was pointing straight up in the air. I grabbed it with my right hand and slowly and lovingly began to stroke it. I've masturbated thinking about Linda before, but now I was doing it in her house with her picture as a visual aid.

I continued stroking myself and would change my pace when things got close so I could last longer. Holding back felt really good and gave me the opportunity for a long detailed fantasy about Linda. After ten minutes I started to close my eyes and imagined a wonderful love scene involving the two of us. My breathing picked up and I would let out a soft moan or whisper and call out Linda's name. I kept doing this and as I neared the end of my scenario the pace of my hand quickened as did my breathing. When the time arrived I leaned forward pushed my cock down pointing into the toilet and let out a wonderful orgasm. As I was cumming I said the magic words: 'Oh Linda, I love you so much.' I kept going until the muscles stopped pumping cum out of my cock and relaxed on the toilet seat, eyes still closed, and caught my breath.

When I opened my eyes I saw Linda herself standing there with her arms crossed. I immediately got hysterical out of embarrassment and guilt that I started to cry because I thought I was in trouble. Linda had to calm me down and told me not to cry and that I wasn't in trouble. I kept babbling 'I'm sorry, I'm so sorry'. Linda was telling me 'It's OK, It's OK'. After I calmed down, Linda opened up the linen closet and put out a bath towel, hand towel, and wash cloth and said I should get cleaned up. Before she walked out she told me to come downstairs when I was done so we could talk about what just happened.

To be continued...



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