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Like Sucking Your Thumb

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Like Sucking Your Thumb
ok, first of all im a straight guy and this is a true story from about 10 yrs ago. its about the first time i masterbated when i was 10 or 11(i dont remember exactly) my brother was my brother is 3 years older then me and he had the bedroom next to mine.
One night my parents were at a dinner across the street and i had been downstairs watching a tape of cartoons. I'm guessing it was around nine but i really dont remmeber. Anyway i was getting tired so i was heading up to my room to go to sleep but my brother's door was closed. Normally i wouldnt think anything of it but a peice of paper taped to the door said 'stay out'. obviously being a kid i couldnt resist to open it and see what was so important.
I saw my brother sittig on his bed facing away from me w/ a ruler next to him. he had somthing infront of him but from the door i couldnt tell what it was in detail but it looked like a comic book. Once i saw the 'comic' i ran up to look at what it was thinking it might be spider man, or somthing along those lines. when i jumped onto the bed and landed next to him i noiced he didnt have pants on and was looking at a porno.
"whatcha doin?" i asked in great curiousity. he studderd for a little bit and then said he was measuring his penis for school(even at my age i knew it wasn't for school). i wanted to fit in w/ him as most littlekids do wanna be like their parents or older syblings. i asked i i could to. Eventuly he said ok. i think he went along at the beginning so i wouldnt get mad and tell my parents the next day. i looked at his penis and asked why mine wasnt that way(erect). "You have'nt messed w/ it yet stupid." he responded. "what do u mean?" i asked. "uhh... let me show u" he seemed a little irritated that i didnt know.
He rubbed his a little and pointed to the porno and said " you gotta stroke it and stuff". still not getting it he took off my pajama pants and rubbed my dick till it got hard. he said "ok, now u can measure it." he got the ruler, stoodit up along me dick and told me it was just under 4 inches. his was just above 5.
i asked how to make it soft again so he told me i had to masterbate or as he said (trick it). "just rub it with ur hand for a while." he said. " ok, just watch me and do what i do" he put his hand around his penis and started to stroke it. i did the same and then i said it was to rough. "stick out ur hand" he orderd. when i stuck out my hand he spit on it and put it back on my penis. i started to rub again but this time it felt a lot better.
then he asked me "do you remeber when you used to suck on your thumb? do that to me except on my penis instead of my thumb." i hesitated at first but then i stuck some of his dick in my mouth and started to suck. "no, no. u need to move your head up and down on it and lick it like a lollypop. and try to get as much in your mouth as you can" i did what i could but still i had no experience and was a bit nervous. after a while he shot in my mouth and i spit it out onto my pajamas.
"that was cum, u make it when ur older like me." i was a bit curious but then he said " hey, lets see if u can come yet. ok im gonna do what u just did to me but when you feel really good tell me to stop." he started to suck my dick, now i know he didnt have experience but it felt great at the time.
after twirling his toung around the head for about 2 min i told him to stop. he took it outta his mouth and started rubbing it really fast. in no time i had my first orgasm and first ejactualtion. i shot onto his stomach and it was all clear. there was a good amount there but not a huge glob.
A few days later of not talking about it my cousin came over. she was 14 and had a great body. her tits must of been a high b or low c, she was pretty thin with brown hair down to her waist. once again my parents were gone, this time to see a movie w/ some friends. we were all in my brothers room telling jokes and rough housing a little bit. anyway i had blue shorts and no shirt(it was really hot and the ac was broken), my brother had another pair of shorts, and my cousin had a knee legnth skirt w/ an old t-shirt that was kinda torn up but still ok. while we were rough housing i fell into the bed and pushed it over a little. when that happened brothers porno fell out and my cousin just stared at it and we all stoped. my brother took it and locked himself in the bathroom. he was crying from embarisment.
i asked her to come to my room so we could talk so of coarse she came w/ me to my room. once there i told her about what i had done w/ my brother a few nights before and asked if she thought it was strange. The to my surprise she asked if we could do somthing similar. i quickly agreed and we both took of our clothes. she left her skirt on but took off her panties.she gently rubbed my dick w/ 3 fingers and then bent over on my bed. "i wanna try somthing i saw in a movie, put it in me." she was very nervous but i slowly did. ofcoarse by this time i was hard as a rock.
i pumped away for a few min and she started moving her hips to meet my movments. the whole time she had been rubbing and twisting her nipples with one hand and rubbing my balls w/ the other. " im gonna shoot it!" i i sad in a panic. "stick it in my hinny! i want it there!" she called back. this was an easy task becasue my dick was fairly small due to my age and it was coverd in her juices. when i stuck it in her butt i instantly shot it all and and gaspd. eventually we talked my brother outta the bathroom and my cousin walked home. i never repeated these things w/ either of them but i continued to masterbate and still do to this day.



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