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Likes My Toys as Much as I Do

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And he can cook too.


I'm a professional lady and I have been focusing on my career, but the bio clock is ticking, so I have had my line in the water lately. Not that I didn't have dates all these years. I dated a lot and had my share of sex, but no guy can do as good as me alone with a vibe. Most guys are put off or threatened that they can't get me off and when I suggest they get me off with toys they tend to lose interest, especially if they got theirs, if you know what I mean.

I went to a doctor once about my inability to orgasm during intercourse. She said that I had been spoiled as she called it by my toys. She suggested I find a man who would be ok with toys in the mix. It got to the point where in the pre-sex discussion I would bring up toys. It is amazing how many guys will say anything to get in your pants but when it comes to toying up they are out the door.

Well Tim has been a refreshing change. I'm his first real girlfriend. He is mature for his age. Kind of effeminate, he struck me initially as gay until I got to know him. (He is the IT guy that services our computers)

I was asking his advice on a tablet. He suggested we meet after work and go shopping. I had nothing planned. It wasn't a date in my mind. Tim had other ideas. Apparently he had had the hots for me since he started working with our company. I never really noticed him unless I needed some technical help. He had worked on my personal computer on company time, I found out later I was the only person he did that for. In retrospect he was like a puppy dog, cute, lovable, attentive, fun, but not your first idea when thinking of a bed partner. Anyway as we drove to the store he asked me questions as to how I might be using the tablet, questions that belied a rather uncanny familiarity with my toy fetish, and my occasional visiting of cam sites for anonymous cyber sex. He laid it off as all girls are that way, but I was not born last night. When I suggest to my friends about toys and cybering it's clear I'm not a typical girl. Well he did a wonderful sales job. I found myself warming up to him and sharing things I definitely wouldn't with just any IT guy. I got a tablet that is also a lap top. It has a built in camera on both sides so you can skype or cyber it has a great video processor and lots of memory.

Tim offered to load it up with my personal stuff from my old desktop at home. Favorites address book, important documents. I never really thought about how much personal stuff was on my computer but as we shared wine and dinner and more wine. He got to know me very well. He sees from my favorites where I do my toy shopping. He goes to these sites and makes some comments and waits for me to chime in. 'I'd like to have one of those it's not bad but it's not worth the money'. Then he asks me which ones are the best. I plop down in his lap and start scrolling through the site. As we progress I find myself getting wetter and wetter. Before long I feel the unmistakable bulge of a very impressive cock. Tim asked to see my toys.

Let me say I don't do any entertaining at home, my bedroom is a disaster area, but I didn't care. I led Tim right into my lair. I had toys on the bed stand and on the bed. I discussed the benefits of each. He soaked it up like a sponge, then he said 'You must have more than this'? Then I lead him to the end of the bed, to a steamer trunk. I bet I have over 50 vibes and dildos. 'Which one is the best' he asks 'depends on my mood, and how much time I have.' 'Well it's Friday night and the office is closed tomorrow. You told me that you were going to download a movie to watch, so you could not have that much pressing'. 'Well' I admitted 'the one I like best when I have a lot of time is the eroscillator with my fucking machine.' His eyes got big.

The fucking machine has an arm that pumps up and down, you can adjust the stroke and the speed. I just set it on full stroke and slowly sink down to get the whole effect. The eroscillator is an osculating vibe that on low setting is tantalizing, on medium gets me there every time, and on high will give me multiples until I can't take it any more. All without making me numb.' Tim says I'd love to see that. This is the first guy who has even seen my machine, my messy room, and he is not turned off, he is genuinely turned on. I don't know if it was the wine or what, but I had never been hornier.

I drag the machine out of the closet. Tim suggests setting it up on two chairs so he can better see, and I can better control the penetration. I had never tried this but it made sense. I was agog that a guy could be as infatuated with my toys as me. I had no problem stripping down in front of him. As far as I was concerned this was all about me, and I was mesmerized and horny as I have ever been. Like a teen at the first site of cock. I got things situated, and partially mounted myself on the dildo. I started the machine. Tim came over and massaged my neck and arms. In no time at all I had all my weight on the machine. In this position I could squeeze my thighs together better which made my clit more erect. Tim's suggestion was uncanny. He asked if he could control the speed. I was reluctant but relented. The thing can go really fast on full stroke it can be dangerous.

I started using the oscillator on my clit low speed. It never felt so good. Tim slowed down the stroke to allow me to revel in the build up. He started massaging my breasts with some silicone lube from the trunk. I had never used it for that. Again Tim surprised me. It was glorious, warm and sensuous. I have never been able to cum on the low setting but there is a first for everything. As the peak approached Tim stopped the stroke at the top. I came like I had not cum in years. I collapsed onto the back of the chair to catch my breath. The oscillator was above my clit, but still making contact. As I came back to earth I realized Tim had stripped down and was stroking his dick at the same pace and the now moving dildo. His cock was incredibly long. Not big around, but that just made it look all the longer. It must have been over nine inches. I have had big ones in my days but never this long. I clicked up the vibe a notch and felt flushed and started panting uncontrollably Tim instead of slowing the machine steadily increased it. It was stroking faster than I had ever felt comfortable before and it was amazing. I came and came, for like thirty seconds.

Tim slowed the machine back to a moderate speed and told me to put on a show for him. I was cummed out, or so I thought, but the sight of Tim stroking his cock made me want to inspire him. I wanted to see that hose squirt. What started out as going through the motions, quickly evolved back to climbing to another climax. Tim was matching the speed of the machine with the stroking of his cock, and it appeared he was getting close. I wanted to join him so I grabbed the oscillator again and flipped it to high. I had to consciously hold off, Tim seemed to be right on the edge for more than five minutes, finally he groaned and it flicked my switch. We fed off each others orgasms. I think I actually squirted a little. (Again a first) Tim got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. When he came back I could barely stand up. He helped me to the bed and we collapsed after nearly two hours of orgasms without any sex.

I have never slept better. When I awoke Tim was out of bed. I could smell breakfast. He had gone out shopping and come back and made fresh fruit crepes with warm chocolate dip and fresh squeezed juice and the best coffee.

Tim is more than ten years younger than me. Though he does not look that young. I'm not a Cougar, or at least I have not been, till now. Tim takes instruction very well but has an uncanny ability to know what I want even before I do. It's been weeks and still no sex, Tim wants to save himself for his future bride. I have been trying to confirm that his interests in satisfying me will not change once we have sex, without asking the question. Obviously that would imply I want to marry him. Until I get it figured out, I have asked him not to see other girls. He seems fine with that. He says he wasn't planning to get married until he can afford a house like mine. How can he be so with it on some things, and so clueless on others. I guess all guys are the same that way.



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