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Lillian, Lyla and Friends

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I still live in Brooklyn with my mom. I rememeber my dad but havn't seen him since I was 9 years old and think he lives in Texas now. We lived in some shabby apartments for awhile but moved into a big house with my moms best friend Tara who is also a single mom. She has two daughters, Lillian and Lyla. Lillian is three years older than me and Lyla about a year and a half older. Both my mom and Tara work and my mom goes out with her boyfriend a lot. Lillian, Lyla and I are left alone very often. Even on weekends sometimes both my mom and Tara would be away.


I was and am still small for my age and even today I am barely 5'3' and only weigh 114 lbs. Lillian and Lyla are the opposite and were always much taller than me. I was always intimidated by them and Lillian was especially mean to me for the longest time. Both of them would pick the lock and walk in the bathroom when I was in the shower or sometimes on the toilet just to embarrass me. They even pants me many times in front of some of their girlfriends. They treated me like I was a little kid and I guess I was. I had few friends at the time and was very timid and picked on a lot even at school. I was the brunt of jokes and was beaten up many times. We lived in a tough neighborhood so I kept to myself most of the time and didn't go out much. I complained to my mom and their mom a few times about them always trying to see me naked, but the more I told on them the worse they treated me.

By the time I was 13, I had started masturbating and would pull up the free porn website pictures to masturbate. The only computer in the house was in the living room so I could only do it when nobody else was home. Then one afternoon Lyla caught me. I was naked on the chair and didn't know she was watching me until she burst out laughing. She already saw me naked a lot of times but this time was so embarrassing to me I started crying and ran to my room. Lyla wasn't as mean to me as Lillian at the time, but she told Lillian how she caught me jerking off. Aside from the ridicule and humiliation of it they threatened to tell my mom about it. A few days went by and each day I pleaded with them not to tell on me especially about the porn sites.

It was a Friday afternoon after school when it first started. Lillian and Lyla were in the living room when I walked in and my mom and Tara were still at work. Lillian just came right out and told me to take off all my clothes or she would tell my mom what I did and that I was looking at adult websites. I guess it sounds like I was a real wimp but I just started to cry. The two of them were just laughing about it and telling me what a brat and a baby I was. I was so intimidated by them that dispite the humiliation of it I undressed. They both had seen me naked many other times but this was by far the most embarrassing time. Once I was completely naked they made me come closer to them and even turn my back to them and bend over spreading my legs apart. They talked and laughed the whole time about my penis and scrotum. When I turned my back to them Lillian made me bend over and pulled my butt cheeks apart to see my anus. I was actually sobbing with embarrassment but without trying got an erection. They noticed it right away and Lyla was the one who told me to jerk off for them. I don't think I quite understood my feelings at the time but realized I was aroused by them looking at me like that. I stopped crying by this time and bravely masturbated as they both watched me.

From that time on I was no longer embarrassed about them seeing me naked. As long as my mom and Tara were out I even began going around the house in my underware. From time to time they would ask me to strip and masturbate and I willing did it for them, no longer worried about them telling my mom. I even walked around the house with my bathrobe open and no underware on. I would get hard knowing they could see my penis. I knew from the porn sites my penis wasn't real big but knew it was a decent size. Over the next few months I masturbated for them 15 or 20 times and began exposing myself to some of their girfriends.

My mom and Tara went away for the weekend and I was in the kitchen in my underware around noon time. Lyla and two of her girfriends came in and made luch as I sat at the kitchen table. Lillian was there also and began telling Lyla's girlfriends how they see me naked all the time and that I masturbate for them sometimes. She told them how big my penis was both soft and hard and the whole time I think I was blushing. I got an erection even though they were all laughing about it. None of them believed I was almost 14, I guess because all of them were older, taller and much heavier than me. One of the girls was really fat and the other was real tall I think almost 6ft. Lyla was standing right next to me and I only had boxer shorts on. She probably saw I had an erection and actually put her hand on it and started laughing again as she told all of them. She asked me to masturbate for them all and at first I said no but they kept encouraging me to do it. Thought of masturbating in front of four girls was embarrassing but it also had me aroused. I finally said I would and stood up taking off my shorts and all of them were laughng when they saw me naked and I did have an erection. Lyla squirted dish soap on my penis and I started to masturbate in front of them. At first I didn't even look at them but when I did it excited me all the more. Lillian came over and without resisting her she got me to stand on the kitchen chair as I kept stroking myself. I think I came in less than a minute and it went all over the table. They were all laughing and even clapping their hands when I came. I wasn't actually embarrassed by it until it was over. Lillian wiped my cum off the table and I put my shorts back on and left the kitchen. I sat down in the dining room and I could hear them talking about me. They referred to me as a fool and stupid and a lot of other derogatory things that did hurt my feelings at the time. They all thought I was dumb and one of the girls called me retarded. They didn't know I was listening to them so I snuck up to my room.

When I think back about it I must have been a real wimp and I cried awhile because of how they talked about me. I always got good marks in school and still do and on the honor roll several times. It finally dawned on me that I really wasn't stupid but just enjoyed having them watch me masturbate. Just had Lillian and Lyla used to pick the lock on the bathroom door I began doing it and would often peek in on them showering. They knew I did it a few times and were mad but really did nothing about it. Over the next year I masturbated in front of 7 other girls. Four were Lillians friends and three were Lyla's friends. Most of the time there were only one or two there each time but Lyla and Lillian were always there watching me. The more I did it the more times they wanted me to.

Both of them eventually would let me see their breasts at first and finally would let me see them naked. Lillian wouldn't as much as Lyla did but I think Lillian was more self councious because she was pretty heavy and not built to well. I started asking them to masturbate me and for the longest time both of them refused. The first one to masturbate me was Lillian. Most of the time I did it myself at first and I finally got Lyla to do it to me. I was almost fifteen by then and at least twice a week I would masturbate for them. Sometimes with one or two of their girfriends there but most of the time with just Lillian and Lyla. More and more they would expose their breasts to me as I did it knowing how it aroused me more.

Lillian was out one day and I asked Lyla if she would masturbate me. She had just come out of the shower and only had a towel around her. She just smiled and said ok and came into my room. I was in my underware but stripped naked right away and layed on my bed. I had an erection as soon as I took off my shorts. I asked her to show me her breasts and she did right away and sat down on the bed next to me. Then I asked her to masterbate me and she started by feeling my testicles and rubbing my penis. Without asking her I ran my hand up her leg and started fingering her. I never tried that before and wasn't sure how she would react but she got wet right away and the next thing I knew we were laying side by side masturbating each other. As many times as I saw her naked or saw her breasts, that was the first time I ever touched her. She made me promise not to tell Lillian or anybody that we did that. After that first time we began doing it more often when nobody was home.

That year Lillian graduated high school and got a job where my mom works. Since then Lyla and I mastubate each other once or twice a week and sometimes even more. It sounds funny but Lyla is 5'11' and is much taller than me but has a beautiful body. Lillian still doesn't know what we do and I still masturbate for Lillian sometimes but not nearly as often as before. Lillian has gotten much heavier and don't like me to see her naked anymore, I don't masturbate in front of any of there girlfriends anymore either except for Karen who is Lyla's best friend. I only do it in front of Karen when Lyla asks me to. Lyla has a boyfriend who is on the basketball team and I think he is at least 6'5'. If he knew what me and Lyla do all the time he would probably break me like a pretzel. Lyla even told me my penis is just as big as her boyfriends is. I asked a few girls to go out with me but still never had a real date and never even kissed a girl except for Lyla. She lets me kiss her now and explore and kiss her whole body and has told me how good I am at masturbating her and giving her oral sex. I think I love her now but I know this will all end some day but hope not for a long time.

I remember when I was much younger and how timid and modest I was. I am much more outgoing now and do have some friends. What was totally humiliating to me before has turned into something I look forward to. I met a girl that I think might like me who is shorter than me. I think she might go out with me soon if her parents say ok, she is 14 and very pretty. I never tell anyone what me and Lyla do and we both promised we wouldn't tell anyone. She never even told Karen that we masturbate each other so I know she didn't tell anyone else.



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